How Long Does a HGH Pen Last – 2024 Guide

The human body is similar to a perfectly constructed mechanism. All organs have their own clearly defined function and task. With the synchronized work of vital and other organs, the endocrine system imposes itself as one of the key ones. It is very close to the nervous system, in the way it functions, with the nervous system transmitting impulses and endocrine chemical compounds. When it comes to structuring, the endocrine system consists of glands with internal secretion.

They secrete chemical compounds, hormones, into the blood, lymph and spinal fluid (CSF) and thus regulate chemical processes in the body. Each hormone has a specific receptor in the cell and binds exclusively to it, so it acts only on cells that contain these receptors.

The endocrine glands, which make up the endocrine system, are located in different parts of the body, but they are connected by their function and act on a huge number of processes in the body. Metabolism, growth, fertility, digestion, immunity (lymphocyte production), mineral balance in the body… all this and many other vital functions are controlled by hormones produced by the endocrine glands.



It is necessary to single out the pituitary gland as a gland whose role in the functioning of the endocrine system is not interchangeable with any other. It is located inside the skull, in a part of the brain called ‘sella turcica‘ (Turkish saddle).

It is the size of a pea, but its functions are numerous, and it also has the role of stimulating the work of other endocrine glands, such as the thyroid and adrenal glands. Among other things, the pituitary gland is also responsible for growth hormone.

Growth hormone


Everyone knows the influence of growth hormones on our appearance, our self-confidence, and our self-image. Everyone wants to be tall and height is conditioned by various factors. Genetics comes first. Usually, tall families have tall offspring, and in low generations, the low growth gene is passed on. Sometimes someone deviates from the majority of the family and seems not to be a member.

Along with genetics, diet, orderly lifestyle, exposure to sunlight, sports, staying in the fresh air … all this can contribute to high growth. However, HGH hormones also affect muscularity, athletic appearance, lush hair, endurance during exercise and sports, in a word, it is desirable in our body.

It is secreted from the anterior pituitary gland but under the influence of the hypothalamus. It contains amino acids that affect all cells of our body. Muscles, nails, hair, all other tissues – all of this is affected by somatotropin.

It is most abundant when a child is born, then at puberty, and secretion decreases around the age of 40, which is observed in the complete appearance and functioning of the organism as the years go by.



Sometimes there is an obvious lag in the growth of a child. Seemingly everything seems normal, the child is developing according to all the rules, but he is obviously starting to lag behind his peers. It is necessary to examine such a condition and determine its cause.

Magnetic resonance imaging of the head is performed to see brain structures and rule out the existence of tumors in the pituitary gland, then an X-ray of the sac is performed, where the cartilage concludes whether the growth is complete or will be.

The forearm and upper arm of both the child and the parents are measured, and family history is taken to determine the genetic factor. Also, an important item is to examine potential juvenile diabetes, because excessive insulin secretion blocks growth hormone.

If the conclusion is that the child can be helped by adding growth hormone, it is approached. However, the connection between hormones in the body is complex and experimentation can lead to dire consequences. It is necessary that this is done by endocrinologists, in reference institutions, specializing in such therapies.

Use of HGH


The modern age has brought an obsession with youth, good looks, good shape, where aging becomes almost forbidden and despised. Also, today’s athletes, who are expected to be gladiators, incredible strength, endurance and tolerance over huge distances that are often traveled by airplanes, have led to new trends in the use of growth hormone.

The question was, do adults need growth hormones and can they affect our body, thus slowing down aging, in every sense. This means that certain doses of growth hormone affect the cells of all tissues.

Growth hormone causes hyperplasia (cell multiplication), which means it increases muscle mass, makes the skin safer and tighter, hair lusher, nails firmer. Improves the condition of ligaments, cartilage, increases bone density, increases endurance during training, eliminates fat, lowers cholesterol, speeds up metabolism…

In a word, it sounds like a fulfilled age-old dream of youth and beauty that do not pass. Many studies have been written on the effects of growth hormone on AIDS or HIV conditions, where improvements in the general condition have been observed. It is administered exclusively by injection and is not produced in pill form.

How long does an HGH pen last?


After using the injection, you can use it within 4 weeks if you keep it in the refrigerator, and 3 weeks if it is stored outside, as we found at Be careful to keep the prior to first use in the refrigerator. As this is a very serious matter, not chocolate, by no means use it after that period has passed.

Side effects


Everything has side effects, so does HGH. Especially hormones are in that category. Even thyroxine replacement therapies for the thyroid gland or estrogen therapies for gynecological problems are not spared side and dangerous effects.

So it is with somatotropin. Although it acts as a magical dose of youth and strength, it is not for irresponsible and illegal use in beauty salons and gyms. There are many diseases that can be provoked by random growth hormone intake. Some of them are carpal tunnel syndrome, insulin resistance, gynecomastia in men and so on, but non of these side effects are common.


From the above, we see that the endocrine system functions in a specific way and that the balance of hormones is as important as their production. This means that experimenting and disturbing the balance is not recommended.

The effects are short-lived and potentially very risky. If your health condition is assessed by doctors as such, and you need growth hormones, then it intake will be controlled by experts, the doses will be adjusted, as well as the frequency of administration and effects.