Best Markets To Bet On Football

Of all the sports there are in the world, none can top the popularity of football. There is an estimated following of 4 billion fans for the beautiful game which is a staple of the culture of many territories across the globe. Having so many eyes on the sport has unsurprisingly turned it into the most lucrative sporting endeavor on the planet, particularly for those who are able to make it to the elite level of the game.

It can also be a lucrative endeavour for those who choose to place wagers on the sport, with many followers of their sport also putting their money where their mouth is from a bettling perspective. It’s only natural that such a huge following of football will result in a direct correlation in the number of fans who will want to place wagers on matches.

The endless selection of bookmakers combined with the worldwide coverage that is available across the footballing world means the possibilities are endless for punters who elect to take part. If you are interested in betting on football then be sure to head over to Max Free Bets. They feature and promote the very best in new customer free bets, existing customer offers and competitions across their site and will always give sports bettors the best value when betting online.

In this article, we will break down the best ways to bet on football matches, not just from a profit perspective but also as a form of entertainment. We understand that not all gamblers will be as competitive as most and others will prefer the enjoyment side of the activity. We have picked out the best markets to bet on to suit the needs of gamblers at all levels.

Full Time Result


The simplest market to bet on and understand is the full time result market. Here, you will be required to select the end result of the match that you are betting on after 90 minutes in order to be a winner. This will unsurprisingly give you three choices when betting on a match: home win, away win or draw. If you correctly back the right outcome your bet will be a winner and you will be paid out in full.

There are some stipulations that you should be aware of, however, when it comes to this particular market. If the match you are betting on is in the knockout format, then it could go to extra time or penalties. Should you back the home team to win the match in the full time result market but they eventually win via extra time or penalties your bet will not be paid as a winner.

To be a winner in this instance you will have to have backed one of these individual markets, but there is a way that you can cover yourself on all bases. In a knockout scenario you can use the ‘to qualify’ market, where your bet will be a winner if your selected team wins the match either within 90 minutes, extra time or penalties.



One of the most exciting markets to bet on when it comes to football matches is the goalscorer market. Here you can place wagers on who you think will get on the scoresheet in the game that you are betting on and there are different types of goalscorer markets that you can take part in. The most common is the anytime goalscorer market, which sees punters win their best if their selected player scores at any point of the match.

Additionally, you can place bets on the first and last goalscorer of each match that you bet on, with the result of your wager being pretty self-explanatory. By betting on the first or last goalscorer you will receive bigger odds than what you would in the anytime market. If you are really confident about a player in a game, you can bet on them scoring multiple goals within a game for even bigger returns on your wager.

Corners & Cards


Having the ability to bet on the number of corners and cards that will happen in a match is something that has only been made available to punters relatively recently in the grand scheme of football betting. Starting with corners, you will be able to predict the number of corners that there will be in the game or more specifically, the number of corners each individual team will take in the game.

If you want to boost your odds further, you can even break down the number of corners each team will take in each half. When it comes to cards, there are a number of different markets that are available to punters. First of all, you can bet on the overall match card lines and predict over or under the number presented.

There is also the option to bet on individual players being carded in the match or even betting on players to be sent off in the match. In-play markets also allow you to bet on which team will receive the next card and the number of cards each individual team will receive if you want to.

Correct Score


If you want to bet on the result of the match you are interested in but want bigger odds than what the full time result market is giving you then why not give the correct score a try. With the correct score your odds will be significantly greater than full time result and most major bookmakers will allow you to choose any final score up to eight goals in the match overall.

Whether you think it will be 0-0, 2-2 or 4-3, you will be able to pick the score you anticipate seeing in the match. It should again be noted that similarly to the full time result market, the rules are slightly different if the game goes to extra time or penalties in a knockout match. Your bet will be a winner in this market if you predict the correct score after 90 minutes has been played.