4 Best Gacha Games for Android Phones of All Time

Today, pocket-friendly portable games are becoming more popular than the games played on a PC. Portability matters, so gaming lovers and some experts were looking for the best alternative gaming platforms.

Probably you must have seen many games for android, but Gacha, the developer of many innovative games, has launched many unique series with impressive features. Gatcha games have attained many responses among gaming lovers and common people. Even a small game from Gatcha has attained huge success as each game’s concepts and story lineup is unique.

The series in gacha are uniquely designed in such a way to impress youths as most of the games are designed is based on high school or old school lineup in which players will be able to choose multiplayer bases, preferred story lineup in different series and even some of the special events that might help people in changing the character if they wish to do it.

But most often, people may doubt choosing the right game from Gacha. Here are some of the apps from Gacha for android devices that have received a huge response among users, so if you’re confused about choosing the right game, continue reading this article until the end.

4 Best Gacha Games For Android Users

1. Arknights: (Gacha game)


The first Gacha game on our list is the Arknights, most of the users might find it difficult to pass the initial stage of the game, and people should get used to the game for clearing all the missions on time. Since this particular game is a mix of Gacha RPG and strategy RPG, so anyone who prefers to play this game can expect a strategic concept.

The core mechanism of both the RPG and Gacha is similar so that anyone can have a unique set of gameplay strategies online. Players can also find unique strategies that might help them pass several missions. Temporary events, campaign modes, and more attractive features have made users continue playing this game even after having some attractive games in the play store.

As it is a strategic game, most players might feel that it is slow, but surprisingly by understanding the strategy, people can easily get through the mission with good rankings. One of the interesting facts is the gaming experience as it has been enhanced by auto-deploy mode and impressive background soundtracks.

2. Bleach Brave Souls


Another impressive game from Gacha is the bleach brave souls. This game has a long run shonen as the main theme. Newcomers can expect this theme so that the new players will also expect the same in the new game they enter in.

People can easily try out some of the unique features in the game as the complete setup is made with the concept of ultimate ninja blazing, one piece treasure cruise and even the dragon balls that are developed with utmost care and unique styles to impress the players.

Some may even imagine themself as the character in the game. Bleach Brave Soul has some other unique features, especially the main Soul of the Gacha mechanism has been uniquely portrayed in this game, and it also has some of the core action mechanisms of gacha.

Like most Gacha games, the grind in this particular game is impressive, and sometimes players might find it hectic to pass the missions in the game. One important point that players should have is patience; with very little patience, players can easily obtain very big meta pulls and other factors when there is a need.

3. Fate/Grand Order


The concept of famous anime series inspires this game as grand order uses the mammoth cast as the core subject. The decent anime stylings, graphics, and soundtrack of this game are good enough to make the players engaged throughout the game. The tons of units used in summoning have made the game impressive.

One of the most impressive features in Gacha is that the developer will enhance the complete gameplay feel by adding some extra features like special events and getting tons of units to summon up the process. So the engagement is higher than compared to other series in Gacha. Most people from various places prefer to engage in this game to have a pleasant time.

Moreover, your free time will be made pleasurable by adding this game to your android devices. But there might be some difference in the Japanese version of this game as the global version is provided with some additional features and even some characters compared to other games.

4. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


As the name implies, it is one of the final fantasy games of gacha. Each game is unique, but this game has attained a huge response compared to all the other sets of Gacha. Most people from various parts of the world are looking forward to playing some uniquely designed game, and hence this game might fulfil the needs of some players and gacha game lovers.

But people who prefer to play a game with speed and furiousness might find this game boring as the storyline is lengthy. Turn-based RPGs have attained some importance recently as players can also use the special abilities available in stock. The final fantasy part of the game is completely dependent on the brave exvius minus game.

Final Words

Most of the games in Gacha are impressive, and they can attract players by a strong story lineup and other features. If you’re a fantasy gaming lover, you can look at some impressive games Gacha has launched.

Moreover, the developers of gacha portray some ancient thinking and things in which people can easily get a strong store lineup. Choosing between the best scripts has also been made easy by gacha games. Anyone can easily read the one line explanations of the story to choose the preferred game.