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GPA Top Team Building Activities in Melbourne

As of 2024, Melbourne is Australia’s most liveable City and there is no surprise as to why. People flocking from all over the state and nation to live and work in Victoria’s capital, not to mention, it is known as the sporting and events capital of Australia, making it the perfect spot for team-building activities for corporate groups!

Being the second most populated city in Australia and with thousands of tourists flocking to Melbourne every month there is more than enough gorgeous conference venues for you and your team to host a team-building event in. Our favourite venues include Melbourne City Conference Centre, The Convention and Exhibition Centre, Crown Conference Centre, The Intercontinental, Pullman on the Park and the Jasper Hotel.

If you and your team are looking for an outdoor event, then look no further than Melbourne’s pristine parks, ask the team at Beyond The Boardroom if you want to know more. Try hosting your event in the beautiful Flagstaff Gardens or the picturesque Fitzroy Gardens, Alexandra Park or Edwards Park and soak in the sunshine while engaging your team in a team-building event. The outdoors can do wonders for productivity, creativity, and imagination. Getting your team into a park in Melbourne will not only boost their Vitamin D levels. It will also enhance their ability to let go and have fun with one another. Building lasting connections through problem solving challenges.

Top Team Building Activities in Melbourne

Night at the Races


What could be more authentically Melbourne then an event that was derived from what Melbourne is most famous for. It really shouldn’t need an introduction, but The Melbourne Cup is an annual event where people tune in right across Australia and the globe for the biggest horse racing event of the year! Many corporate teams host in-house bets and pools with most teams taking the afternoon off to enjoy a beverage at their favourite bar or pub with their colleagues. Why not channel this ever-prevalent energy that surrounds Melbourne and your team year-round with a Night at the Races event!  This hilarious evening will see your group split into teams. They are each given a form guide and ‘money’ that they use to place bets. The team with the most amount of money at the end of the night wins! This event is perfect for if your looking to spice up your evening meal and gather your team to engage in the ultimate corporate event in Melbourne.


Is your team a little disjointed? Does your admin team work well together, but they do not work well with sales team and vice versa? If you are noticing that your entire team is falling short on the notion of working together as one team and you are not seeing complete cohesion, then the best team building activity to suit is Aqueduct. To start groups are split up into teams. Each team will be allocated a certain number of supplies and tools to construct a section of a working aqueduct. They must work together as a team, some holding sections while others tape it together. Using a broad range of problem-solving skills to figure out how to construct their section, so it stands strong. Then there is a twist! Teams must then come back together and use their remaining supplies to connect all sections of the Aqueduct. This takes an all-hands-on deck approach. Driving home, the message that a super team requires total teamwork, no matter what original team you are in.

Helping Hands


What could be more Melbourne than putting others before your own through a charity team-building event. Helping Hands is a fantastic event if you are looking for a way to connect your team through a rewarding shared experience. Helping Hands has helped thousands of amputee’s rediscover life after landmine accidents that left them without a limb, by providing prosthetics arms. You and your team will have the opportunity to be involved in this emotionally moving charity by constructing prosthetic hands. You will learn of the confronting stories of how these people came to be missing a limb. But you will also learn about the positive impact that previous prosthetic donations have had on their lives and how your donation will change others lives just the same. Whether a child is need of a prosthetic arm to write and further their educational opportunities or whether a mother needs it to work and earn an income to support her family, these hands are live changing.

The Amazing Race


Name a better way to the see the sights of Melbourne than with an Amazing Race event. Competing in scavenger hunt style events throughout the city. You could be solving problems and puzzles down the famous graffiti lanes, on Flinders Street Station, near the Skydeck or the Docklands. The beauty of the Amazing Race is that you can tailor it to any start or finish destination (within reason – you wouldn’t want your team to be walking too far). Each team will be given a specific colour bandana to wear and are then given a briefing by a facilitator about how the event will run. Then teams will race to their first challenge site completing the lateral thinking puzzle and then receiving more clues to the next destination. Although it is called the Amazing Race this event is not all about speed! The team that earns the most points overall will be crowned the winning team. Finish the Amazing Race at one of Melbourne’s amazing pubs or restaurants so that you can enjoy each other’s company with a well-deserved beverage.

Casino Night


If your team love to boast about how great their poker face skills are – why not put them to test in a Casino Night team-building challenge. This event will see your group divided into teams and allocated a certain amount of ‘money’. Each team must then decide what they are going to bet on, and how much they are going to place on each bet to earn the most amount of ‘money’ for their team. The room will be set up with tables for Blackjack, Roulette, Poker & Race of the Aces. This event is usually placed after the evening meal perfect for teams who like friendly competition.