High Rollers vs. Casual Players ─ Game Preferences at the Casino


There are many different types of players when it comes to casino gaming. There are various types of games and variants that can suit different types of playing styles and preferences, making the industry pretty versatile.

When thinking of the types of players that are commonly found, two can often be considered immediately:

  • High rollers
  • Casual players

High rollers are the players that have more money to spend. They can usually flex financial power when playing games, as they are able to wager significant amounts. They are still responsible with their money, but they know they have a greater level of disposable income that they can afford to lose.

A casual player can be defined in various ways, but the premise remains the same. They can be described as an individual who plays every so often and uses a smaller bankroll when playing the games that they enjoy. They will tend to be more conservative with the bets that they place, often refusing to go ‘all-in’ or place the biggest bets as they would rather prolong their gameplay experiences as much as possible.

What Types of Games Does Each Type of Player Enjoy and Look to Play?


Of course, the type of player can have an impact on the type of game that they may choose to play. For some, the amount of money they can afford to spend and potentially lose will determine the type of games to enjoy.

That’s not to say that there aren’t games available for both high-rollers and casual players to enjoy. If you check out Unibet’s online casino, you’ll notice this in an instant. There are variants of titles across all forms of live table games and slots that can appeal to players of all budgets, with some requiring a small minimum wager whereas others will require players to bet a minimum that can be greater than the entire bankroll a casual player may have.

For instance, there are blackjack games that can be played that require a minimum $100 bet to be placed. Others can allow players to wager a minimum of $1, thus providing an option for everyone.

High Rollers ─ What Games Are the Big Spenders Playing?

When it comes to game preferences, high rollers can often demand a different type of gaming experience compared to casual players. While spending limits can be a big part of their session, these types of players can often want experiences that recognize how valuable they are to the casino industry, especially when playing online.

While a high roller will usually be classified because of the amount of money they have, they will usually have a certain status associated with them. They want to be recognized and treated in the way that they feel they deserve, meaning they will often look to play live casino games more than digitalized versions.

They know that if they sit at a live casino table they will be greeted by a real person, who will be professional and provide the ultimate casino session despite not being in the room themselves. They want and crave the authenticity of a real casino, and demand that they are given the respect they feel they deserve because of the amount that they are willing to play with.

Slots can often feel impersonal for a player deemed to be a high roller, while there is also a greater risk for them to potentially lose their money. When wagering with greater sums of money, there will usually be a strategic approach to their gameplay, which makes table games the go-to option. They might not be able to guarantee any wins, but they can look to try and influence the outcome in various ways.

Casual Players ─ Slots Often Suit Players Looking for Fun


As highlighted previously, a casual player is an individual who doesn’t necessarily have the same funds and bankroll that a high roller has, nor do they often play to try and win the biggest amounts by risking all that they have. They simply want to have fun and enjoy an entertaining experience, with winning a small reward often being a bonus.

This is not to say that they won’t play table games or look to enjoy the same types of experiences that high rollers crave and desire. Indeed, there are many ways in which casual players can enjoy table games in the same way that those with bigger pockets can, just in a more conservative and restrained manner.

However, slots and roulette might appeal a little more to a casual player than card games. Card games often require individuals to be aware of certain strategies that can help them maximize their win potential. They may also contain complex rules or other features that can detract from the desired gaming experience, especially if they are too hard to grasp straight away.

Slots and roulette are among the simplest of games that a casino offers, with players typically only able to do one thing. In a slot game, they can hit spin and hope they receive a positive outcome. While there are strategies possible to use, the main premise of roulette simply requires them to place a bet on where they believe the ball will land.

There isn’t too much thought that goes into these games, thus making them ideal for an individual who is looking for a basic gaming session and one that they can enjoy as they look to unwind or enjoy quickly.

Casinos Have Made Games to Suit All Player Preferences


As we have already mentioned, casinos have been very good at meeting the needs of different player types. They offer games that suit each of the preferences that gamers may have when looking for a game to play.

Because of their spending power, high rollers often desire more classy experiences, while casual gamers may not necessarily be interested in all the bells and whistles that can come with live games.

Nonetheless, every type of game is available to each player type and nobody has to miss out, regardless of their player preferences.