Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing Hair System Base

Are you new to the world of hair systems? It may be overwhelming for you initially with endless options in the market.

Your hair unit should make you feel comfortable rather than making you stay conscious all the time. Your hair system should also make you walk with confidence without worrying about it slipping off. Therefore, choosing the appropriate hair system base is necessary for the correct fitting and a more realistic look.

While considering your hair type, style, shade, and texture when purchasing a hair system or toupee or hairpiece, you should also view the base material and installation system based on your needs and personal preferences.

Types of Hair System Bases


The following four hair system base types are the most common and widely used.

  • Skin base material with lace front: These are suitable for people who give more importance to creating a natural appearance.
  • Full lace base: A lace base hair system is ideal for individuals who enjoy a good balance between natural appeal and durability.
  • Full skin base: Skin base hairpieces come in three types – Single split knots, V-loops, and Injected.
  • Lace/mono base with a PU (polyurethane) edge: Some wearers prefer durability over looks or appeals. They prefer comfort to style, and therefore, they are even ready to compromise on a natural appearance. The four kinds of mono base hair systems include Fine Welded Mono, Fine Mono, German Net, and Super Fine Mono.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selecting a Hair System Base

Try finding answers to the following questions.

  • How oily is my skin?
  • How often do I sweat?
  • How do I wish to attach my hair system?
  • What is my work environment like?
  • How often will I need to remove and reinstall my hair system?
  • Will I have help maintaining my hair or wearing my hair system?

Unless you are a pro at hairstyling, it may seem challenging to create a perfect and natural look all by yourself. You may need professional help at first, especially when using hair systems to cover your bald patches or a bad haircut. Keep the above details handy to simplify the process of choosing the best hair system for yourself.

Let’s elaborate on the above questions about your lifestyle.

How oily is my skin?

Yes, your skin type is vital when choosing your hair system base. Oil can affect the strength and duration of the hair system bond. In other words, the amount of oil your skin produces will determine how long or how strongly your hairpiece will remain secured in its place.

So, if you have oily skin, choose a toupee hair system that comes with a powerful liquid adhesive to secure the hairpiece with your crown or scalp. Toupees with human skin bases will work best for oily scalps since they provide a more reliable and consistent bond.

How often do I sweat?


Like the extent of secreting oils, it is also necessary to determine how often you sweat. Is it every day or a few times per week? Or maybe you don’t get too sweaty. However, if you sweat a lot, especially if you are involved in many physical activities, try investing in a hairpiece base made of breathable material.

For instance, a full lace base will be ideal if you sweat a lot. However, if you are lucky enough and don’t need much airflow on your crown, go for a more durable skin base hair system for men.

How do I wish to attach my hair system?

Many users have preferences when it comes to selecting the adhesive required to secure the unit. Ensure that the base material and the adhesive work well together for a firm grip. While some bases work perfectly with glues or tapes, others require clip-in systems.

Some men also prefer lace bases, but remember that they do not work well with tapes as they don’t have enough surface area. But lace bases work great with liquid adhesives. Hence, pay good attention to the type of adhesive and base combination you need based on your hair coverage requirements and personal choices. In the end, all that matters is a secure hold.

What is my work environment like?

Yes, your work environment can tell a lot about the type of hair system base you should choose. If you are a busy working professional spending long hours in harsh environments, you need a more durable base material.

Besides, some professionals also need to wear hard hats or caps as a part of their uniforms, which creates continuous pressure and friction on the hair. Therefore, choose materials and configurations that can withstand such pressure and suit your lifestyle.

How often will I need to remove and reinstall my hair system?


If you prefer the super-breathable lase base, it’s a great choice. However, lace bases may not always be easy to handle if you remove and reattach them around five times a week. If you choose a skin base material, removing and reinstalling several times a week will be easier. That’s because all materials will not be able to handle the stress of multiple reattachments. Other bases tend to loosen up, stretch, and shade hair with daily use.

Will I have help maintaining my hair or wearing my hair system?

Do you depend on your hair professional for all your hairstyling needs? Or do you handle it all alone? If someone else can help you with your attachment and removal procedures, you can opt for a more delicate hair system base.

But if you have nobody to maintain your hair, choose a more robust base material. Because if you are managing everything by yourself, the strong base material can withstand your ham-fisted attempts during removal and application.

Final Words

To conclude, choose a hair system base in which you can feel confident and comfortable. While selecting a hair system for men, consider the user’s lifestyle needs and personality choices. And as mentioned above, consider your work environment and schedules to determine the suitable base to withstand an entire day’s pressure or friction. Happy upgrading your hairstyle and concealing your hair-thinning areas.