Are Cell Phone Microphones Directional – 2024 Guide

As you already know, the video quality on our smartphones has improved quite a lot over the last couple of years, however, the same cannot be said for the cell phone microphone system feature in most devices. Of course, there have been various innovations and improvements, but, the quality produced simply isn’t as good as most of us want it to be.

If you want to ensure that your audio files are crystal clear, you might be wondering – are cell phone mics directional? Fortunately for all content creators that are wondering the same thing, our 2024 guide can shed some light on the entire topic. Here is our list of things that you should know about smartphone mics, as well as what you can do to improve the sound quality while recording:

Are Cell Phone Mics Directional?


The very first answer that you might be interested in seeing is whether or not cell phone mics are directional. To put it as simple as possible, no, they aren’t, and because of this, the sound your device produces is most likely bad. Instead, they’re omnidirectional, meaning that they’re small and that they have to be used in the right settings and environments to make sure that they produce a high-quality sound.

What Can I Do to Improve it?

Although you can try to adjust the settings of your cell phone microphone, one of the options – and perhaps – the best one is to use a directional microphone for a cell phone. By purchasing such a gadget, you won’t only be able to produce high-quality audio recordings, but you’ll also be capable of editing it easily and quickly later on, which basically means that you’ll be able to save a lot of time throughout the entire process.

Can I Connect a New Mic Via a USB-C Port?


Yes, you can! Depending on the gadget you opted for purchasing, you could connect it to your smartphone by using the USB-C port. This is the easiest way to get an improved microphone for a cell phone and connecting it will be quite simple.

All you’ll need to do is to plug the gadget into your device and you’ll be capable of instantly enjoying an improved sound quality. Keep in mind, that you must choose a directional mic to ensure quality.

Can I Use The Same Device For iOS and Android Device?

Now, you should know, that this is something that’ll depend on the cell phone external microphone you opt for purchasing. For instance, there are options that will only function for one particular platform, but there are also options such as the SYNCO P series that’ll work for both! This means that you could use it across both operating systems, which is something that’ll save you a lot of time, as well as money since you won’t have to buy two devices.

Is Wireless an Option?


Yes! Again, the SYNCO P1 model is a cell phone wireless microphone, which means that you can use the receiver and transmitter that comes in the package for recording audio/visual content effortlessly.

You should know that this particular series will come with a charging case, hence, you won’t need to worry about the battery running out. Additionally, wireless mics are always better if you record content outside.

Is The Frequency Response an Important Thing to Consider?

Of course! When browsing through the options you have, it’s important to consider the cell phone microphone frequency response. This won’t only ensure that your audio recordings are crystal clear and high-quality, but it’ll also ensure that the audio and video recordings correspond with one another. Hence, no matter what you choose to purchase, you should ensure that the frequency response is suitable.

Can Directional Mics Block External Noise?


The best cell phone microphones will be capable of blocking external noise, which is something that is extremely important, especially when it comes to recording audio and visual content outside. Now, it’s worth mentioning that not all options will have this beneficial feature, so, when you’re browsing through the options that you have, you should look for this particular feature if it’s important for you.

Will it Enable Me to Be Further Away From The Recording Device?

Yes, if you use a microphone for cell phone video recording, you’ll be able to be further away from the device. As mentioned, there are wireless options that come with clip-on pins that can easily be hidden, however, there are also alternatives that feature long cables that’ll allow you to move freely. Now, the option you choose will entirely depend on your preferences and recording style, so think carefully when looking at the options available on the market.

How Can I Choose a Suitable Option?


This is a question that we cannot really give an answer to, mostly because it’ll depend on a wide range of things. For starters, it’ll depend on the content you’re creating. Second, the location – outdoors or indoors – is crucial as well since if you’re recording outside you’ll want it to have noise-cancellation features. Third, your preferences need to be taken into account as well – for instance, you might prefer an external mic that can be clipped on your clothes instead of holding them.

Is There Anything Else to Consider?

Besides thinking about the features, it’s important that you look at the characteristics of the mic as well. Hence, besides checking the frequency response, you must also check the polar pattern, sensitivity, as well as max sound pressure level. If you don’t know anything about these things, there are guides and tutorials that’ll help you understand these characteristics, and by going through them, you’ll be able to choose something fitting for your needs.


Although most people don’t realize it, content creators know the importance of purchasing and using an external microphone for their recording needs. By connecting such a gadget to your smartphone, you won’t only ensure that the sound is crystal clear, but you’ll also ensure that you can record at any location, mostly because these small devices come with noise-cancellation features.

By now, you probably understand the importance of having external directional mics for your recording sessions, and because of this, you shouldn’t spend time reading 2024 guides similar to this one. Instead, you might want to start browsing different stores so that you can find a directional mic that suits your needs and preferences.