Top 10 Most Beautiful Venezuelan Women of 2024

Venezuelan women are a symbol of beauty. The Latin country is famous for its contribution to the fashion industry all over the world. Venezuela has won all four of the pageants, not once but multiple times. We have gathered 10 of the most beautiful women from Venezuela. Sit tight and enjoy the pleasing perusal.

1. Gaby Espino

Gaby Espino Most Beautiful Venezuelan Woman
Image: BusinessWire

Gaby Espino is noted for her works in telenovelas. The charming lady who is adamant to make an impact all over the world has been screened in around 90 countries. Gaby was born in Venezuela in 1976. Growing up in Maracay, she studied public relations, and due to her extreme talent in acting, Gaby decided to work in the acting industry. Her notable works include A todo corazon, Mas sabe el diablo, Jugar Con Fuego, and many more. She was the celebrity guest at Macy’s Hispanic Heritage Month in 2017.

2. Mariam Habach

Mariam Habach Most Beautiful Venezuelan Woman
Image: Pinterest

Mariam Habach represented Venezuela in the 2016 Miss Universe contest. Previously in 2015, she made her way by winning the crown of Miss Venezuela. However, in the former event, Mariam failed to secure any title but many interesting and controversial incidents took place regarding her. Mariam was born in 1996 in Venezuela. Her family has a part Syrian-Italian ancestry. Given the fact, she is fluent in all three native languages. The charmingly pretty lady has achieved various success in her career and continues to do so.

3. Abril Schreiber

Abril Schreiber Most Beautiful Venezuelan Woman
Image: Model Management

Abril is a renowned actress in Venezuela with several famous telenovelas under her account. She started her career with the film “Asesinato en lunes de carnaval” in 2002. It was moderately successful and opened her way to the Venezuelan film industry. Later on, she started appearing in telenovelas. Her first telenovela was Negra Consentida, though it was a small role for her, she made the most it. Today, Abril is known for El Chapo, Narcos, La Ronca de Oro and the list continue. She is counted as one of the best actresses in there.

4. Alicia Machado

Alicia Machado Most Beautiful Venezuelan Woman
Image: Pinterest

Alicia Machado is the former Miss Venezuela and former Miss Universe. In her reign, she has touched most of the milestones as a model and actress. Both of her parents immigrated to Venezuela and she was raised in a mixed culture environment. Alicia started dancing and acting from a pretty early age and later took interest in modeling. She went against the general norm of undergoing plastic surgery (like ones available at as a model, which proves her spirit. She has also acted in films and telenovelas. Her best works include Porque el amor manda, Lo imperdonable, “Dios o demonio” etc. Alicia is also vocal about politics and criticized several politicians including Trump.

5. Dayana Mendoza

Dayana Mendoza Most Beautiful Venezuelan Woman
Image: Pinterest

Mendoza is the first Miss Universe from Venezuela in the 21st century. She has won several accolades in her career and gone on a world tour arranged by the pageant committee. Other than being crowned as the champion, Dayana has appeared in The Celebrity Apprentice, Miss USA, and Miss Universe Vietnam as a judge. She has modeled for Versace, Roberto Cavalli, and Trump Model Management, etc.

6. Majandra Delfino

Majandra Delfino Most Beautiful Venezuelan Woman
Image: Pinterest

Majandra is a Venezuelan actress, who has made her fortune in American film and television. As a child, she first moved to Miami and then to LA. Majandra’s acting career started with a role in “Zeus and Roxanne”. After that, she got her next chance in an NBC show, The Tony Danza Show. She got her breakthrough in the form of a role in Roswell, a famous sci-fi series. Besides being an actress, Majandra is also known for her singing talents. She has released two albums, although it didn’t get as much attention as her acting.

7. Sheryl Rubio

Sheryl Rubio Most Beautiful Venezuelan Woman
Image: Pinterest

Sheryl is a famous actress with multiple accolades and rewards. She has acted in both Spanish and English. Her Netflix original series The House of Flowers has given her international recognition. Her acting career started way back in 1999 when she chose to work in commercials. Later that transformed into TV shows. Sheryl’s first telenovela was Amantes de luna Llena, she was a child artist then. Currently, she is a highly sought after a female in Venezuela with works like NPS: No Puede Ser, Corazon esmeralda and the latest 100 dias para enamorarnos.

8. Alexandra Braun

Alexandra Braun Most Beautiful Venezuelan Woman
Image: Pinterest

Alexandra Braun is a former Miss Earth of 2005. The gorgeous lady has managed several honorary positions and won various awards. She has won four best actress awards across the globe for her performance in the film “Uma”. Other than that film, Alexandra has acted in various films like “La Pura Mentira”, “Ubicua” etc. As she won the Miss Earth award, Venezuela became the second country to win all the international beauty contests after Brazil.

9. Chiquinquirá Delgado

Chiquinquirá Delgado Most Beautiful Venezuelan Woman
Image: Pinterest

The famous Latino face is known for her work as a model and TV host in her country. Although her resume doesn’t run long, she has managed to come under some important names. She hosted prestigious events like Mira Quien Baila and Morning Show. Delgado has also acted in several telenovelas like Mambo y canela, Cosita Rica, and some others. She also runs her own fashion line that offers designer apparel.

10. María Gabriela de Faría

María Gabriela de Faría Most Beautiful Venezuelan Woman
Image: Pinterest

Maria is a popular face in the Venezuelan film industry. She has acted in quite a few numbers of telenovelas and films. Her first appearance was in the Telenovela Ser bonita no basta. She debuted in mainstream film with the movie “El Paseo 2”. Her colorful career has since many ups and downs but in the end, Maria has returned victorious. In her whole career, she has done only four films so far, as her main expertise is in telenovelas. Overall, this beautiful woman is accomplished in her career.

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