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How Betting Online Change The Gambler’s Lifestyle

Gambling is one of the favorite indulgences to many, especially the millennials and the Gen Z yuppies. Even punters who frequently go to land-based casinos embrace online gambling.

Anatomy of an Online Casino


An online casino is similar to a land-based casino in terms of games and rules. However, players in the online casino can only wager and play casino games minus the glamorous ambiance of a land-based house of the game. Nevertheless, this is not a hindrance to virtual gambling’s fame skyrocketing click here.

An Online casino is a replica of a bricks-and-mortar casino and it enables a player to wager using their gadgets such as a laptop, iPhone, personal computer, tablet, smartwatch, or smartphone with the aid of a stable internet connection. The majority of the players prefer smartphones because it comes in handy and is widely used not just in gaming but in daily activities.

Types of Virtual Casinos


Virtual gamblers are given an option on how they want to play the game hence they can either play it via web-based or download it.

Web-based are websites where the player can play casino games without downloading the software. The games here are supported by the browser plugins such as Java, Shockwave Player, and Flash player.

Since this is not download-based it needs a stable internet connection for the player to enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

Download-based are online casinos that require downloading of the software to the players’ gadgets which is why it doesn’t need a browser’s support because the graphics and sounds are guaranteed to be fast because they are cached by the software client.

Game Variety

Online gambling offers two types of games in which players choose a virtual casino and a live dealer.


The games played in this type of casino are software-based hence the outcome of the games is determined by the PRNG or the Pseudorandom Number Generator software. The PRNG uses mathematical instructions called algorithms and makes sure that all games presented are random and unpredictable. The virtual game also ensures that the outcome has to be fair.

Live Dealer


The majority of the virtual punters prefer this game because the players have the chance to interact with other players and with a human croupier. The entire game is live and real-time plus its ambiance copies the physical casino.

Interactions with the croupier and other players can be done thru the chatterbot provided by the casino site. Queries and other information can be done thru chatbot as well or thru email.

What makes online casinos interesting in the market?

Online casino’s popularity has been increasing worldwide after Microgaming software company from the Isle of Man introduced online gambling in 1994 and later introduced the first mobile casino software in 2004.

During that time people were quite skeptical in wagering online because of the malware and cyber thieves since the firewall during that time was not that stable. However, this may change. According to Statists the global online gambling market is $ 59 billion and is anticipated to reach around reach $92 billion by 2024.

What are the main reasons for its popularity?

There are various reasons for its popularity because of the influence of the advertisement and it is all the rage. Here are other factors of its fame.

1. Diverse games


Games played in the online casino are the same games played in the conventional bricks-and-mortar casino. The majority of the gambling software offers 3000 plus casino games and some online casinos use not one but two or more software for more diverse games and features like 3D animation for a more cinematic gambling experience.

The top three (3) software used in a casino are the following:

  •       Microgaming
  •       Betsoft
  •       Playtech

2. Various Bonuses


Virtual casinos offer a higher cash back percentage to the player as well as numerous bonuses depending on the site and promos.

Here are the lists of standard bonuses offered in casino sites in the US.

  • Welcome bonus

This type of bonus is offered both in land-based and online casinos. It is automatically given after the player signs up and makes a deposit.

  • Reload Bonus

Casinos both land-based and virtual honor loyal clients especially if they continuously make a deposit on the same site. The casino site usually gives rewards depending on the site.

  • Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is offered after the client makes a deposit to the casino site.

  • Referral Bonus

Both players the referrer and the referrer benefits from this bonus. The referrer earns a bonus after the referrer completes his or her requirements and starts playing in the site while the referee gets the incentive after they mention their referrer.

  • No deposit bonus

This type of bonus is favorable to prospective clients who want to test the water of the casinos’ site or online gambling itself. The casino site offers potential players to try their luck for free. If they enjoyed wagering then they can decide if they will push thru with their deposit or not. However, if there are any winnings, they should refer first to the Terms and conditions of the casino site.

  • Bonus codes (depend upon the site)

Some casino sites offer bonus codes in the form of a coupon. Their players can acquire these thru coupons emailed or sent to them. The catch here is bonus codes often have a deadline so it is advisable to use it before it expires.

  •       Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

If the potential client is interested in the slots, this type of bonus is good for them to check it out and enjoy it before making a deposit.

  •       High Roller/VIP benefits

These clients are usually given high-end incentives for both land-line and online casinos. Their incentives are a bit luxurious compared to other bonuses.

  •       Other promos

All casinos offer bonuses and benefits as a marketing strategy to entice the player to make another deposit or to entice prospective players to make a deposit to the site. This is an effective way for the casino site to become popular. It usually comes as a free spin or free table game.

3. Variety of Payment Schemes


Online casinos usually adjust to the customers’ payout method which is why they offer a variety of monetary options such as:

  •       Major Debit/credit cards
  •       Digital wallet (Paypal, Neteller, etc.)
  •       Bank transfer (Euteller, etc.)
  •       Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.)

Final Insight:

Online wagering is a very convenient form of betting for gambling enthusiasts and they can enjoy its full benefit with loads of bonuses offered by the site plus state-of-the-art graphics which is truly enticing, especially to the young punters.