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5 Tips on How To Make A Trendy Photo With Editing?

Gone are the days when you clicked a photo and it was ready to go. With the advent of social media, everything needs to be in its perfect form before being presented to the world. There are multiple facets to adjusting or editing a photo.

From the brightness to the contrast, adjustments are necessary to bring the best of the subject in a particular photo. In this article, we will be talking about posting trendy photos on social media with the help of adequate editing. Here are some ways in which you can upgrade your photograph with editing:

1. With Auto Image Enhancement


More and more photo editing applications and platforms are offering automatic image enhancement. This feature allows for adjusting the brightness, contrast, exposure, and other major details with just one click. Typically, editing involves adjusting imperfections one by one by selecting the ideal range of enhancement.

With automatic image enhancement, this process is done right away and does not waste a lot of time. The person editing always has the option to manually adjust certain factors while leaving the others as they are. This is the most basic level of editing which will enhance any image to a great extent without using filters.

Auto image enhancement requires a keen eye because several different changes are being made in one go. Before finalizing, checking all the details is the easiest way to ensure that adequate changes have been made. You can know more with the editing features on

2. With Filters


If there is one thing in trend nowadays, it is filters. There is no shortage of filters that change the entire mood of the photograph. Some are very subtle and the onlooker would not guess that any filter has been used. Others are made to change the perspective of everyone through some dramatic changes that otherwise would not have been possible.

Filters are available across different platforms.  The best part about filters is that they are different in multiple respects and give many options to an editor for making a photo trendy. From the typical monochromatic photo to a vintage look, there are many ways in which filters change the way we look at an image.

Filters on an editing platform also allow for adjusting different details annually. This enables one to choose the way in which an image will look its best. An undertone of a particular color is also chosen from time to time along with a filter. You can easily add it with a photo editor online.

3. By Adding Layers

All the editing software being used extensively offers some type of layering. Layering means that one image will be the base while other stickers, images or icons will be layered on top of it to create an edited whole. This is a good technique for creating dimensional images which would not be possible with plain old image enhancement.

One way to create a unique effect which would not be possible without layering is by stacking images on top of each other. This helps create an overlay that you can adjust by changing the opacity of the layers on top. Since resizing and changing alignment of layers is possible, there is a lot of leeway an editor can take.

Blending the layers well will make it seem more natural. Changing the contrast and brightness of the base also needs to be done so that both the layers complement each other well. Depending on how you use them, layers can also add dimension and texture.

4. With Stickers


Along with filters, one great way of editing a photo is through stickers. There are in-app stickers worth choosing if you are going for a quirky appeal. Stickers are just as common as filters. Gone are the days when stickers were just emojis and flowers people put on their photos for fun.

Stickers have now become a very specific editing technique that adds dimension to the image like never before. There are many options available on editing platforms that are available in premium packages and for free. On the basis of color, light effects, and corresponding filters, one can choose from an array of stickers available.

If we are strictly talking about creating trendy photos, we cannot eliminate the role of stickers altogether. One can incorporate them in some minor way to increase the aesthetic appeal of the image. Given that everything depends on presentation today, stickers and filters together create a good piece of media for presentation.

5. By Changing Background


One of the most basic ways to change the mood of the image is by changing the background. Typical enhancement will include the background but if you want more radical changes, removing the foreground and including it with a different background might be a great approach.

One way in which this can be done is by cutting the subject from the photo and then pasting it on a pre-decided background. This allows a greater creative license to any editor and gives them more freedom to follow a set trend. Changing background is also important if a  particular color scheme or theme is to be followed.

Many platforms offer some sort of background change. Some might offer this feature as a premium service. It also depends on how well you cut off the subject so that the transition from one background to another is seamless. Changing the composition of the background and the foreground separately will also help create a dramatic effect.

The Takeaway

We hope that you now feel more confident with photo editing especially when it comes to following trends. Adjusting brightness, contrast, exposure and sharpness are now the basics. Filters, stickers, and layers are now the basic necessities to make an image stand out on any digital platform.

After you begin with auto image enhancement, you can move on to the detailed editing. This  will include adjusting filters manually and changing the background to suit your taste. You can add layers and dimensions to make the image stand out.