How to Increase Your ROI Using Instagram Marketing?

Instagram is a valuable asset for modern marketers. However, it would help if you used it correctly to make the most out of the platform. Instagram is not a platform only for Gen Z. Many marketers are leaping towards Instagram strategies to make their businesses better. It means they are trying to get more ROI from the platform. Did you know that Instagram’s number of active users grows faster than other platforms? Here it shows a high possibility of generating the leads.

As per Instagram statistics, at least 200 million Instagrammers visit at least one business profile daily. Nearly 60% of people discover new products on Instagram. That is how Instagram is proven to be a hub of business activities. There are always early adopters who leverage the platforms and achieve success quickly. The critical challenge for marketers is to improve the factors like instagram views, Instagram likes, comments, shares, etc., that help them increase their ROI.

To help you kickstart your Instagram journey, we have put together this actionable guide where you can generate ROI for your company through Instagram. But, first, let’s get things breakdown.

Why Does Gaining ROI Matter for a Business?

As a thumb rule, if a business has a high ROI, it indicates that it is going well in the online market. It is considered a part of the analysis that serves as the benchmark for shaping your marketing strategies. Thus by uplifting your ROI, you can achieve your goals in congruence. By measuring ROI, you can efficiently allocate your funds according to what works for your business.

10 Tactics to Enhance the ROI Using Instagram

1. Utilize Instagram Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to attract the audience to buy your products. Influencers will give out content that resonates with the target audience’s performances. Make your influencers post the current developments in use. You must partner with the right influencers to have the best value for your investment. It will be helpful to hook up with influencers who match your brand persona.

2. Generate Discoverable Content

Brands have to make their products discoverable on the Instagram platform. As discoverable contents quickly appear on the explore tab, there are high chances you would have more get more ROI. To make your content discoverable, you have to create visually appealing content. Similarly, using the right hashtags can get viral on Instagram.

3. Run Instagram Story Ads

Instagram ads have high-ROI content. These advertisements will create an interactive experience. Brands can level up to the next stage by using Instagram story ads. The ads are ideal for targeting the marketing audience, boosting sales, and growing brand awareness. Seeing Instagram story ads, people will buy your products, and your sales will improve.

4. User-Generated Content

Target audiences values brand authenticity. The studies show that about 90% of customers support authentic brands. By using user share about your company, you will get the ROI as per your desires. Many companies that have shared UGC content have skyrocketed their growth. Brands should discover more channels for marketing. They can even generate never-seen-before content, and there is always higher hype for UGC.

5. Run a Contest

Would running a contest help you grow your ROI? Check out the best brand contests and their reach. Even if it looks like a simple tip, many marketers underestimate user-generated content’s importance. In today’s world, brands get almost 3000 live chats or messages daily. Therefore, posting a single UGC content will take a quick time. Moreover, humanized contents build more trust and credibility among the audience.

6. Post Consistently

Consistency is the key to success! Companies may have thought that consistent posts will logically help you with growth. However, before anything, you must post when your audience is active. Sticking to a consistent posting schedule may seem a daunting task. However, you might easily crack the platform’s algorithm with scheduling tools.

7. Use Custom Audiences for Your Ads

If you are developing ads on Instagram, ensure you have a custom audience group. You can retarget the audiences who already liked your posts very much. You have to funnel the audiences and show the content that they are most interested in. With funneling, you can get to know your advertising budget. Brands can have a synergy by connecting the Facebook and Instagram custom audiences.

8. Include a Call To Action

Call to action will help users take immediate action. However, a superficial engagement button makes audiences send them to websites. On websites, they can get a special discount offer or shall check on the various products. If you want to get more fame on Instagram, then you can try using Emberify, which will double your engagement rate.

9. Keep Up With the Algorithm

One of the significant phenomena in increasing the ROI is keeping up with the Instagram algorithm. The Instagram algorithm is one that decides on the people who see your posts or advertisements. Understanding that the algorithm is constantly changing and staying updated with the latest changes ensures that you reach your audience correctly.

10. Track and Measure

It would help if you got precise analytics of your previous Instagram campaigns. So that only you can set up your goal for the next campaign. To grow your Instagram ROI, you must measure and adjust your performance. Therefore, it would be best if you developed an SOP for measurement and analytics. You can find more about this on IGInstant.


As Instagram is a constantly changing platform, it is non-compulsory that the same strategy should work tomorrow. We hope the above-outlined tactics are valuable strategies you can implement or check for your businesses then and there. It would be best to determine whether the efforts are paying you off and keep it revised then and there. Always remember that the ROI should be double the toils.