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How an Ash Catcher Can Improve My Experience a Bong

If you are considering purchasing an ash catcher, this new apparatus will help make your life about 10x easier with your daily smoking sessions! Instead of having to spend time every day cleaning up after smoking, you can reduce the need for cleaning and make it much more enjoyable to smoke with your friends.

Benefits of a bong ash catcher


If you are unsure of what an ash catcher is, don’t worry – many people who are smokers do not even know what this apparatus is! Used with a bong, it is an apparatus to help keep your area clean and press any messes.

If you are new to smoking, you might not even know what a bong is. It is a big smoking apparatus that is used to help cool down smoke from the weed flower before the user inhales it. There are many moving parts associated with it such as a mouthpiece, the carb cap, the water bowl, and much more. Using it is one of the more advanced ways to smoke weed, since you have to use many moving parts to get an intense high and obtain the powerful flavor. For beginners, using it is typically not recommended.

However, if you have used it in the past and want to improve your smoking experience using an ash catcher it’s the best way to go! Visit site for many options of bongs. Since you can use it for smoking nearly anything, such as CBD, a combination of CBD and THC, or tobacco, you can use this product nearly every day.

However, if you use it every day, you might suddenly notice how dirty it is getting – which means it is time to start cleaning up after yourself. If you leave it to be dirty and you don’t clean it, this can lead to a buildup of debris, bacteria, and toxins that can clog the percolator or cause adverse health effects. Along with cleaning your bong regularly after use, using such a catcher is a great way to minimize the cleaning process.

What is the point of using an ash catcher?


If you are new to using this method, you might be wondering – what is the point of using it? Why do I need it? The accessory is a handy and versatile portable attachment that has the sole purpose of keeping debris and ash from getting into it while you are smoking. Available in various shapes and sizes, this item works well for compatibility with a bong.

The main point of using such a tool is to help prevent needing to clean your bong after each individual use. Instead, ash catchers clean up so you don’t have to! After a few smoking sessions, all you have to do is remove and clean it so it stays functional during your next smoking session.

Benefits of an ash catcher


There are numerous benefits of using this tool with your bong. It ensures that you don’t need to spend 10-15 minutes after each smoking session cleaning the bong – after all, sometimes you just forget to clean it, you have other things to do, or you go out after you smoke it. In this case, debris can build up over time and cause an unhealthy and dirty bong. By using it, you can prevent the need to do this every day!

For those who have a smaller-sized bong for daily smoking, you might not even need to purchase an ash catcher to use with it. However, if you have a normal-sized or a larger one with a big downstem and large bowl, using it is an absolute must to help catch any of the falling ash and debris.

For those who are new to using bongs or ash catchers, you might be unsure of how to attach them. Fortunately for you, this step is easy! All you have to do is attach it to the bong in the same manner that you would remove the bowl and percolator. When installing it onto your tool, you simply put the bowl of your water pipe inside of the tool instead of inside the pipe.

By changing the simple step during the setup, you can avoid having ash fall onto the ground or into the bowl. Instead, the debris and ash will fall into the catcher. Make sure that when installing it onto your bong, you do not fill the water up past the waterline, as this can cause the equipment to be filled with dirty water that will prevent it from holding the falling ash.

Now that you know what an ash catcher is and how it works, you might still be wondering – is it worth it? In short, the answer is yes! They help keep your bong cleaner for a much longer time than if you did not use one. Since daily maintenance of anything is hard to remember and hard to stick with, having it ensures the quality of your smoking experience will not decline if you do not do daily cleaning.

In addition, cleaning an ash catcher is much easier, faster, and simpler than cleaning a bong, meaning that you will spend less time on the cleaning process overall than you would without one. By saving time in the long run, it can become more enjoyable to smoke every day with your accessory.

When you do have to clean it, don’t worry – this takes very little time. The only thing that you have to do is pour some isopropyl alcohol and salt into it. Shake it before dumping out the alcohol and rinsing the entire apparatus with warm water to get rid of any lingering smell and product. That’s it – you’re done!


If you are considering purchasing an ash catcher with your bong, we highly recommend it! Not only does this reduce the need for daily cleaning, but it can keep your tool at a high-quality level for a longer period – meaning you can enjoy your everyday smoking session without worry!