The 15 Best 2D Video Animation Companies ( Review 2024 )

2Ds are in high demand. And, why wouldn’t they be? 2D animations allow you to make your viewers stop-scroll. And, tell them an inspiring story, that turns them from curious browsers to loyal fans, eager to buy.

Though 2D is great, you will need a solid team to take on your project with responsibility.

Perhaps, that’s why to so many brands, finding a 2D video animation company is a real stretch.

With so many intricacies involved in the production process, it can be really hard to keep up with each stage of the project and get the desired quality of the product you so desperately want.

To ease the trouble, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best 2D video animation companies in 2024. We’ll uncover the best examples of 2D animation companies.

This blog will give you a walkthrough of;

  • Best 2D video animation companies in 2024
  • What is the specialty of these top animation studios?
  • Are these perfect for you? What to expect?
  • What else do they offer? (Look in the what’s more section for each)
  • Some FAQs on 2D animation to which you want honest answers

Excited? Let’s dive right in.


BuzzFlick, a video animation company, started out a few years back. But, courtesy of the skilled talent and project managers, they’ve scaled up in dramatic fashion.

They’re the top 2D animation company on our list.

Not only are they serving some of the finest clients, but are stacking high-end projects to light up their portfolio. And, certainly are on another level when compared with other teams in the industry.

With an agile team of artists and animators and an eager-to-deliver attitude, they give you fine-quality projects;

  • 2D and 3D animation space
  • Video explainers and corporate presentations
  • Motion graphics, video editing, character animations, and much more

They’re without any sign of doubt the most skilled 2D video animation company.

What’s more?

With so many satisfied clients, BuzzFlick is only getting better. They have a diverse portfolio.

And, there’s a lot more they currently offer. You can expect motion graphics, logo animations, whiteboard animations, promotional videos, and even video marketing.

Yum Yum Videos


Yum Yum Videos have been in the business for quite some time now. They’re not just any 2D video animation company. But, are a big studio that has bagged some of the top clients in the industry.

Not only do they have the talent and expertise to nail your job to perfection, but have excellent marketers, creative minds, and project managers that set them apart from others in the industry.

And, particularly for 2D, it is more than fair to put them in the no#2 spot on this list. Their service is not just 2D but has a comprehensive package that ensures you get quality delivery in the shape of the final product.

With their 2D services, you also get;

  • Fully-customizable videos tailored to your brand messaging
  • Top-notch quality in presentation and project management
  • Laser-focused project management with a keen eye on details and desired quality of delivery
  • Prices that are highly competitive and equate to the quality of video animation you want

Top clients

Walmart, DocuSign,McKesson, Red Bull

What’s more?

Apart from creating amazing quality 2D animations, they also offer consultation.

As mentioned above, they’ve expertise in brand marketing.So, you can always ask them for consultation and alter your integrated video marketing strategy to get amazing results.



Thinkmojo specializes in a range of video animation services. You can expect to get;

  • Quality educational videos that are catchy and sustain viewer attention
  • Social media videos and ads that stop-scroll and draw engagement
  • Short animation films at competitive pricing
  • Video presentations and series suiting your needs

Thinkmojo as the name implies wants the viewers to wonder about their creativity at work.

They’re more focused on creating a visual experience. The animators at work ensure that your video has smooth transitions no matter how complex the 2D animation is.

Top clients

Google Fiber, Slack and Zendesk

What’s more?

Thinkmojo identifies well with brands who want to tell compelling stories to their audiences using real-to-life as well as dreamy, animated, and ecstatic visuals.

Demo Duck


The video animation process involves a lot of intricacies. You can’t afford to overlook any. One of them is scriptwriting.

At Demo Duck, the creatives and writers do a brain dump. One that not just provides ideas, but leads to polishing your video script. Now, you don’t just have charming phrases, but those that sync perfectly with the brand’s voice.

And, since Demo Duck has a versatile approach to script writing, one that is better than most other 2d animation companies’ processes.

The artists and animators at Demo Duck hone their skills in several production styles including

  • Motion graphics
  • 2D animation

What’s more?

