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How to Choose the Best Home Cleaning Services for You?

We see that dust and stains can make the air in your home poor, breeding bacteria and endangering the health of you and your family. Do you think that mopping the floor and wiping the table regularly can guarantee your health? Deep cleaning and professional cleaning tools are necessary.

Deep cleaning doesn’t just include removing dust, it also requires keeping the areas you touch every day clean, especially ovens, sinks, rugs, couches, and under beds. Hiring a part-time cleaner can save you time and prevent the tedious.

Independent cleaners and gig workers are not professionally trained and may be cheap but hard to guarantee results. Cleaning companies have a set of cleaning standards and friendly services that support them to efficiently clean furniture, floors, appliances and windows without compromising their function.

What can cleaning companies do?

Clean kitchen

  • Clean sink
  • Clean appliance exteriors
  • Clean inside microwave and oven
  • Clean range top
  • Damp wipe cabinet doors
  • Clean hard surface floor
  • Load dishwasher

Clean bathroom

  • Disinfect high-touch areas
  • Clean sinks, counters
  • Clean, disinfect toilets, tubs, showers
  • Clean the floor drain and keep it dry

Overall clean

  • Disinfect high-touch areas
  • Pick up and straighten
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust furniture
  • Vacuum floors, carpets
  • Dust sills, ledges, wall hangings
  • Vacuum stairs, under beds
  • Change linens, make beds
  • Empty trash
  • Clean windows

What benefits can the cleaning companies bring?

  • Your home gets a thorough, professional clean on a regular basis.
  • You don’t need to spend time and money buying professional cleaning tools and detergents.
  • You don’t need to expend physical energy, but spend time relaxing and partying.
  • You don’t have to clean up trash and waste water.
  • You don’t have to deal with hair, debris, and bad odors.
  • You can enjoy fresh air and stay more comfortable at home.
  • You can choose between one specific area cleanings or regular whole house cleanings as you like.
  • Cleaning companies will address your specific needs. For example, make cleaning more environmentally friendly to protect your children and pets.

Here are some professional companies that offer guaranteed home cleaning services, and you will be satisfied with them when you see a clean and dust-free home. There must be one for you.



Tidy has 4 cleaning options to meet your different needs. You can set up a to-do checklist on the app of your mobile phone, mark what’s important, display photos, and change at any time, which allows cleaners to complete tasks more accurately.

  • 1 Cleaner for 1 hour: A quick clean, best for focused needs or very small homes.
  • 1 Cleaner for 2.5 hours: The most popular clean, great to get more details done in the home.
  • 1 Cleaner for 4 hours: The 2nd most popular clean, long enough for general cleanings of most homes.
  • 2 Cleaner for 4 hours: The deepest clean, enough for a deep, detailed cleaning of many homes.

There are 4 levels of price, which vary by location. For example, the 4 price levels in South Carolina are: $55, $109, $159, $314 (as of January 2024). Please note that there is an additional 10% for one time cleaning only.

Tidy is available in most major US cities. You can choose any day of the week, such as Sunday. You can schedule all through their easy-to-use website or app. Cleaners will notify you if they have completed the task.

The Maid


The Maid can clean your home effectively. Because each group of cleaners from the company has a team leader to monitor. Cleaning is checked by the field manager to ensure standards are met. In terms of service results, many customers expressed great satisfaction.

Every time they clean, they strictly implement the proprietary 22-step cleaning process to ensure that the interior is clean and healthy.

The price is not fixed, they will estimate the price according to your actual situation, generally depending on the square footage of your home and number of rooms, type of flooring, number of people and pets, surfaces that need special care, etc. We recommend you increase the budget based on their estimates.

They also offer other focused services like deep cleaning ovens, refrigerators, windows, carpets and outside patio. It depends on your needs and there is an additional cost.

Molly Maid


Molly Maid has been in business for more than 35 years and offers the friendliest customer service.

Molly Maids has packages depending on your location, which can make it easier to know your total costs. No contracts. So if you’re not satisfied, you can stop the service with no repercussions. When they’re done cleaning, you can do a walkthrough to see the job done. Feedback any dissatisfaction, they will definitely solve it.

They don’t provide carpet cleaning, but The Maid and USA Clean Master can do it. Thorough and effective cleaning is critical when it comes to carpet cleaning. Or, when shopping for rugs, choose a supplier that offers carpet cleaning, such as Ruggable.



MaidPro does affordable deep cleaning. The mode of transportation and the cleaning tools used by the cleaners are designed to be environmentally friendly.

  • Encourage use of low-emission and fuel-efficient vehicles by employees.
  • Choose products that clean quickly and effectively to minimize exposure to cleaning solutions.
  • Reusable equipment: plastic buckets, nylon, canvas bags, laundry/trash bags with lining.
  • Reduce water used for cleaning.
  • Provide thorough training on products that meet all OSHA and EPA regulations.

MaidPro also offers services in the US and Canada. Click here to check if MaidPro is available in your area by entering your zip code. You can easily stick to your budget, like cleaning only the kitchen. Leave your hardest cleaning to a team of 2 cleaners and do daily cleaning by yourself.

USA Clean Master


USA Clean Master is an expert in cleaning carpets and upholstery. They will extend the life of the upholstery and reduce replacement. You should choose them if you need to deep clean carpets, wood floors, ventilation ducts or tiles. And they are available throughout the United States.

Moreover, they’ll remove pet stains, leftover grout, and help you restore damaged walls. If you don’t have any recent carpet cleaning needs but there are less cleaning companies in your area, hire them to do weekly or bi-monthly cleanings.