Best and Effective Solutions to Deal with Phishing Attacks in 2024


Phishing attacks are of primary concern than ever in 2024. According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations, 75% of social engineering attacks involved phishing in 2022. Unfortunately, over 90% of people don’t know how to recognize and combat these sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Don’t panic! In my opinion, using the temporary email of a reputable temp mail generator is the most effective solution. Continue reading this blog post to know about the leading ways of overcoming this type of cybercrime.

Effective Solutions to Deal with Phishing Attacks in 2024

Below are the top-most solutions to protect your business mailbox from phishing in 2024;


Using the disposable emails of top-notch temp fake email service providers such as disposable email is worth it. It helps provide countless anonymous, free, secure, and temporary emails that automatically expire after 2 hours. I recommend availing temp emails to keep your real inbox from phishing, hacking, attacking robots, and many more.

2. SlashNext

SlashNext is the other foremost way to block phishing content. It includes solutions relating email security with incidence response, and phishing and brand protection. With powerful zero-hour AI technology, it detects phish threats in milliseconds by dynamix live screening. But, as per my experience, SlashNext needs to make advancements in cleaning the user interface.

3. Barracuda Sentinel


Barracuda Sentinel offers comprehensive multi-layer protection against account takeover, BEC (Business email compromise), and phishing attacks. It integrates with Microsoft 365 to identify multiple outbound or inbound E-message threats. Regardless of smart features, it is a bit pricey to prevent phishing. In my opinion, using the free temp mail address is the best choice.

4. Perception Point

Perception Point is a high-speed API-based software to secure your organization against holistic phish threats. No matter if it is cloud storage, web browsers, or email. This program also helps protect malicious files across every single channel. Ensure every kind of ransomware, phishing, malware, and APT (Advanced persistent threat) by investing in the perception point software.

5. IronScales


IronScales comes under the category of the most trustful email security companies throughout the world. Its anti-phishing technologies are not only compatible with Google Workplace, but Microsoft Office 365 as well. Using advanced AI, it instantly detects and removes any sort of malicious or phishing content in real-time.

But, in my opinion, availing of the disposableemail address of authentic burner email service providers like the is great.

6. Mimecast

Mimecast is considered one of the best software for an advanced level of email security. It offers email security solutions against ransomware attacks, brand impersonation, phishing attacks, and so on. This AI-powered also comes in handy for blocking access to malicious URLs or suspicious attachments.

Even though Mimecast offers an automated backup feature, customer support is not good.

7. Abnormal Security


Abnormal Security is an enterprise-grade solution against supply chain fraud, social engineering threats, and phishing attacks. It operates by analyzing about 45,000 signals to detect any type of data breach anomalies. With a single-click AI deployment, it offers the benefit of streamlining the best email experience.

However, I only recommend this easy phishing solution for those businesses that are using Office 365.

8. Avanan

Avanan facilitates cloud-based email security against data breaches, malware, phishing, or other types of account compromise. It is designed specially to work with G Suite and Office 365. With the use of special technology, it instantly detects any fraudulent messages or user impersonation before they get into your inbox. It can recognize malicious behavior from file updates to permission changes and internal messages.

In my opinion, Avanan is an integrated solution for companies searching to reinforce their already present security stacks.

9. LayerX


After thorough research, I can conclude that layerX is one of the best browser security solutions to halt multiple browsing risks and website-borne threats. It is of utmost importance for those cases in which hackers mount their attacks on several legitimate pages, including the banking app page document object model (DOM) structure. It employs a high-resolution visibility strategy to monitor different user sessions.

As far as I understood, it is the best choice for web pages that are the major victim of phishing attempts. However, the one annoying thing is there is no email coverage. Still, you are free to go for this option.

10. Proofpoint Essentials

Proofpoint Essentials, a leading email security solution, has secured over 50% of global retailers, smaller organizations, and top 5 banks throughout the world. It leverages different security techniques to not only halt but protect from online spam-like phishing attacks too. It immediately adapts to new security threats the moment they appear. It makes use of several antivirus engines to scan every possible malware message and block the viruses.

In my opinion, it provides users with advanced and comprehensive coverage of cyberattack scams. Along with the cost-effective feature, it seems like an easy-to-manage security package.

11. Talon


This chromium-based browser falls under the category of effective solutions to improve the end-user experience and get rid of cyber risks. Regardless of which device you use or what the location is, it stops malware by facilitating complete control and visibility of internal activities. Additionally, it includes zero-trust features, secure browsing, and a way more. It offers printing, and clipboard services and restricts screenshots.

A great choice to speed the business growth! Other than the fact that it facilitates safe browsing by automatically blocking phishing sites, and ZTNA (Zero trust network access) feature, there is a slow policy creation. Otherwise, it can be the better choice overall.

Concluding Remarks!

Phishing is a common practice to exploit different vulnerabilities in your computers or mobile phones. Instead of ignoring it, think of which proactive approach to consider against phishing attacks. In my opinion, the most effective phishing protection solution in 2024 is opting for temp fake emails of

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