No, No, No! No Deposit Bonus and No Wagering Requirements: Is It Possible to Benefit From Both?

Online casinos are ripe with bonus offers for new and returning players. Some of the most sought after bonuses in the industry are no deposit bonuses, where you can get true freebies, and bonuses with no wagering requirement, so you don’t have to sit and play forever to be able to cash out. Experienced bonus hunters know that when they come across a no deposit bonus with no wagering requirements then they have truly hit the jackpot.

Rare as they are, it’s actually possible to find a casino that offers no deposit bonus codes with low or even zero wagering requirements. And one such site is players who register through this domain are able to enjoy some of the latest and most exclusive deals available. By following along at these bonus hunter websites, you can check in to see new offers that pop up as they come online. Be quick, as they don’t stick around for too long!

 What is a no deposit bonus?


A no deposit bonus is exactly what it sounds like, a bonus given to a player where there is no need to deposit any money before playing. The bonus itself varies. Many sites will offer a small number of free spins on a particular slot machine if you sign up to their website without a deposit. Others will offer a small denomination of currency to gamble with: perhaps $10 in free money on a limited range of games.

Typically, no deposit bonuses are quite small. Offering something for nothing can be risky for casinos. They are in the business of making money, after all! They want to make sure that there is always a house edge, so they always wind out on top in the end. If every player signs up with a no deposit bonus and wins then they will go broke without even having any cash coming in!

Of course, no deposit bonuses often come with some fairly strict terms and conditions. If you get those free spins and make a win, there may be a requirement that you make a deposit before cashing out any money at the casino. There may be a requirement to check in every day that week at the casino. There could be some other strange rules attached, so always make sure to read the fine print.

One of the biggest terms and conditions for online casino bonuses, however, is the wagering requirement. And for a monetary value no deposit bonus, it may also come with a wagering requirement.

 What does no wagering requirement mean?


A wagering requirement is a condition of play that is often attached to a bonus that is of monetary value. For example, if you had a $10 bonus and it had a 20X wagering requirement, this means that you would have to bet at least 20X $10, $200, before you are able to cash out. If you do not meet the wagering requirement, then any money you ‘win’ is not valid. So even if you won $150 straight away by throwing down $10 on your first bet and wanted to cash out, you would still have to bet $190 to be able to do so.

These wagering requirements can make it tough to cash out on bonuses. Combined with the fact that you can only use these bonuses on a limited number of games, it can make it particularly hard for bonus hunters to get an actual payout from the no deposit bonus. So what can you do? You can look for a no deposit bonus with no wagering requirement.

Bonuses with no wagering requirement mean that you do not have to “play through” the monetary amount a number of times before a win is valid. That means that if you won that $150 with the $10 of free no deposit money, hypothetically you could cash out. Don’t forget that there may be other terms and conditions attached aside from a wagering requirement, though, like a deposit before cashing out.

Do no deposit bonuses with no wagering requirement exist?


It is drastically more common to encounter a bonus with no wagering requirement where you are already placing money down. Plenty of casinos offer weekly small bonuses to regular players in their VIP club that come without a wagering requirement. No deposit bonuses for new players with no wagering requirement, however, are harder to come by.

They do exist in the wild, though! For example, we came across BC.Casino who had a $3 no deposit bonus with a 0x wager attached. There are also plenty of no deposit bonuses with zero wagering requirements that just offer free spins on games.

 Is it worth chasing these bonuses?


Depending on your current bankroll, the way you like to gamble, and the types of games that you like to play, no deposit zero wagering requirement bonuses may be worth your while. If you are just after a little fun with a chance to win and you don’t want to touch your own funds then these are the best way to do it at a real casino. If you want to just play games for free, then you can often visit these online casinos and play with fake money to your heart’s content with no need to even sign up.

Playing for free at real-money online casinos is a great alternative to other so-called free casino games that encourage you to make microtransactions to buy coins or other in-game currency to play. These types of games are particularly popular in mobile app stores and can quickly hook you into spending a dollar here and five dollars there.. If you never connect any payment systems to online games, like web-based casinos, then there is no chance of losing any of your money. And that’s a win in itself!