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Casino Blacklisting: 5 Reasons A Casino’s License Should Be Revoked

Over the last decade, you’ll find that the internet has exploded with new online casinos. While many of them start off with the right intentions and launch as licensed and regulated sites, some will eventually act in a manner that sees their licenses revoked.

It’s not uncommon for a gambling authoritative body such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority to announce the revocation of a license that it previously issued to an operator if it finds reasons to do so.

How to Recognize Blacklisted Online Casinos


Thankfully, dubious and blacklisted online casinos are few and far between, but it’s important for you to know how to recognize them so that they can be avoided. After all, recognizing rogue operators will benefit you in the long run, guaranteeing a safer and more secure gaming experience.

Fortunately, if you’re well-read on the subject, or are a newbie who’s done enough research, you probably already know about many of the blacklisted casinos. However, if you still feel unsure of whether the no deposit casino of choice is the one to be trusted, why not check whether it’s listed at

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Here are five common reasons why an online casino should have its license revoked:

1. Delaying Payouts or Not Paying Out at All


One of the most important things that players want to know is that, at the end of the day, they will be able to withdraw their winnings in a safe and speedy manner. When a casino doesn’t fulfil its promise by staying true to the very T&Cs it stipulates (as it should), then this is a red flag.

Online gamblers should not have to chase after those winnings that are legally theirs. It is their right to have a quick and convenient withdrawal process as part of their gambling experience.

When an online casino deliberately delays payouts or – even worse – refuses to pay out at all for no specific or valid reason, these are solid grounds to revoke their license and have the casino blacklisted.

2. Rigged Software


To obtain an online casino license, operators must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the software they use is not rigged and that the game results are totally random. Gambling jurisdictions run intense checks on the software before a license is issued, and they continue to rely on third party auditing tests to maintain transparency and clarity.

If an online casino uses rigged software, it can shift the odds of winning your money significantly in its favor. What’s more, if said operator is found guilty of manipulating the games or posting false RTP (also known as Return to Player) rates about the games on its website, its license is instantly revoked.

3. Unclear or False Bonus and Promotions T&Cs


Many online gamblers are attracted to gaming sites because of their bonuses and promotions. It’s important, however, that the terms and conditions of these offers are as crystal clear as possible, so that players can understand them.

If the conditions are intentionally kept vague and incomprehensible, with the intention of misleading players, this is should be a seen as a warning sign to steer clear.
Good T&Cs will clearly spell out important details about the offer, these include, but aren’t limited to the following:

  • A mention of the games (or list of games) the bonus can be used on
  • The bonus’s expiry date
  • A clear outline of the wagering requirements
  • The maximum bet allowance
  • Any payment methods excluded

4. Poor Customer Support


It’s the right of every online gambler to know that if they run into any problem at the casino, or if they have a particular question that needs answering, they will receive the right assistance in a reasonable amount of time, rather than be left in the lurch.

One of the main complaints heard against problematic online casinos is that they offer poor customer support. When players run into technical difficulties, such as depositing funds or withdrawing their winnings, they want to know that someone will be available – preferably 24/7 – to help them solve the issue. Nowadays, many casinos should (and do) offer easily available customer care, irrespective of time zone and/or jurisdiction.

Granted, online casinos that fail to provide good customer support are few and far between. But, they do indeed exist and are very well running the risk of having their license revoked.

5. Marketing Spam


Spamming customers multiple times a day with information about the specials and promotions at an online casino is a definite no-no. There’s a fine line between receiving information about new games and upcoming promotions (which is a normal marketing feature), and unpleasant spamming.

Some online casinos have even been known to call the player’s phone number incessantly. When an online casino takes things too far and ignores a player’s requests to stop contacting them this is something very serious.

If communication continues, even after multiple requests to stop, it not only runs the risk of being blacklisted (with the consequence of having its license revoked) – it could potentially be grounds for serious, legal action.

With the fairly recent GDPR legislations implemented, any reputable casino honors such legalities and would not dare breech customers’ wishes when requested to halt communication.

In Conclusion

While it is true that it’s the customer’s onus to do a fair amount of research when choosing a casino that’s trustworthy, it is also the provider’s responsibility to offer a players a platform that’s legally operating. Failure to do so is nothing more than risky business. Moreover, it doesn’t bode well for a casino to have hoards of disgruntled customers who feel illtreated and cheated of a fair gaming experience!