Best Platforms to Buy Cryptocurrencies – Guide 2024

At the beginning of the article we mentioned the possibility of buying cryptocurrencies with safe, regulated platforms and with low trading costs. Below you can find the complete list and an in-depth analysis of each of these companies.

All platforms are authorized, regulated and therefore safe. They are also free platforms, which do not charge any kind of commission or hidden costs.

So let’s see some more details about these platforms.



eToro is one of the most popular trading platforms ever by beginners and those who have never operated on the financial markets. eToro is not just a trading platform, it really is much more. We can define eToro as the first social trading platform in the world. All those who operate on eToro can decide to make their business public. This way other traders can check if they can make money and decide to copy them.

EToro’s social platform works really well: once the traders to copy have been selected, all their operations will be reproduced in a fully automatic way. There is, of course, no guarantee of making profits. Also, it can be smart to copy many good traders, so that even if one of them doesn’t perform well, you continue to make money from the others. What interest do traders have in making their business public and being copied? The eToro platform remunerates these traders far more than generously based on the number of followers (number of people who copy).

eToro is not just social trading: it is also possible to trade directly, without copying. Many novice traders start social trading right away in order to get the first results right away. Over time, they learn to observe the operations made by the best traders and then learn online trading in a practical way.

Finally, they manage to operate successfully even by themselves and perhaps to transform themselves into gurus who are copied. The eToro platform can be used both with real money and in demo mode.



Capex is one of the most loved and used trading platforms in Europe. It is a safe, reliable, honest, completely free platform. Capex is regarded as the ideal platform to buy cryptocurrencies. The interface of this platform is really user friendly, even those who have never done online trading can use it successfully without any kind of problem or difficulty. For those who don’t have much experience (or who just don’t know where to start) Capex organizes excellent courses, both online and live, where you can learn step by step how to get financial benefits starting from the variation of the prices of cryptocurrencies. Access to these courses is completely free: simply register on the platform. It is also possible to receive personalized training by telephone: Capex’s highly experienced account managers are always at the complete disposal of those who start to operate and need a guide to orient themselves in the world of cryptocurrencies and trading.

Source: is a fairly young platform but has already gained the appreciation of tens of thousands of traders across Europe. It features an intelligent, easy-to-use interface and a € 25 loyalty bonus that is offered to anyone who opens an account, even if they don’t make a deposit. is completely free and does not charge any commissions. It is possible to decide to operate in real mode (with real money) or choose to operate in demo mode in order to become familiar with investing in cryptocurrencies without any kind of risk.

IQ Option


The online trading platform with IQ Option CFDs (click here to visit the official website) is by far one of the most complete and best in the world. It is a solution designed specifically for inexperienced traders who are approaching online trading. Simplicity is in fact always at the forefront of the IQ Option platform. By consulting the various opinions and reviews, we have noticed a feature that many novice traders particularly appreciate: it is possible to start trading online with an initial capital of just 10 euros. For those who do not intend to start (even with only 10 euros) a free and unlimited virtual account is available for all members. Furthermore, with IQ Option it is possible to invest in a large number of cryptocurrencies without commissions, both upwards and downwards.



The XTB online trading platform (click here to visit the official website) is considered one of the most interesting solutions currently available in the investment industry. It is a company with over 15 years of experience, which can boast hundreds of thousands of registered users. XTB provides 1: 2 leverage investment on well over 25 cryptocurrencies, including: Bitcoin, Ripple, Dash, Iota, Tron, Nem, Stellar, Cardano, Monero and many more. One of the fundamental characteristics that must be found in a cryptocurrency platform is reliability. The XTB online trading platform is authorized by the Italian control body CONSOB and regulated throughout Europe by the European CySEC authority. The control of the supervisory authorities is able to ensure maximum compliance with the regulations and the total protection of one’s invested money.

XTB is the broker chosen by many investors not only for its security, but also for the extremely advantageous trading conditions. In fact, on XTB it is possible to hedge cryptocurrencies without commissions on the execution, starting with a minimum deposit of only 1 euro.

A further strength of this platform are the Webinars: these are completely free online lessons.

Courses are periodically organized, completely free and open to all members. The contents (mainly online trading strategies and techniques) are explained clearly, without words that are difficult to understand. In the past, leading figures in finance and cryptocurrencies have organized events. The webinars and other courses made available by XTB are completely free. This is a great advantage, if we consider that the paid ones can cost several thousand euros.

XTB is one of the best and most advantageous solutions for those who want to start trading online with cryptocurrencies without making mistakes. It is in fact a cost-free, safe, reliable and easy to use platform. Another advantage is the ability to invest both long (buy) and short (sell) thanks to the power of CFDs. You can start with an unlimited free demo account, or with a real account starting with a minimum deposit of only 1 euro.

Cryptocurrencies: value and quotes

Cryptocurrencies are characterized by an extremely volatile price: in practice their value changes quickly over time and the changes can also be quite high. The volatility of cryptocurrencies is an extremely interesting factor, especially for those who invest in the very short term. In practice, those who use CFDs have the opportunity to take advantage of price changes to obtain concrete results, whether the price moves up or down. For how CFDs work, the greater the variation in the value of the cryptocurrency in which you invest, the higher the profit. This makes cryptocurrencies the perfect asset to use with CFDs. Want to know more information about cryptocurrencies? Visit this site!