4 Things to Check Before Applying For a Credit Card

Thinking of getting your credit card for the first time? We know that this process can be very confusing and tedious because there seems to be so much you don’t know. That is why we suggest that you first educate yourself and gather all the necessary information that will help you feel safer and calmer.

There are a few basic things to check before applying for a credit card, regardless of whether you are applying for the first time or not. Below you can read everything you are interested in about this topic.

1. What is the limit?


One of the first questions you should ask a bank clerk before applying for a credit card is what the limit will be on it. A credit card limit is the biggest loan you can take from the bank. This information is of great importance as it helps you gain insight into your potential costs. Once you know what your credit card limit is you can organize your finances and plan your future investments and spendings.

The credit card limit can vary greatly and depends mostly on whether it is your first credit card or not. If this is your first time there is a good chance that the limit will be very low, for a simple reason: the bank must first make sure that it can trust you. Once you show that you are a responsible credit card user and pay your obligations on time, you will get much greater benefits.

The limit on the card can grow up to several tens of thousands of dollars, but only if you have previously proven to the bank that it is a good decision for them. You get where we’re going. Be responsible and you will be able to enjoy great benefits. At Ikano you can apply for a credit card and get approval for DKK 50000 in credit. Contact them for more information.

2. Inquire about the minimum payment


Pretty much everyone who thinks about getting a credit card is convinced that they will be able to repay the loan every month without any problems. This may be the case with a few people, but many find themselves in a position that they simply cannot pay the full amount for that month. If you do not pay your obligations on time, they can get in your way. What does this mean?

You will have to pay a late fee, and the delay will also damage your credit history. Neither is the desired outcome, so you want to avoid them if you can. How to do it? By making a minimum payment. Before applying for your first credit card, be sure to inquire about the minimum payment. This is the amount of money whose payment on a monthly basis will help you avoid paying fees and damaging your credit history. This amount varies by bank and is usually up to 3% of your total balance.

Paying this amount can help you in the short term, but we definitely don’t suggest that postponing your payment becomes a habit. The rest of the debt that you did not settle for that month is transferred to the next one, so it will always be waiting for you. That is why it is better to focus on repaying it as soon as possible so that you can enter the next month without any worries.

3. The bank may not approve your credit card request


You should be aware that not every credit card application is approved by the bank. The fact is that if you have not proven to be a reliable user, the bank has every right to reject your request because it does not believe that you will be able to repay your loan. And this is perfectly fine, you just have to accept it. This applies to those who are not first-time credit card users.

However, even if it is your first time your request may be denied. The bank has no evidence that you will be able to meet your obligations, so it chooses not to trust you. Simple as that. The good thing here is that you always get feedback with a specific reason why your credit card is not approved.

Once you have this information you can gain insight into the situation and consider the following options. There are other types of cards that can also benefit you, and there is a greater chance that your request for them will be approved. So you can focus on getting one of these cards and still achieve what you envisioned.

4. Ask about the deals you can get


Given the competition in the banking market today, it is not surprising that a large number of banks are looking for ways to encourage new customers to apply for their credit cards with them. To achieve this they offer opening deals that look very tempting, so we always suggest you inquire about them.

Maybe a deal will be exactly what you need, so it will make the most sense to choose that bank. However, be careful with opening deals and read the fine print. Very often the bank obliges you by contract to spend a certain amount of money on a credit card in a certain time interval after you receive it.

This doesn’t have to be a necessarily bad thing, because the time interval can be completely realistic for you. But it is definitely advisable to gather all the necessary information so that you do not find yourself in an unfavorable situation.


A credit card can be very useful if you know how to use it wisely. However, before you apply for it, it is necessary to check a few things if you want everything to go in perfect order. Firstly, inquire about your credit card limit and the minimum payment you must make to avoid paying late fees.

Keep in mind that sometimes a credit card request will not be approved, but in that case, you will receive clear feedback that will help you understand what is new card you should focus on. And lastly, don’t forget to take advantage of the opening deals that the bank offers.