What Is the Forecast for Bitcoin in the Future and Long Term?

We have separated in this article the most famous Bitcoin price predictions in the future and long term according to experts, so stay tuned!

When it comes to Bitcoin (BTC), something that has already become natural is concern about the price of Bitcoin. Is it now the Bitcoin price top? Is it now that the price of Bitcoin reaches zero?

These questions are already common for those new to the market, or for those who are on the outside and want to invest in BTC.

The absence of ballast and the fully digital documentation make laymen question the price.

However, analysts have made the most diverse predictions about the future of Bitcoin in terms of price. Admittedly, for those who have been in the BTC market for at least a year, even greater leaps are expected. In 2017, the top was thought to have been reached. Four years later, the price has gained more than three times its previous high.

This text is intended to visit the most famous positive predictions about the price of Bitcoin.

However, it is not a guarantee that the analyzes will be carried out, as it is just a summary. If you want deeper analyzes, just click here.

Bitcoin price today


At the time of writing, Bitcoin is in a sideways range. This means that the BTC price is stuck in a price zone.

What is the forecast for Bitcoin in the future and long term?

When talking about the price of the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, what is taken into account is the price of Bitcoin today. In other words, the question always arises whether BTC will make a correction or grow in price. In this way, usually the question about whether to buy or not buy Bitcoin today hangs over the heads of investors. However, to help calm the investor’s heart, it is very necessary to differentiate between price and value.

Difference between price and value of BTC


In short, price can be understood as an amount to be paid for something. It can be defined by a fiat currency, as the price of Bitcoin is defined by the dollar. In the case of BTC, it varies according to supply and demand. That is, the more people who want to buy, the higher the price. Value is related to, among other things, the utility of a good. It is a more fundamentalist observation of something in order to declare its value. In this case, the price of something does not always equal its value.

An example is water: human life fundamentally depends on water. Thus, it is correct to say that its value is high. At the same time, your home’s water bill will hardly be the most expensive bill of the month. In some cases, it is the cheapest. Despite the high value, the price of water is affordable.

Considering Bitcoin as a way to give investors power over their own money, the possibility of international issuances at any time and the rates lower than those charged by banks, it is possible to say that its value is high. It is with this in mind, as well as the technical reading of the charts, that analysts make the BTC price prediction. The value of this technology to the financial world and the probability of its survival in the future is evaluated, and then its price is established. So, recap:

• Price is not value: although similar, these concepts are not the same;
• Bitcoin price does not dictate its value: BTC was once quoted at tens of dollars before being worth thousands of dollars;
• Analyzing the price: based on the value, a floor is created for the price.

Most Famous Bitcoin Price Forecasts in the Future and Long-Term According to Experts

By understanding the difference between price and value, it is now easy to analyze the most famous price predictions. The BTC price is deviating from some patterns, although it has already followed as predicted in the past. In addition, nothing prevents him from coming back in the future.

Stock-to-flow (S2F)


The stock-to-flow theory, also known as S2F, is perhaps the most famous Bitcoin price theory. Its creator, the analyst known as PlanB, is fully convinced that it will come to fruition. His conviction stands firm even during disagreements.

What is the forecast for Bitcoin in the future and long term?

The S2F model predicts the price of Bitcoin above $1 million between 2024 and 2025. PlanB came up with this model after assessing the scarcity of the cryptocurrency after its halvings (when the reward per mined block of BTC is halved), inflation of the US dollar and the value of BTC. This theory is shared by many traders and investors and, despite the massive value, hardly an enthusiast will disagree with the model.

As you can see, the model already diverges from the current price. While Bitcoin is priced in the $30K range, the S2F model predicts that the cryptocurrency should be priced above $100K. That is, the current price is practically a quarter of the predicted price for 2024.

However, as much as portals convey the divergence of the famous model, PlanB remains sober. For him, the model is only touching the lower parts of the spectrum. As an example, he states that this has happened before, more precisely in January 2019 and March 2020.

How to know if Bitcoin will rise or fall?


Another famous Bitcoin price prediction belongs to Bloomberg Senior Commodity Strategist. Mike McGlone said at the end of 2020 that BTC has a good chance of ending 2024 quoted at least $ 180,000. McGlone believes that Bitcoin is becoming a digital version of gold, that is, a solid store of value.

What is the forecast for Bitcoin in the future and long term?

Like PlanB’s ambitious prediction, McGlone’s prediction is also far from materialized. For that, Bitcoin is expected to appreciate at least six times in just over four months. While nothing is impossible in the cryptocurrency market, it is an unlikely possibility.

In any case, the Bloomberg strategist remains bullish on Bitcoin. In January 2024, McGlone stated that BTC is a potentially revolutionary asset. Furthermore, he again compared BTC to gold, stating that the cryptocurrency is approaching the precious metal as its volatility decreases.

It is noted through the two famous predictions that the value of Bitcoin is taken into account when declaring its price. Therefore, while BTC has a disruptive role in the financial market, analysts remain optimistic. However, this is not always the case.

Bitcoin died, but it’s fine


Assessing the considerable amount of times Bitcoin was considered dead, it is possible to see that the market does not live only on positive reviews. Anyway, none of them have materialized so far.

This indicates, fortunately, that the pessimistic forecasts have the same difficulty in achieving the optimistic Bitcoin price forecasts.