Demo Duck is famous for creating stop-motion videos. These have a quality of animation that is much closer to what you see in Walt Disney movies or those made by Dreamworks.

Switch Video

When the discussion is about the finest 2D video animation services, we can’t move on without giving a special mention to Switch Video.

Switch Video is a dedicated cartoon animation company. Their client base is pretty diverse. You can find their work on projects for government institutions, tech startups, non-profits, and even B2B companies.

Because everything being conveyed with text can sound dull, and difficult to process, creatives at Switch Video believe that explainer videos not only appear beautiful but can make your message sound exciting and easier to catch.

Perhaps what makes them a standout in the business is their great attention to detail, agile project management, and close communication with brands throughout the project.

What’s more?

You can expect them to create anything from whiteboard animations to motion graphics, and other types of business animations.

They have mastered the art of making 2D animation videos for business.



Epipheo is not a pioneer but is the most experienced team working in the video animation niche. However, they were one of the pioneers in providing brands and companies with explainer videos and animated series.

And, if end-to-end production excites you. Or if you want to be updated about the progress of your project throughout, then Epipheo can be a really fine option.

They have a careful production process for 2D animation. Everything from organizing your proposal to creating the final video product happens seamlessly without any glitches.

And, as surprising as it may sound, Epipheois not a dedicated movie animation company. But storytelling is at the heart of most of the products they do.

Artists and creatives at Epipheo know the power of storytelling and would leave nothing to leverage its potential to elicit a heartwarming response from your audience.


Vidico is another major name in the animation space. They’re among the top 2D animation production companies.

You can expect to have live-action video production as well as 2D and 3D animations. Plus, if you want motion graphics to tell stories without any characters, that’s where they’re best!

And, if you want something to be curated for the awareness stage of your buyer’s journey, then know that Vidico is probably the best for explainer videos.

They’re even touted by many for producing emotional and impactful crowdfunding videos.


Unlike others on this list, Nerdo is an Italian animation company with its footsteps in Asia, Europe, and the US.

What makes them stand out among other companies in 2D animation is perhaps the fact that their videos are versatile and have exquisite levels of detail in scenes.

So, they might be a perfect option for any business looking for;

  • Stories or animated series that need detail
  • Brand stories that involve character work

And, a lot more.



Explainify is another big name in a video animation. Whatmakes them a class apart from others is perhaps the brand’s notion that short videos are perfect!

Explainify’s creatives are with the view that short videos perform better than everything else brands produce.

They believe so since it is easier to get the message across with short-form videos. And, the message could be easier to grasp for the audience.

What’s more?

They’re an animation studio truly dedicated to producing cartoons and short animation videos for brands.

Kasra Design

Kasra Design is another team that is popular for producing short-form animations for brands.

Interestingly, the company has headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and California. They manage most of their high-end projects by making their teams coordinate with each other from two opposite corners of the world.

What’s more?

Other than 2D animation, they also produce 3D and fantastic motion graphics.


Just like many others on this list, Dot is a versatile animation company with a command over a range of animation types. You can expect to have the following;

  • Corporate explainers for YouTube and creative ads for social
  • Production of music videos as well as testimonials that compliment branding

That’s not all.

You can even have made broadcast graphics for TV commercials as well as professional presentations for corporates.

And, what makes their service worth every penny is they deliver the same excellent quality of service no matter how short the deadline.


Unlike other studios on this list, Mana is an animation company that is entirely run by artists.

Their artists not only have a creative spark to paint gorgeous pictures with 2D animations but are touted by clients for their cinematic approach to producing star-like corporate videos.

Enthusiastic to ideate and create something entirely new every time, the artists are able to deliver original and attractive concepts for businesses.



The list can’t go on unless we mention Galera. They are no doubt one of the finest when it comes to producing high-end animation graphics.

However, they are also the youngest in the industry. But, the skills they have make up for the experience others have. Though they may not have worked for some of the top clients in the industry, they have the skills to take over.

Know that Galera is a go-to option for brands looking for versatile explainers and product videos, made with 2D animation and motion graphics.

What’s more?

Interestingly, Galera is even though new to the animation space (in comparison to others in the list), they’ve picked their niche. They don’t work with businesses outside the tech industry.


