5 Tips And Tricks For Lowering Your Asthma Treatment Prices

Asthma treatment is making enormous strides in the present day. The major reason behind this is the availability of advanced medical care and improved technology and science for medical productivity and availability. Also, with so much information, people have made a way to find reliable sources that are helping them to control their condition and lead a normal life.

However, the situation may not be the same for all patients. It is because the patients do not have the same income. Also, there are fewer chances that people have insurance of the same level. Hence, the treatment costs for each patient are different because of these factors.

Reasons For An Expensive Asthma Treatment


The overall treatment for the problem can be expensive. Patients who have moderate or severe asthma don’t rely on a single dose for their treatment. They need at least three drugs for the treatment. Based on a study published in 2003, the annual cost of treating an asthma patient is more than USD 4,900. The amount includes the direct costs related to the medicine and doctor visits followed by the indirect costs like when they apply for a holiday from their professional space. Medicines and other direct costs add upto half of the total amount incurred annually.

Hence, most patients opt for various insurances. Uninsured people are at a higher degree of risk. Also, the statistics show that every one out of six people with asthma doesn’t have insurance. Hence, the costs automatically shoot up for them.

The price rise is problematic for people who have limited resources. They begin stretching their medicine and hence, stop using the medicine. They switch to the emergency use of medicine, so their condition deteriorates.

But this should not be the case. There are many ways in which people can reduce their bills, and when they do it, they can be confident about an effective treatment at costs they can pay.

5 Tips For Reducing Asthma Treatment Prices

Asthma patients see treatment and medication as the biggest expense. But money should not bar any person from getting a treatment that can help them feel better. Hence, here are some ways you can try and reduce your asthma treatment expenses.

  • Opt For Generic Asthma Medicines


You might have heard that many medicines are made with the same salt and composition, but there is a major difference in their pricing because of the brand they are attached to. Hence, whenever you reach a doctor or health care provider for a medical prescription, you can ask them to write generic options, not brand-name drugs. However, there are only a limited number of generic asthma medicines available. It would help if you saw where they are available. But, once you find them, the situation improves as they are relatively cheaper.

  • Check And Compare Online And Offline Offers


All patients suffering from this problem notice that the options are not cheap. Hence, many people use their insurance which helps them. Insurance companies can look at mail-order prescription plans, which is a great option for saving money. Sometimes, patients can get more medicines at a lesser price.

But, if you don’t have insurance, you can see the online and offline sources. Sometimes, deals and discounts are available, followed by signing up discounts that can help make a major difference to the medical bill. For example, you can search the generic Advair price from online and offline sources. Once you begin doing it, you get an edge that helps you save money.

  • Using The Non-So-Famous Medicines


Like all other fields, the medical field also sees the entry of new medicines. While some medicines do not come into the best of their use, others make it to the headlines like no other. When there is a new medicine in the market, and it becomes famous, it is obvious that its competitors will take a backseat.

But, taking a backseat does not mean that these medicines are inefficient or cannot help improve asthma patients. Sometimes, using old medicines or the ones that are no more in fashion now can be a money-saving and good idea. It is the best option for people who have severe financial circumstances. You can consult your doctor, and they might provide you with inexpensive medicines. However, you should always be aware of the side effects that these medicines bring to the table.

As per the market information, oral corticosteroid prednisone is an old medicine but is a reliable drug for asthma . But, it offers substantial side effects. Hence, short-time use is suggested. You must consult your doctor before taking this medicine for the long term.

  • Look For The Availability Of Free Samples


Many doctors and health care service providers are initially provided with free drug samples of various medicines. When you are looking for free drug samples, you can inform your practitioner of the same. They can help you in procuring some medicines for free. It is not a long-term solution, but it can be a timely relief that will not let you skip your medicine which can worsen your situation.

Also, you can ask your practitioner about the available variants of a medicine. Sometimes, medicine is expensive in an injection, but the tablet form can be inexpensive. So, you have to be constantly looking for things that will help you save money and not compromise on the quality of your treatment.

  • Assistant Programs

Many governments understand the need for medical help for asthma patients and others. They run various assistance programs for low-income people and help them with their medical bills. Also, the services are open to people of different age groups, including senior citizens. You can read the details about your location and see whether you qualify for the same.

Apart from the government schemes, many pharmaceutical companies perform their corporate social responsibility and help people who belong to low-income groups. You need to research or contact someone who can help you with the required details.


Asthma is a serious problem, and people spend so much money to get the best treatment. However, the situation is not the same for all people. The spending capacity differs, but this does not mean that quality treatment will not be available for people who can’t afford it. These are some tips that can help. So, patients, especially the ones who don’t have enough to spend on asthma treatment, can try these tips and reduce their treatment costs.