6 Best Hiphops Videos From 2000-2010

Hip-hop is a genre that has huge fandom all across the world. More often than not, music videos serve as perfect visual landmarks defining a specific moment. Music videos express emotions better than just the music, and in the early 2000s, Hip hop music has seen tremendous hype. The decade began with some of the highest-budget films ever made for some of the genre’s most successful stars.

Some of the songs even brought some cultural shifts. A number of shifts defined the first decade of the 2000s. Throughout the early 2000s and into the 2010s, many Hip Hop artists and rappers delivered out-of-this-world music videos that have since become pop culture pillars. Further in this article, we will be talking about some of the significant and best hip-hop song videos from 2000- 2010.

Some of The Best Hiphops Videos from 2000-2010

Let’s check out some of the classic hip-hop songs from the early 2000s and why they brought revolution and became a significant part of becoming a cultural phenomenon. You can also check out Hip Hop Music Video and learn more about the evolution hip-hop music brings and why people groove on them. This article will discuss some of the major hip-hop classics from 2000 to 2010.

”Toxic” Britney Spears (2004)

Toxic is known to be one of the most powerful songs of that time because of its captivating and string lyrics, and the music videos justify the lyrics. It becomes a really big accomplishment in the career of Britney Spears. Joseph Kahn is in charge of the direction of the music video, and the use of bold colors also makes it a powerful song.

“Appearances can be deceptive,” it appears, is the message of this classic spy-themed video, in which Spears transforms from a blonde flight attendant to a thrill-seeking redhead to a raven-haired femme fatale. You will get the theme and admire the scenes when you look at the music videos. In the interim, Spears can be seen performing in a transparent, diamond-studded bodysuit, which sparked outrage and prompted MTV to restrict the video to late-night viewing. The dresses have also become a trending fashion statement after the video.

Missy Elliott’s “Work It”

Missy Elliott is at the top of our list because her video “Work It” has become a cultural phenomenon. When you look at the several theories and reviews about it, the people of that time accepted that it was a cultural phenomenon and that it was on the top list of people. It was Missy’s first single from the album Under Construction.

The rapper’s choreography and visual effects throughout the video serve as the perfect storytelling mechanism for a song filled with colorful visual cues. The dance movies and the video’s color scheme make it one of its own kind, which is why it uplifted the use of hip-hop moves in the music videos.

”Stan” (2000), Eminem

Dr. Dre and Philip Atwell directed the masterpiece. Dido, whose song “Thank You” was sampled in “Stan,” starred in the song’s cinematic video as the pregnant girlfriend of an obsessive, unstable Eminem fan whose life ends tragically. Eminem’s fandom has been really huge, and it is portrayed in the song how the ‘stan’ culture took place.

Aside from being one of the best music videos of the 2000s, this was for several reasons. Usually, all of Eminem’s music videos and work were appreciated because of the rapping and how he always set the bar high for other artists. The song is known to be revolutionary to have a different concept., the term stan has also become an important part of fan culture.

“Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé Featuring Jay-Z

Beyonce, the ultimate queen, has delivered some of the best hip-hop songs in history; this song is groundbreaking, and the music video has astounding scenes and metaphors. As JAY-Z reminds us at the beginning of the song, Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love” featuring JAY-Z was literally “history in the making.”

The video introduces the world to Beyoncé’s insane dance abilities and marks the beginning of the singer’s explosive solo career after Destiny’s Child. The dancing at the time became a trend, and many people still could not control their moves on this song. Furthermore, the music video reminds us that belly chains were once popular and that we should definitely bring them back. When you watch the music video, you will see many fashion changes from now and how it has its own era.

Daddy Yankee – “Bad Boys for Life”

The music video has so many significant cameos. This music video’s cameos remind us that we’re clearly “rockin’ with the best.” when you see the video or if you have already seen it, you know what a masterpiece it is. Quintessential new millennium outfits give the visualizer that extra touch of 2000s authenticity that we all clearly crave when reading this list. It was the 2000 classic, and the music video has many different elements, collectively making it a masterpiece.

The Bad Boys For Life soundtrack, executive produced by Khaled, provides a more accurate representation of Miami culture than what has previously been represented in the Bad Boys films and Will Smith’s music. It represents it well, which is why several fans like it, and it becomes a significant piece of music of that time.

“Ride Wit Me” by Nelly

The music video, also known as a short film, in which Nelly stars as Nelly Nelly is filled with classic early-aughts outfits, animal-print car seats, big red Mack trucks, and an iconic Trans Am driven by Nelly, all of which serve as visual feast for the eyes. The iconic scenes is something that made it a huge success and becomes a part of the golden songs of the early 2000s.


Now you have a list of all the hip-hop songs that have made a huge name in the 2000s and why they stand out from the rest. These hip hop songs have different aspects which made them masterpiece and have attracted many fans all around the globe.