64 Hot Half-Nude Pictures of Bridget Moynahan Which Are Truly Jaw-dropping

Bridget Moynahan is a well-known actress and model, who is currently working on the series “Bleed Blue”. Moynahan’s success both as a model and an actress has got mixed reviews from critics and audiences. She was born in the year April 28, 1971, in New York. Her father was a scientist and his mother was a school teacher.

In her teens, Moynahan was a perfect example of Tom Boy. She played soccer, basketball, and lacrosse in her high school. Being a girl like that, it was unlikely for her to get into modeling however a series of sudden incidents made it happen.

From the very beginning, Moynahan hit the big magazines. As soon as she turned 18, she was getting featured in magazine covers of Vogue and Elle. While working as a model she made her luck and turned towards acting to stay afloat. Moynahan’s first attempts were in TV commercials.

She officially debuted on TV with the HBO series Sex and The City in 1999. Though it wasn’t an important role, it was a good starting for her of course. Then in the following year, she debuted in a feature film named “Coyote Ugly”.

Since then on, Moynahan’s career took a steady leap and she went on giving hits and semi-hits regularly. From her early films, there are “Sum of All Fears”, a decent commercial success, “The Recruit (2003)” a flop, and “I, Robot, (2004)” along with Will Smith, her biggest hit.

Moynahan, the former model still possesses the mesmerizing beauty, to impress her followers. That hot and sexy figure is still there, holding up altogether. Here is a collection of Bridget Moynahan’s sexiest picture you’ll adore.

Bridget Moynahan hot half-nude pictures-2

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