HHC-O, HHC-P, and HHC-O-O: A Comparison of Cannabinoids

The cannabis industry is growing rapidly and keeping up-to-date with the various cannabinoids is an overwhelming task. The three of the latest ones that are getting all attention because of their amazing effects and power.

Find out the details about HHC, HHC, HHC, and HHC-P. Learn about their effects, their basic information as well as the top-rated products. It’s a great choice if you would like to try the three at some point or you want to become a knowledgeable cannabis lover.

What is HHC?


As a result of hydrogenating Delta 9 THC to HHC in 1944, the American chemist Roger Adams discovered HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol).

HHC is a psychoactive compound that some believe is milder in comparison to Delta 9 in terms of its effects. It is also believed to provide all the other effects that the associate with Delta 9, having to include mood, nausea, the physical pain, hunger and general mood improvement.

Hemp seeds and pollen contain small amounts of it. A hydrogenated version of THC, it is a cannabinoid that is exceptionally stable, semi-synthetic, and extremely stable.

HHC-O: What Is It?


The letter HHC-O at the end is an acetate that has been added to the hemp-derived cannabinol hexahydro that enhances the effects of the compound stronger than the one before it.

HHC-O is approximately 1.5to 2 times more potent than HHC which significantly increases the effects of high. HHC-O is considered to be the nearest to real Delta 9 THC.

The best way to consume HHC-O-safe products is to study the specific brands to discover the method of tests and other safety standards to make sure that you are getting the best quality products.

Companies such as CannaAid strive to ensure that their range of products include HHC, the HHC-P, HHC-O, and HHC-O are safe and that the customers enjoy their experiences and have enjoyable experiences that they can recommend to others. You can view here all the details.

What is HHC-P?


An additional HHC derivative, although less well-known, is HHC-P.

The carbon tail of Delta 9 THC and HHC-P is made up of seven carbon atoms. Their impacts on the body and mind are very similar.

Although there isn’t enough evidence to support this, HHC-P has been believed to be stronger in comparison to Delta 9 THC.

The HHC-P products are produced using an unpopular form of THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol is not present in hemp-derived CBD products. In addition to being uplifting and euphoric, they are also relaxing and calming.

Comparison of the HHC-O, HHC-P, and the HHC-O

HHC has roughly the same level of effectiveness as traditional THC (Delta-9) and slightly less. Some claim it’s comparable to Delta 8 THC. It will all depend on the person as well as their tolerance of THC or its derivatives.

HHC is more gentle than its counterparts HHC-O, HHC-P and HHC.

If you’re seeking a heightened experience, HHC O is more powerful than standard HHC. If you’re looking to have an extraordinary experience then the HHC-P gets the top spot for the most capable.

If you want to find a hemp-derived cannabidiol which is soothing and pleasant, HHC may be a great option. But its cousin HHC-O certainly has greater psychoactive benefits. The king of all King is HHC-P, which is famous for its potency.

Effects and Benefits


Three compounds are all renowned for their therapeutic and medicinal advantages. They enhance cognitive function and boost appetite. Additionally the euphoric effects can be experienced through HHC along with HHC-O as well as HHC-P in varying amounts.

The HHC-P provides the most intense high-energy and psychedelic sensation without having you lie down on the couch. the HHC-O can give you an euphoric effect, but without sending you on a shaky journey, as it is more gentle than the previous. The HHC offers the highest stability and a long shelf life with moderate effects.

Thus, all of them offer more or less a feeling of euphoria, peace and general sense of wellbeing. But, it’s crucial to take into consideration the degree of tolerance. There is no way to be alike, nor do all of us react in the same way to the substances.

All three cannabinoids offer great physical and mental health benefits that range from relaxation for the body and anti-inflammatory properties to aiding in calming and reducing anxiety.

People who use the drug often experience a buzz in their brains. They may notice an elevated mood. The feeling of happiness and enthusiasm are two outcomes that are expected. The potential effects of these are described from users as well as their own experiences. There are many research studies to be conducted on cannabinoids.

Users of HHC-P can expect prolonged and often lasting HHC effects over a longer time.

Extraction Process

HHC O, HHC, and HHC-P are available in distillate form in various items on the market.

HHC due to its saturated hydrogen state doesn’t oxidize as quickly and can be stored longer than THC and other HHC forms.

Due to the strong force of HHC-P’s It is advised to mix lower amounts with other distillates. That’s why many distillates have low amounts of HHC-P. But don’t be concerned, it’s plenty.

The three cannabinoids mentioned above can be taken from hemp which makes it legal to sell and consume in a majority of countries like the United States, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. Each of them has its own method of preparation, since they’re made up of various biomolecular components that must be handled by producers based on the cannabinoid they want to use.

When it comes to buying these cannabinoids, buyers must be cautious about where they purchase these cannabinoids. HHC, HHC-O, and HHC-P are fairly new on the market, and therefore you should be particularly cautious which products containing these cannabinoids come from.

Ideally, the items purchased should come with certification of analysis that ensure the purity and quality of the product and ingredients employed.

Which is the best?


The answer to this question is contingent on the things you’re seeking and what your body is able to manage.

If you’re a novice to the cannabis world and don’t know what to expect, the HHC-P might be an overwhelming experience in every way and you’ll never have the enjoyable experience you’re trying to achieve.

If you are aware of your tolerance and would like to go higher, but not too much, perhaps in the middle, then HHC is an excellent option.

If you’re looking to begin slowly and make your first steps into the realm of HHC you suggest beginning with this cannabinoid that has a more moderate effect.

Be aware of the fact that HHC is the most popular and is a stand-out alternative to THC Delta 9, with powerful but manageable effects.

HHC-O is the most silky vapor you could imagine, and has a stronger effect than HHC. It’s a middle ground in terms of potency but don’t get fooled. It’s still potent.

In the end, HHC-P is by far one of the most thrilling derivatives because the potency is astonishing and can be felt by people who are the most sensitive to THC.