Don’t Believe These Casino Myths – Debunking Common Misconceptions

Casinos form a big part of the entertainment culture. Hearing the slot machines chime with success or grabbing a big win playing roulette can be thrilling, but casinos often have negative connotations attached to them.

Indeed, the stigmas associated with casinos mean there are plenty of baseless fallacies floating about. This guide attempts to debunk some of these myths and explain why they’re not true.

Myth 1: Casino Games are Rigged

This is perhaps one of the biggest criticisms leveled at casinos. But let’s make one thing patently clear: Casino games are not rigged.

Of course, casino games will have a house edge, and that is the predominant way they will make money off players. Each edge will be played out over a long period across thousands of players, but that doesn’t mean you can’t win.

Both online and offline casinos have had to jump through several loops to show their games are provably fair. Yes, every slot you come across will have a random number generator (RNG) installed which will determine the outcome of each spin, and each result is random.

When you also factor in that casinos need to meet regulatory standards and will generally be approved by an official licensing body, it’s not fair to assert that casino games are rigged. You have just as much chance as the next player of pocketing a big win.

Myth 2: Casinos Pump Oxygen to Keep Players Awake

Casinos Pump Oxygen to Keep Players Awake

This might be one of the more outlandish claims that have surfaced. Yes, there has been a myth purporting land-based casinos will be oxygen-infused environments as more oxygen will be pumped around the room to keep players awake.

Some gamblers genuinely believe casinos will add more oxygen into AC units as a way to keep players on the casino floor. Gambling is supposed to be an energetic and exciting pursuit, and there have even been suggestions pheromones have been used to induce certain behaviors.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If oxygen was pumped into the casino, then this would bring about greater complications and increase the risk of flammability. No casino would want to burn itself to the ground!

Oh, and tampering with the air quality in most countries is illegal, so if you are playing at a licensed establishment, you should be fine.

Myth 3: Some Slot Machines are Hot or Cold

This is intrinsically linked to the first myth we unraveled. Some players may be of the belief that if a slot starts to pay out regularly, then it should be considered a ‘hot slot’.

At the same token, those players who are going through a rough streak and mounting up the losses may feel the slot is cold. But this is where RNGs come into play, and as mentioned, winning is purely down to luck. Of course, skepticism is always prevalent among players, and trust can be rather delicate at casino sites.

However, for players craving a different experience and searching for ways to get around GamStop’s exclusion, there is another avenue in the form of non-GamStop alternatives that will appeal.

The likes of NonStop Casino and Magic Win Casino are brimming with many of the best slot titles, and players will fall in love with the scope of gaming choices available and they are high paying too.

Every spin on a slot is equal, and it’s 100% random so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Myth 4: Card Counting Is Illegal

For the uninclined, card counting isn’t illegal. Nevertheless, it is considered to be unethical and borderline immoral, and it is something that will be frowned upon at many casinos.

The act of counting cards is always a bit of a thorny issue as doing so will reduce the house edge for casinos, and after all, their main prerogative is to take money from players.

Therefore, you shouldn’t expect a court summons or jail time if you count cards. But you could be booted out of a game or the casino you are playing at, and other casinos may well be informed, which in turn, could see you blacklisted.

While casinos like to perpetuate this myth as it benefits them, count cards at your peril.

Myth 5: Casino Games are Pure Luck

Arguably this is something that is deeply ingrained in some players, especially those who have what is coined “beginner’s luck”.

Again, while roulette, for example, is deemed a game of chance as you are wagering on a ball to land in a certain slot (red or black) or even number on the board, the same doesn’t apply for other games, such as blackjack and poker.

With blackjack and poker, there is an intrinsic level of skill. Blackjack requires holding your nerve when it comes to sticking or twisting to reach the magical 21. Similarly, poker is imbued with strategy, and the more adept players will know how to bluff other players at the table or even produce a big hand in the post-flop stages.

Luck usually plays a significant part, but if you can use your knowledge of the classic table games, you can gain some marginal edges.

Myth 6: Online Casinos Don’t Pay Out

Online Casinos Don’t Pay Out

Many players have been wrongly led to believe that online casinos in particular won’t pay out. However, there are assumptions made at least when it comes to matters such as bonuses, where players don’t fully read the terms and conditions.

There will be wagering requirements that will have to be fulfilled, and this indicates how many times you need to use your bonus before making a withdrawal request. All regulated online sites will have clear instructions relating to bonuses as well as information for individual games so you won’t be left short-changed.

Of course, there are some scam sites out there, so you should always be on your toes to sniff out danger. Reading player reviews and testimonials as well as pinpointing security and licensing information will put your mind at rest.


There is no doubt people relish visiting online or offline casino sites, and the prospect of an enthralling experience keeps them coming back for more.

Myths are always bandied about, but more often than not, players can be lulled into believing they are true. By reading this guide, you can sift the facts from the fiction.