Weerlig is another fascinating animation brand. But, what sets it different from others is that it’s located in Baku, Azerbaijan.

And, they’ve clients from all over the world. Surprising, isn’t it?

With a creative spark to blend amazing illustration techniques, artists and animators at Weerlig are making outstanding business videos every day.

What’s more?

They’re known for creating explainers. Perhaps, it’s their specialty. You can expect anything from educational explainer videos to awareness shorts as well as corporate presentations and much more.

Yans Media

Yans Media has origins in Armenia.

There’s an entire range of video production services you can avail from them including;

  • Explainers that are fine-tuned to only enhance your brand messaging
  • Branding videos that communicate the persona in the most thriving fashion
  • Motion graphics for short videos
  • 2D and 3D animation for brand storytelling and character sketching

Yans Media has stacked quality projects stacking over one another and defined itself among the best animation studios working in the 2D animation space in the Middle East.

2D animation FAQs


The above list is a comprehensive guide to the best video animation companies. But, that’s not all.

In fact, we thought it would be useful to answer some frequently asked questions on 2D animation. So, without further ado, let’s jump to it.

How long does it take to make a 1-minute 2D animation?

Keeping the answer short, we would say, it depends. Mainly, it would depend on the type of your project, its niche, and your budget.

It can take anywhere between 6 and 12 days for a 2D animation movie company to create a 60-second animation for you. Again, this is only possible when a handful of top talent is working on your project, relentlessly.

That’s not it.

If the project requires the animators to follow complex guidelines, then most projects take up between three and six weeks.

Again, the deal would pan out in your favor, and give you desired results, if the team is already working with an optimized production schedule.

Depending upon what satisfies your needs, it may need more time.

The animator can ask for more time to complete storyboards, brainstorm ideas, experiment with visuals, and share the work ahead of the final delivery. So, you can review and request changes (much needed).

On top of that, we’ve scriptwriters and creatives working on visuals, illustrations, and the most important element – the story. Nothing would work out if the story does not resonate with your audience.

So, give the process the time it needs.

Before the final launch happens, you would even need, a voiceover. Again, it would take more time, if you opt for a professional voiceover artist to breathe life into the video with their touchy vocals.

Or, if you’re tech-savvy, and won’t mind much who the speaker is, you can opt for AI voiceover too.

So, the time duration to complete a 2D animation project depends upon your needs and the complexity of the project.

How much does a 60-second 2D video animation cost?

Most animation companies may charge you around $ 8000 per minute for a 2D animation video. However, the cost will mainly depend upon your specific needs.

Best 2D animation companies would even charge more than the 8000-mark mentioned above.

And, the price of the 2D animation servicewould also greatly depend upon the style and needs of your animation project.

Last, but not least, the deadline of the project or let’s say the turnaround time for the animation team would affect the price too.

In case you want it really quick, expect them to quote a handsome amount. Though you may find it pricey, it’s worth the amount of effort and time they would put in to nail your job to perfection. That too in the short deadline.

What are the stages of the 2D animation production process?

Let’s simplify the 2D animation process for you, in three easy steps.

1. Pre-production

It involves scriptwriting, storyboarding, character sketching, designing, and color styling.

2. Production

The production process involves two key aspects of the job i.e. adding transitions or animations and doing background painting.

3. Post-production

Finally, the animators will take your project into the post-production phase.

Here, they’ll render the transitions made in the production phase. Moreover, they’ll work on after-effects, which may be voiceover and other sound effects, needed to light up your video experience.

And, when that’s done, the animator would review the product for a final edit. They may make some tweaks on their own or upon your request and, export the final product.

Final thoughts

Let’s wrap it up. Picking the best 2d animation company can be hard.

Though there are lots of 2d animation production companies in the market, picking one that suits your budget, and aligns perfectly with your work ethic can be a real struggle.

Not knowing where to start would only make your job more stressful. So, to overcome your Monday blues, you can refer to our list. It’s a comprehensive guide.

Not only you do have the best companies with their specialty, but also includes their top clients and their preferred niche.

Knowing all that can come in really handy when opting for an animation company.

Hope this guide helps you. Until next time, take care.