Assignment Writing Services or Chat GPT: Which One Is Better for Academic Needs

Have you ever been struggling with complicated or dull assignments for your college or university? This pain is known to many students who are striving to be successful in their education. Some of them just need to finish this education process to continue with their future job. Those students who are trying to combine their education and work have already forgotten about calm sleep. That’s why it’s necessary to find all the possible solutions on how to cope with this excessive pressure from different sides.

Nowadays, the Internet is full of suggestions on how to help students with their routines. The appearance of GPT Chat made it possible for students to receive help in seconds. Those who have already used it underline that this tool will never replace any assignment writing service because of many reasons (it’s enough to look through the feedback about to clarify this). Let’s analyze which solution is the best for students with their assignments.

Drawbacks and Advantages of GPT Chat


Nowadays, there are thousands of articles where authors are trying to analyze the essence of Artificial Intelligence and what is Chat GPT in general. Different businesses are looking for the opportunity to integrate this tool into their services. And, of course, the number of solutions is great. The opportunity to use GPT Chat for academic purposes is luring for many students. But to understand its effectiveness in this sphere, we should analyze the weak and strong points of Chat GPT.


  • You do not have to pay for the service. It’s free after simple registration.
  • Chat GPT has a simple design. Even teh beginner will understand everything at once.
  • You will receive the response from Chat GPT in seconds.


  • Responses of OpenAI are not 100% original. The speed of receiving the text cannot outweigh the lack of originality, which is often present.
  • The use of ChatGPT is plagiarism in the academic sphere. There are lots of checkers that may detect AI content.
  • The quality of AI content is questionable. You cannot know which sources were used to produce the content. Often, it may use sources that are not credible. On the contrary, the assignment writing service experts use credible sources.
  • The accuracy of the information is questionable. There are many cases when the answers are wrong or the tool offers facts that are not true.
  • Chat GPT cannot resolve complex requests. It won’t handle the complex research-based assignment or systematic review.
  • The tool isn’t deprived of technical issues. The content creation can be interrupted, resulting in providing insufficient information.

The Main Characteristics of Assignment Writing Services


The assignment writing help remains to be the main protagonist of artificial intelligence. These services have not lost their popularity on the market. The demand among students for this help remains to be stable. Mainly, it’s because ChatGPT cannot surpass the effectiveness produced by writing experts. To understand these services better, let’s analyze their strengths and weaknesses.


  • All your instructions are always met. Writing experts will meet the prompt by taking into account your formatting, style, and ton requests.
  • The originality is assured. The assignments you receive are free of plagiarism. The experts will prove this fact with a clean plagiarism repost.
  • Any of your personal data will never be disclosed to any third party.
  • They will complete any paper you request: from simple peer responses to deep literature reviews and dissertations.
  • The experts are professionals. They have at least bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the field they write.
  • Two birds with one stone: besides receiving help with the assignment, you may improve your understanding of the topic by looking at the topic from different angles.


  • It’s not about the speed. The expert of the assignment writing service cannot complete the assignment in seconds. They follow the deadline, which is a minimum of 3-6 hours.
  • Sometimes, you have to ask for revisions to make your paper perfect.
  • No one is ready to provide you with this help for free. However, the price is adequate, and it’s reasonable.

A General Insight

The reputation of assignment help services has been formed for more than one decade. There are several generations of students who successfully finished their education with the help of writing experts. These services have written thousands of academic assignments. So they will surely know how to approach your task.

On the contrary, the OpenAI tool, which appeared recently, cannot provide the same quality and deep analysis as assignment writing services do. Moreover, the length of the content offered by ChatGPT is limited to four thousand characters. Such limits are not present in writing services. You may order the paper of any length you wish. Also, one should not forget that the use of AI-generated texts is equal to plagiarism, and many students were already expelled from their institutions. That is why it remains questionable whether the risk of ChatGPT use can be justified, taking into account its low quality.

Final Thoughts


ChatGPT has penetrated various spheres of human activity. The educational sphere is not an exception to the rule. But the use of AI writing here contradicts the very essence of education and academic integrity. ChatGPT will never reach the quality of papers offered by real experts in academic writing.

Best research paper writing service is ready to offer original, thorough, and customized content based on the instructions you provide. As a customer, you can easily control the process of your paper creation and adjust it at any stage.That is why if there is a choice to use ChatGPT or an assignment help service, always chose the last one, and you will never regret it.