Are Expensive Auto Painting Services Worth It

People have this understanding that painting a car is as easy as painting a house. So not true. Household painting requires only good paint, a few brushes, and paint rollers. Car painting is very different from that. You will need a compressor, gun and spray, primer, paint, and varnish. Not to mention the fact that every damage and dents need to be corrected and repaired. For that reason, professional car painting jobs are quite expensive. Don’t complain because it will give your old car a whole new look.

Besides, today, car painting is done with more modern technologies and better quality paints that pollute the environment less. All this justifies the high price of these services.

Car Painting


When we need to paint a car, the questions we most often ask are: how much does it cost to paint a car, where to paint a car, where is the best car painting in town, etc. The answers to these questions are not only different – but, very often, contradict each other. This happens if you choose a service with only one criterion – that it is as cheap as possible. Accordingly, the price unrealistically lowers the quality of service. However, in the long run, cheaper still turns out to be more expensive. This is a complex process and requires a lot of resources. Quality depends on several factors – so the service cannot be cheap. And it costs the most when the damage is not repaired on time. So by no means delay this process.

Choosing A Reliable Car Painter

Quality car painting is a very complex process, and the level of quality itself depends on several factors. When choosing a car painter, that is, a service in which we will paint the car – it is necessary to check a few things. Find out what materials are used for the preparation and painting process, whether car painters are experienced and know the techniques, whether the service has a professional painting chamber, and whether it uses modern technologies. For the car painting procedure to really be done with quality, all these conditions need to be met.

  • Experienced service technicians
  • Modern technologies
  • Quality materials
  • Professional chamber

Why Does This Job Require Qualified Professionals?


We can say that experienced and qualified car painters are often a crucial factor for successful auto painting. Numerous mistakes and irregularities occur precisely because of incompetence or inexperience. First of all, you need to check how best to repair your damage. Therefore, you need to find a good painting service. You can find a good service by the recommendations of friends or by reviews online. You can also browse the internet yourself and click here to find a reliable car painting service. Sometimes you can paint only the damaged part, sometimes it’s the whole car. For example, in some newer cars, the manufacturer prescribes that in case of damage, the entire side of the car must be painted. Then only parts of that page cannot be repaired.

Preparing The Car For Painting

One of the first steps in painting a car – is surface preparation. This is also one of the key reasons why professionals should do it – and one of the answers to why this service is more expensive than others. First, you need to decide which parts of the car you want to paint. If you are going to work on the inside of the hood – you will have to remove the various components in this area. The car service technicians must remove the engine, transmission – and all other parts under the hood. If you want to paint the inner door area, you will also need to remove the door. Painting a car requires you to remove those parts that you do not want to be painted. Therefore, a lot of work is needed here around the car – and that also justifies the price.

Professional Car Painters Are The Key To A Job Well Done


If this process is not done properly from start to finish – many complications can occur. For example, the varnish may peel off. The cause can be the inexperience or ignorance of a car painter. Also, under-trained car painters often make mistakes – such as mixing materials from different manufacturers, which are not chemically tolerated. If you want to repair the peeling of the varnish, the layer of varnish must be removed – and then also the paint and other coatings under it. Then, the whole process of preparation and painting should be repeated.

Consequences Of Poor Car Painting

If the painting process is not performed adequately – the paint may separate from the substrate. This can happen when the substrate is too smooth using inadequate sandpaper granulations. Then the paint has nothing to “stick” to. There may also be a loss of gloss due to excessive thinning of the varnish to save on the required amount – or due to the use of a thinner that is not prescribed for this type of varnish. Some varnishes do not dilute at all. The strength of the air pressure in the compressor or the insufficient amount of material – can cause different color shades between the parts of the car.

New Painting Systems Are Less Harmful To The Environment


The professional service should own and use modern technologies. New painting systems pollute the environment less, are easier to apply – and are more faithful to colorists. Quality materials must also be used – that is, paints from reputable manufacturers. The car painting chamber is also a very important element. Not only does it speed up the process so you’ll be shorter without your car – but it also prevents dust from falling on the car during painting. The chamber allows your car to be shiny and clean – as if it had just come out of the factory.


There are many examples of bad car painting that we could write about. It happens all the time, so the choice of a good car painting service is very significant. Therefore, think carefully about who you will entrust your car to – and whether the price should be the only criterion. Otherwise, you may need to repeat the painting process. However, with professionals, you will not have these problems – which is also the answer that such services are worth the money you invest in painting your car.