Creating the Best Gaming Playlist


There has always been a relationship between music and gaming. Some of the greatest music stars in history – for example, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. – are closely associated with the casinos of Las Vegas.

Then there are the many famous songs about gaming. From ‘Viva Las Vegas’ to ‘Pinball Wizard’, the inherent drama of people competing against each other for glory has been an inspiration for songwriters.

Music has a direct effect on the behavior of those who game too. Fast music has been shown to make people play more assertively, whereas slower songs lead to more cautious and focused gaming.

That is something that should be borne in mind when creating a personal playlist for gaming. This article will show you how to pick tunes to help you when you are next playing your favorite games.

Work With the Games


When it comes to selecting songs to soundtrack your gaming you can either pick ones that work with it or against it. For the most part, you will get better results if the tunes help to create the desired mood.

That mood will depend on the type of game that you are playing. Is it a simple or a complicated game?

Simpler games include action and fighting ones like Tekken as well as the Gates of Olympus online slot. All slot machines are down to luck not strategy, while action and fighting games are best played when you are adrenalized.

Therefore if you are playing an action game or a slot, pick upbeat, lively songs that will make you feel confident. Think of disco or rock tunes tailored to ensure that your energy stays high during the game.

On the other hand, if the game you are playing is a bit more thoughtful and strategic, that sort of music is the last thing you will need. Examples of complex strategy games include the video games Age of Empires and Civilization, as well as the casino games Blackjack and poker.

The playlist for this kind of gaming needs to be quieter and slower, designed to encourage careful play and planning. It should not feature anything that will get you too worked up or emotional, as these sorts of games must be played with a calm disposition and clear head.

The kinds of tunes that will work with games of this type are mellow rock songs or chill-out music. What you should be selecting is anything that will help to keep you on an even keel, particularly during stressful moments in the play.

Tailor Playlists to Game Stages


Different stages of a game can benefit from different types of music to enhance the gaming experience.

For instance, during intense, high-stakes moments, faster, more dynamic tracks can heighten the excitement and increase player engagement. In contrast, during exploratory or downtime phases, where strategy and planning are key, softer, ambient tracks can help maintain focus without overwhelming the senses.

For multiplayer games, consider incorporating more upbeat and energetic music during competitive matches to keep the adrenaline flowing, while cooperative play might be better suited with more harmonious and calming tunes.

By matching the music to the pace and mood of various game stages, you can create a more immersive and emotionally resonant gaming experience.

Leverage Music for Psychological Benefits

Music’s influence on the mind can be strategically used to improve gaming performance. For example, certain melodies and rhythms can help in reducing gamer anxiety or managing frustration levels after difficult levels or losses.

Classical music or instrumental jazz can have soothing effects that help maintain player composure. Meanwhile, incorporating motivational tracks that include high-energy beats and uplifting lyrics can boost morale and inspire persistence in overcoming gaming challenges.

By curating a playlist that not only matches the game’s theme but also addresses the psychological needs of the gamer, you can craft a more satisfying and balanced gaming session.

Update Playlists Regularly to Keep It Fresh

Maintaining excitement and engagement over time can be challenging, especially for games that are played frequently or for extended periods. To keep the gaming experience fresh, periodically update your playlists with new tracks.

This not only revitalizes the gaming atmosphere but also introduces gamers to new music, potentially enhancing their overall experience and connection to the game. Consider setting a schedule for reviewing and updating your playlist, perhaps every month or with each new game update or expansion pack.

Additionally, taking requests from fellow players or the gaming community can add a personal touch and foster a greater sense of community and shared experience.

Pick the Actual Songs

Now you know what genres of music should be on your playlist for the different kinds of games and moods, it is time to start thinking about actual selections. The wonders of modern technology mean that you will have almost the entire history of music at your disposal.

That can feel a bit daunting if you are more knowledgeable about games than music, but do not worry. You likely have some favorite tunes that work for your various moods so they can act as a starting point in putting your playlist together.

Beyond that, why not take a look at the public playlists that others put together on music streaming sites for some inspiration? There is absolutely nothing wrong with borrowing ideas from others, as your list will still end up unique to you.

For simpler online casino games like roulette and slots, the classic electro sounds of ‘One More Time’ by Daft Punk and ‘Music Sounds Better’ by Stardust will build the excitement without taking you completely over the edge.

Remember, you will be betting actual money. You could always combine them with some Rat Pack crooning for moments when you need to slow down and breathe.

Then again, if the game that you will be playing is a first-person shooter, action, or fighting game, your playlist should be all about adrenaline-pumping tunes. You will need to stay amped up and on edge to play these games well, so pick some real pounding techno tunes; e.g. ‘Firestarter’ by the Prodigy. They can be combined with hell-for-leather rock stuff such as ‘The Ace of Spades’ by Motorhead.

Finally, there are the music playlists for more complex games like role-playing or strategy ones. When these games are dark or dystopian in tone – for example, The Last of Us – many choose to soundtrack them with ambient melodies by Floating Points or someone similar.

The band Radiohead can also be an effective playlist pick for that kind of game. ‘OK Computer’ and ‘Kid A’ are icy and cerebral, making them very good mood setters.

With a little careful thought and planning it will be possible for you to make playlists that suit every kind of game.