Don’t Get In Over Your Head: Remember The Rules When Claiming A Casino Bonus

During the past 20 years, online gambling was one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors, with millions of people gambling on various platforms on a daily basis. As the world’s digital infrastructure keeps progressing, the online gambling market is expected to keep growing on a global scale.

It’s hard to argue against the thrill of placing bets on the internet. In fact, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in all the excitement when playing at an online casino – apart from the sheer game selection, there’s also a vast choice of promotions available.

Quite literally, there’s a bonus for every and any type of player. Not only that, whether you’re a novice or veteran player, you even have the luxury to choose from an assortment of offers. And because of this, it’s understandable if you’re somewhat undecided on which you like best.

That’s why, as any responsible player should do, you must always read the fine print, because you certainly don’t want to be flagged up as someone who’s trying to cheat or abuse the system. Unfortunately, some players end up being labelled bonus abusers unintentionally, because they failed to read the T&Cs outlining bonus criteria like game restrictions and time windows. But ignorance of the rules is never a valid excuse, so we are listing the main bonus no-no’s below.

Before diving in, it must be noted that the advice below should not replace reading the T&Cs of the particular casino, especially because the fine print tends to be unique to each operator. So, as tedious as it might be to get into the nitty-gritty of what’s acceptable and what isn’t, doing so will prevent you from breaching the casino’s rules, which should never be taken lightly. If you happen to go against the casino’s T&Cs you might have your funds confiscated and be banned at best, and you might also end up blacklisted as a ‘bonus abuser’ at worst.

What Can Help Me Avoid Unintentional Bonus Abuse?

Seeing how bonus abusers try to outsmart the system, we have compiled a list to help you play your cards right when claiming casino bonuses. Let’s spare you the dreadful fate of having your funds confiscated or being blacklisted!

1. Don’t Create Multiple Accounts

It’s simple, most casino bonuses are restricted to one player, and often the rule further specifies that bonuses can be claimed by just one player per household. Tampering with this rule is easily detectable by operators as your IP address will give you away, and the necessary measures will be taken against you. That said, there might be cases where different accounts would be using the same IP address, in which case you’ll be given a chance to clarify your position and you won’t be banned outrightly, unless your claim would still be found suspicious.

2. Avoid Claiming Multiple Bonuses


Claiming the same bonus more than once may be tempting for some, but this will force the casino to block them from receiving the bonus. Occasionally, a glitch in the casino software will allow players to get their hands on bonuses they’re no longer entitled to, but such errors are sooner or later rectified. Once the casino spots this abuse, the player’s money along with any prizes won while using it will be immediately confiscated. Our basic advice is: don’t aim for the lion’s share; only claim bonuses you’re actually entitled to.

Don’t Save Bonus Money

You can easily get warned and be labelled as a bonus abuser if you conveniently save bonus money to use with other promotions and boost your winning chances. You may get away on one or two occasions, but repeated behavior is easily detected and measures will be taken against you to prevent such abuse.

Make Sure You Meet the Wagering Requirements

Failing to meet the wagering requirements bars you from claiming any casino bonus. Attempting to withdraw bonus funds without meeting these requirements is enough for the casino to identify you as untrustworthy.

Since there is a slim chance that a casino would approve withdrawals prior to you meeting the wagering requirements, you need to ask yourself if breaching the rules is worth the risk. If you have the audacity to take the plunge, chances are that your membership will be cut short and you will be on the casino’s bad books.

If you have all good intentions but numbers are simply not your forte, you might use the following advice:

  1. Prior to playing any game, read the wagering requirements in the T&Cs. These are unique to each casino
  2. Choose a casino with a bonus tracker, a great resource that will do the tedious work for you
  3. If you’re still unsure whether you qualify for a payout yet, contact customer support.

Opt for Eligible Games Only


Using the bonus with games having a low house edge, such as blackjack or poker, is often not permitted since it’s not within the interest of casinos to give punters free money to play such games. Therefore, the operator’s software should stop you from playing your bonus on these games. However, despite casinos’ security measures, sometimes a player can slip through and abuse their casino slots bonus on a table game. Accidentally or not, in doing so you will be disregarding the casino’s terms and you’ll most likely face either the removal of the bonus or a straight-up ban.

Keep an Eye Out for Maximum Bet Limits

Bonus money isn’t there to be bet entirely on a single game. Yet some players do exactly that. This is a tricky rule that many beginners break unintentionally, but it can still lead to having their bonus confiscated and be labelled as bonus abusers. Unfortunately, even just a few cents over the limit can be enough for the casino to remove the bonus. To avoid this, you must equip yourself by reading the bonus rules in the T&Cs. In particular, before placing any bets on a game, make sure you know the maximum allowed bet.

Bonus Abuse and Casino Operators

The Impact of Bonus Hunters on Casinos


Fraudsters who take advantage of casino offers do not simply pose short-term damages but they seriously put the operator at risk on a long-term basis.

Unfortunately, statistics are not encouraging. According to a 2024 study by Ravelin, 71% of online gambling merchants reported an increase in promotion abuse over the previous year and a staggering 60% reported seeing new types of fraud.

Notwithstanding the effort put into designing uncheatable promos and bonuses, fraudsters are still finding ways of getting around them, elevating their game by investing in tools to support their stratagems.

If Casino Bonuses are so Prone to Abuse Why are Casinos Still Offering Them?


Whether it’s signup, welcome, reload, match or no deposit bonuses, bonuses are the most reliable doorway to attracting new customers and building a solid customer base. Besides, bonuses help to popularize new payment methods and games while promoting the casino’s mobile application to make games more accessible, thus increasing customers’ frequency of play.

There’s no other way to put it, the survival of an iGaming company depends on its bonuses. If a casino decides to do away with bonuses, it would be left with little chances of making it. Promotions are indispensable for surviving the fierce competition around, with so many casinos offering an abundance of juicy perks.