7 Things All Homeowners Should Know About Home Warranty

Do you plan to buy the house or you are maybe a homeowner already? Well, in both cases, we are pretty sure you feel happy and proud for ensuring a living place for yourself and your family. But, it is not a secret that people also need to deal with a bunch of problems that every house or apartment brings.

There are a bunch of papers you will have to fill, sign, or simply chase. However, the good news is that we are living in the world of modern technology. Because of that, most of the things you will face can be done via the internet. One of the things that are available online is getting a home warranty!

Fortunately for all the people, there are many websites like where you can ensure coverage for different home systems and appliances. However, before you decide on that, it is essential to work on the knowledge improvement!

More precisely, you need to get familiar with all the aspects of home warranties, why they are important, and how to get them. If there are many pieces of information unfamiliar to you, then you have come to the right place! In this article, we will highlight some of the most important things all homeowners should know about home warranties. Let’s go!

1. Buying a Home Warranty is a Money-Saving Option


Well, we will start this article in a positive manner. There are multiple reasons why purchasing a home warranty is a good thing, and one of them is certainly money-saving. You do not know exactly when appliances will stop working and how costly the appeared damage can be. In most cases, the warranty will cost you a lot less compared to the repairs you will have to make in the future.

There is also the worst-case scenario. You may need to purchase a new item or appliance in cases when damage is huge. Because of that, we recommend all homeowners put into consideration this option as it can be quite beneficial for their budget!

2. Things Home Warranties Cover

You have probably heard about different insurance plans, haven’t you? Well, there is no difference when we talk about home warranties. You can also find a bunch of plans that come with different costs and coverages. The benefits you can get will automatically vary, so you need to put into consideration all the personal needs that you have in order to find the right home warranty for your home!

3. In Most Cases, There Are Three Categories of Home Warranties


There is one more piece of information that will help you choose the best category of a home warranty. While there are different plans for this type of protection, it is important to mention that they are all somehow divided into three different categories.

One category will protect a particular appliance within your living place. Another one will cover a couple of different appliances that usually have similar or identical characteristics and purposes. The most beneficial (but most expensive at the same time) are those that are covering a group of different appliances as well as different home systems that are marked as “critical”.

We do understand that everything that you just read sounds perfect. However, all the insurance companies have their own systems. Because of that, you need to understand that not all the appliances are going to be covered.

4. The Entire Procedure around Home Warranties

All the contracts that you will sign with the insurance companies usually last either year or two. After the particular period expires, you will have the option to continue with the same policy, switch to another one, or simply find another insurer.

The entire process has three different stages. You won’t have to connect with the repairmen or any other company that would work on the repair of the appliance of the certain system within your home. Instead of that, you will primarily contact the insurance companies that you signed the contract with.

After you explain the problem and share evidence that something stopped working, the insurer will contact the third–party provider that offers services that you currently need. They will explain the problem and share your information (phone number and address). The provider of the service will, after that, contact you and schedule a visit. Believe it or not, that’s it!

5. It Is Important to Pick the Right Warranty Plan!


As mentioned above, you need to pick the warranty plan that will meet your requirements and expectations. However, you also need to put into consideration your budget. Some warranty plans are, without any doubt, expensive, and not everyone can afford them.

That is the reason why we have a simple tip for you to hire – purchase only those home warranties that you can afford! If you can’t pay the warranty on a monthly basis, then you may struggle with some other problems, and we are sure you would want to avoid them!

6. You Can Also Protect Mobile Homes

This part may not be interesting to everyone. However, it will certainly be interesting to people that are owning a mobile home. With a home warranty, you can also protect mobile homes as well as tiny homes. However, for something like that, you will need to find a specific warranty plan. Because of that, we suggest you research the conditions before making this sort of investment!

7. Home Warranty vs. Homeowners Insurance


People often think that these two forms of protection are identical. However, that is far away from the truth! There is a big difference between these two types of insurance, and you deserve to hear the explanation.

Homeowner insurance protects the interior and exterior of the home. Despite that, it also comes in two additional forms – general liability and personal property protection. Personal property will protect you in cases when you become the victim of a theft. On the other hand, it will also protect you from any occurred damages that are not the result of a human error.

On the other hand, general liability has some other form of protection. It covers all the costs that you may experience in cases when someone else gets injured on your property. You won’t have to cover the medical bills and other fees that the victim of damage may have to cover.

To repeat once again, a home warranty protects only appliances within your home and some of the most critical systems. When the risk is higher, the price is going to be higher as well.