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Cross-Platform Integration – Seamless Play in Online Casinos

The advent of mobile gaming rocked the online gambling industry. The now-major sector of the gaming market brings in more revenue than PC and console gaming and allows more flexibility than players previously thought possible.

To tap into this rich vein, casino operators Betway are investing heavily in cross-platform integration. Developers are utilizing responsive designs to ensure casino games can adapt to various devices and screen sizes.

Here is a closer look at cross-platform integration and its impact on the online gambling experience.

What Is Cross-Platform Integration?

Cross-platform integration refers to the process of connecting different devices, platforms, and operating systems to create a consistent and seamless user experience. Initially, cross-platform integration was adopted in the corporate world to allow organizations and businesses to perform daily processes and interact across multiple devices.

Jeff Bezos said that the technology was about enabling people “to work smarter and more efficiently, regardless of the[ir] devices or platforms.”

How Does Cross-Platform Integration Work in Gaming

Cross-platform integration in online gaming and online gambling works pretty much the same way as in commerce. It involves creating games and experiences from a common code so players can interact with them across different devices and platforms.

Typically, a cross-platform game is accessible on a mobile device, PC, console, and even VR system.

Cross-platform integration is crucial for seamless gaming experiences. It connects different players who would have otherwise been divided by their choice of gaming hardware. A related concept, cross-save, allows players to maintain their progress and continue their game on a different device.

What Are Cross-Platform Casino Accounts?


One of the primary reasons an Online Casino would perform cross-platform integration is to tap into a larger market. Players enjoy the convenience of cross-platform play, and casino operators are keen to meet that need.

Cross-platform casino accounts are one way to do that. When a player has a cross-platform casino account, they can sync their activities across different devices and platforms. This means they can switch from a website on their PC to a mobile app without losing their progress.

Mobile Devices, Online Casinos, and HTML5


The online casino industry is touted as being among the first to fully tap into the power of cross-platform integration. Years before video gamers could engage in multi-player matches on their consoles and PCs, online gamblers could play the same casino games on their tablets, smartphones, and PCs, including with and against other online gamblers.

This revolution started with mobile gaming. Currently worth over $150 billion, the mobile gaming market is a relatively new idea. The first mobile devices were not exactly made with online gambling in mind. In fact, the first online casinos were all download- and web-based platforms only accessible through PCs and desktops.

Web-based casinos, in particular, used Flash – a technology only supported by computers and inaccessible to the first smartphones. It was not until the release of HTML5 in 2008 that developers could begin to envision mobile online casinos.

HTML5 is an online programming language compatible with a wide range of devices. When a program, game, or website is coded in this language, it can seamlessly move across devices. This language set the stage for cross-platform integration and mobile gaming as we know it today.

Pragmatic Play: A Stellar Example

Pragmatic Play is a stellar example of how cross-platform integration works in gaming. Launched in 2015, this once-small developer is one of the most popular game providers in the world. It provides games for hundreds of online casinos and has a catalog comprising over 200 titles.

Pragmatic Play is popular for many things, including its high-quality fair play titles. However, casino operators choose the provider for its widely versatile catalog of games that are accessible on all platforms.

All Pragmatic Play games are developed in HTML5, making them playable virtually everywhere. The developer’s Enhance software even allows casino operators to customize Pragmatic Play games to their audience.

This is a classic example of how cross-platform integration can improve gaming.

The Benefits of Cross-Platform Integration


Speaking of which, the most notable benefit of cross-platform integration is an overall improved gaming experience. Online gambling is convenient and more accessible, but stakeholders have been trying to make it more communal.

Because online gamblers cannot meet in a physical location to play their favorite games, operators use features like live casinos, chatrooms, tournaments, and multi-player games to help gamers interact with each other. Cross-platform integration does this, too. It also:

Improves the Gaming Experience

Many online casinos now have dedicated mobile apps through which players can access web-based services. Others have optimized their websites for mobile use so players can switch seamlessly from PC to tablet or mobile phone.

Both cross-platform integration format, these arrangements provide a smooth gaming experience for owners of different devices. The compatibility allows players to use one account to access the same games no matter where they are playing, including when they are on the move.

PC players can switch to their phone when they need to leave the house – a setup that encourages players to spend more time with a game.

Fosters Inclusivity

Without cross-platform integration, online gambling can quickly become an exclusive club. This situation was very evident with video gaming, where years ago, only gamers who owned consoles could play video games.

And even these gamers could not play with or against each other unless they were in the same room. Cross-platform integration fosters inclusivity by allowing all players, regardless of their device, to access the same games and services and play with and against each other.

This helps to create a strong sense of community within gaming.

Expands the Player Base

For casino operators, cross-platform integration opens opportunities in a wider market. A cross-play game becomes accessible to more than PC owners but to anyone with a smartphone.

This unveils a larger player base and cumulatively results in longer play times and more engagement.

Hastens Game Development

Cross-platform integration makes the game development process faster and easier. Rather than produce a different game for every audience, it allows developers to release one version of a game that is viable across different hardware. This one-time release saves a lot of time and resources.

Wrapping Up: What Does the Future Hold?

Cross-platform integration makes gaming more inclusive and convenient, which ultimately produces a seamless gaming experience. Industry experts predict we will see more of this technology in video gaming in a bid to eliminate the exclusivity of console gaming. In gaming, cross-platform integration will continue to permeate the market.