How Public Opinion Affects the Lives of Interracial Couples in Different Countries

An honest examination of the dating habits of people around the world has revealed that the majority of individuals are more likely to only date people of the same race. Even if they date someone of a different race, they are far more likely to marry someone of their own. How much does public opinion impact the relationships of interracial couples around the world? We are going to examine the results of five countries. 

United States


In the United States, interracial dating is widely accepted, but there are some pockets of resistance where people do not like interracial dating. Generally speaking, white and Black individuals along with Black and Asian people, face the greatest amount of racism when it comes to interracial dating. Sadly, anti-Asian sentiments in recent years have led to more people seeking partners away from the public eye. Most often, people are starting to take part in interracial dating by seeking partners from a site that is specific to them.

People seeking romance with Asian people will go to an Asian chat as Cupid where they can talk to and date people without having to worry about interracial issues. This is as important for Asian people as much as it is for individuals of other races. That way, users can make a profile on the site and talk to people from different backgrounds, getting to know them and testing their compatibility.

If they do decide to date, the website will act as a safe place where they can chat, flirt, date, and grow their relationship without having to deal with the negativity of other people in their community. As unfortunate as the situation can be if a person is surrounded by racist individuals in their family, a dating website can provide some relief. There is no reason that people should not have a safe place to date in these times. 



When it comes to insular countries that do not tolerate much in the way of interracial relationships, Japan often comes to mind. The reasons for Japanese individuals not approving of foreign relationships are numerous and extend to former enemies like the Chinese or individuals that look different and don’t observe their social dynamics, like Americans. Japanese people tend to view interracial relationships negatively, especially in public.

While you are not likely to hear people in Japan talk about your relationship directly, you will certainly get a cold shoulder at the very least. However, the chances are high that you will get direct confrontations from family if you are a Japanese person dating outside your race or if you are a male looking to date a Japanese female. Although Japanese anime has shown us that people can get over any sort of negativity regarding their relationship, the truth is not as kind. You’re not likely to meet Japanese people who want to date outsiders. 



Britain has a unique mixture of people living in the country. Individuals from the Middle East and parts of Asia have made Britain home over the years, and the cities are very heterogeneous. According to a census from 2011, roughly 35% of people living in London identified as Asian, meaning they represent a large group of individuals in that country. Although one might be inclined to believe that the country’s high level of diversity would lend itself to a greater sense of understanding among people, the fact is that interracial relationships are not looked at well upon by many conservative families in the country.

For example, white families do not approve of their members dating Asians, Middle Easterners, or Black people. The same can be said about the opposite, especially in the case of Middle Eastern families not liking their members dating and mingling with those who share different cultural heritages and religions. In fact, less than 10 percent of all relationships are interracial in Britain. Moreover, the rift in the country created by the marriage of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle has shown the tremendous disapproval of people for these relationships. 



Interestingly, Mexico is a very diverse country, even though it is considered homogenous by outsiders. Within the country, you will find a history of Black, Spanish, Indigenous, and white people, with over half the individuals in the country being mixed raced, called mestizo. Instead of having an outright racist society like some, there is a bit of colorism that happens within the nation. People often consider lighter skin beautiful and darker skin less attractive.

That is due to the European influences on the country, especially with regards to media such as films. Interracial couples in the country are exceedingly rare, and they are mostly confined to the northern section of the nation. Since most of the country is mixed anyways, the bigger issue would be someone marrying a person who was poorer than them rather than marrying someone of a different color. 



China is a country that is defined by its divisions. Like Japan, China is a country that has international aspirations and influence but does not necessarily accept interracial romances. It would seem that the most acceptable form of an interracial relationship in China is between a Chinese woman and a white man; specifically, the man needs to be a white, western man.

The belief is that a white man is often a person of means and could contribute to the family, even though they would not always be well-accepted by a family in China. It would seem that Chinese people either embrace or dismiss foreigners outright. Otherwise, Chinese people are not supportive of most other interracial relationships, especially with Black men.

The social pressure to conform is stronger in China and Japan than in most other countries, and that has a major impact on how people perceive an interracial relationship. Finding a romantic partner is challenging on its own, but adding race into the mix can make the process even more trying. Some countries are accepting of interracial relationships, and some are less so, even the heterogeneous countries. As acceptance continues to grow around the world, one can only hope they do their best to welcome interracial relationships.