What Makes Electric Dog Fences Reliable?

Over 35% of Georgia residents own at least one dog, making dogs the most popular pet in Georgia. That means that many Georgia homeowners are looking for a solution that will allow their dogs to play safely and stay contained in their yard.

We’re here to tell you that electric dog fences are one of the best and most reliable pet containment options on the market!

What makes an electric dog fence a preferable option over traditional privacy or chainlink fences? According to, they’re the easiest to install, most cost-effective, and most likely to keep your dog on your property.

Let’s take a closer look at the many benefits of an electric dog fence and why they’re likely the best option for you, your property, and your dog.



One of the first reasons that many dog owners turn to an electric dog fence is that it’s a much more affordable option than traditional outdoor barriers. Did you know that installing a privacy fence can run anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000? This higher cost is due to the fact that traditional fences, whether wooden, iron, or chainlink, require more materials and much more physical labor to install.

Electric dog fences are installed underground, which means that they’re much more protected from damage than a traditional fence. Traditional fences often require maintenance over time due to rotting or deterioration. Plus, things like storms and fallen trees can easily damage a traditional fence, requiring costly repairs.

Typically, the only thing that may cause damage to your electric dog fence is if a landscaper accidentally cuts through the underground wiring-and we can easily fix this the same day or the next day at a low cost to you.



Another reason why the electric dog fence is one of the most reliable pet containment options is that it is extremely adaptable. Electric dog fences are suitable for just about any terrain type, from rocks and gravel to wood and soil. In fact, we can even bring your electric fence boundary across sidewalks and paved areas.

Plus, it is very easy to move an electric fence. What that means is that if you decide you want to change the area in which your dog is contained (to keep them out of a garden or pool area, perhaps), we can easily do this for you. If you move to a new home, we can remove your electric fence from one property and transfer it to another.



If you’re used to having an open yard, you may not like the obstruction caused by a traditional fence. In fact, many fence options aren’t aesthetically pleasing, and the ones that are attractive tend to cost more money. If you have large dogs or high jumpers, you would probably require a tall privacy fence, which would change the look of your property completely.

Depending on where you live, you may even face restrictions regarding the types of fencing you can install. Neighbors may complain about new fences cutting across their property line or you may be limited to a type of fencing that doesn’t do much to contain your dog.

Electric dog fences are completely invisible. Typically small removable flags are added along the fence line in order to let you and others know where the fence begins and what spaces the dogs are limited to. Other than that, your yard remains unobstructed.



Now for the biggest electric dog fence benefit: reliability. Depending on your dog’s breed and disposition, they may become experts at escaping your yard, regardless of the kinds of physical barriers you put in place.

For example, many terriers and other dogs bred to hunt ground-dwelling critters are fantastic at tunneling. Without installing a concrete barrier that extends several feet wide and several feet underground, these dogs can easily tunnel their way under a physical barrier.

Larger and more athletic dogs are fantastic jumpers. In fact, some athletic dogs can clear even six- or seven-foot privacy fences, especially if they have a running start.

Electric dog fences, true to name, rely on an electrical field of protection. Dogs are contained by an electric dog fence with a special collar that will shock them if they cross that barrier–regardless of whether they go over it or try to tunnel under it. The shock factor may leave you feeling a bit uneasy, but that’s where training comes in.



Terry Osbolt is one of the biggest dog-lovers you’ll ever meet. He has tons of experience working with dogs and getting them acquainted with their new outdoor setup.

In fact, in Terry’s 24 years of experience, he has always committed to working on a regular basis with each dog until they are fully trained and understand the boundaries of their yard. Most electric dog fence installers would not commit to their customers in this way, but Terry is determined to make electric dog fences safe and reliable for every single customer and their furry friends.


As you can see, electric dog fences are a great way to keep your dog safe inside your yard. For everyone who is used to having an open yard, this type of fence is a blessing. You can have your open yard and keep your pets safe, without worrying that they might jump over or escape.

The electric shock that they might receive from the fence is not going to harm them in any way and they will get used to the fence being there after a few burns. And so will you. Once you install your electric fence, there’s hardly anything that you can find that will replace it. You can bring your fence with you if you are traveling and secure your dog! This is definitely one of the biggest benefits of this kind of fence.