11 Tips for Choosing the Right Lighting Solution For your Warehouse

You might have the most well equipped and furnished warehouse but what is the use if your employees can not see while they are working? If you are still working in dim lights, it is recommended not to. To know why and to fix your lighting option you can follow the article written.

An efficient and well-maintained lighting system not only amplifies and creates a comfortable space to work but also ensures that your employees do not make trivial mistakes while working. Optimal lighting also helps to cut down a lot of overhead expenses as it reduces utility costs.

Hence, lighting your warehouse is of prime importance to ensure day-to-day productivity and also to maintain the safety of your workers.

If you are confused on how you should select your perfect choice of lighting for your warehouse to run efficiently then continue reading. You can make a checklist of each of the points mentioned in the article. This would ensure that you have considered all the required particulars.

Here is an ultimate guide of 10 points that gives you all the tips and tricks that you should keep in mind while selecting a cheap and feasible Lighting option for your warehouse.

1. Know your budget


Calculating the minimum and maximum budget that you can extend for the installation of your lighting is always a wise idea before approaching a seller. This will give a finer idea on your expenditure and is also easier to approach a vendor to know your range. This helps to maintain a bill list and keep a track of your investment.

2. Selection of the type of lighting

LED lights are always a great option for longer runs as they provide high energy efficiency, consume less power, provide better brightness, and are also durable. They are also environmentally friendly and help you to have a better reputation for your business. Cheap high bay lights can be effective pocket-friendly alternatives.

3. Check the Layout of your warehouse


In order to have a perfectly lit warehouse and spacing, you must also make sure that all your shelves and racks of the warehouse are in a proper layout. By doing so, you are not just improving your storage but also giving completeness to the area that you would have invested in. Take a moment to shift and move the objects in the warehouse in a more practical and efficient way.

4. Check for any distinctive features

Check which are the areas that receive more natural lighting and for how many hours of the day. If you find any, then make sure that the lighting there has a suitable intensity in order to not get dim. Also, check if you need a particular region that is darker than the rest so as to make sure that lighting there has greater intensities.

5. Selection of the right quality


It is definitely important to pick the best quality lights for a smooth and long run. Finding the best quality lighting system for your warehouse can sometimes be the most daunting task but if you invest time in learning various companies, their proficiency, and experience then, you will know if they are on par with your requirements or not.

6. Colour Selection

You might not realize how important it is but selecting the right coloured light is required to get the right clarity and contrast. Natural colored lights usually help locate any small objects or even read minute details on the labels etc. Look for lights that have a greater Color Rendering Index (CRI) as they are more natural-looking. Try to find lights that have a Color Rendering Index of greater than 85.

7. Approach a right vendor


Select a vendor or a company that not just sells genuine products but also explains and educates you in choosing your right choice. Make sure that your vendor is flexible to help you try many options multiple times and also has good knowledge on what type of light is to be fixed in which place

8. Finding the right fixture

Warehouses generally are expected to have high ceilings. This is why it is important for you to select an appropriate fixture with an ample amount of illumination. Comparing different intensities of lights by checking their level of intensity would ensure that the light reaches the floor and corners adequately.

9. Use of lighting regulators and sensors


In some areas where very bright light is not necessary, you can actually have a dimming option that would work better and also reduce your power consumption to greater levels. It is also good to have sensors as an option to control the intensity of brightness as some parts of the warehouse can be already brightly lit by natural sunlight during certain times of the day and would not require a bright artificial source of light.

10. Keep it minimal

With all these options mentioned above, it is suggested that in the end, it is your personal choice for setting on how to optimize your choices. Hence, it is recommended to keep it minimal as for a warehouse.

11. Warranty


Last but not the least, it is a smart choice to look for the companies that provide warranties. Most of these lighting companies give you a warranty and this can also be a check of how genuine their product is. It is recommended to choose companies giving at least a 5-year warranty certificate because if the lights fail to serve their purpose then the company will assure to replace the product within the warranty’s time frame.


Given all the tips and tricks, we hope that the article has served its purpose to help you select the right lighting choice for your warehouse. Though you might feel that all of these points can not be strictly adhered to, you are free to follow the points that interest your outcome.