Discover Kenya’s Wilderness: Ultimate 7-Day Backpacking Adventure!

Are you considering a safari vacation in Kenya? Look nowhere else! Beginning in Nairobi, the energetic capital city of Kenya, this 7-day itinerary will take you into the heart of Africa.

Prepare for a memorable backpacking trip over the continent of Africa by packing your luggage, booking your tickets with Kenya Airways, and getting started on this epic journey!

As you go on a seven-day backpacking trip throughout Kenya, you can expect to feel completely bewildered and deliciously delighted. This tour is full of surprises around every corner, from the frantic streets of Nairobi to the peaceful landscapes of Naivasha.

Envision yourself in a world where you may observe giraffes and elephants in their natural environments and swim with hippos in Lake Naivasha. It’s an intense rush of feelings and sensations that will leave you spellbound and wanting more.

Day 1: Start at Nairobi

Start at Nairobi

Your journey starts as soon as you touch down at the Airport and go to your lodging in the lush neighbourhood of Karen. Karen, on Nairobi’s outskirts near the wildlife viewing sites, has a wide selection of high-end shopping and dining options.

Walk through Ololua Forest, unwind by the pool, and enjoy supper at the unrivalled Talisman restaurant. On Fridays, the regular DJ will keep the party going into the early hours of the morning. Your trip to Kenya will be unforgettable, and this is the best way to get started.

Day 2: Visit the Wildlife Trust and Explore Giraffe Manor

See the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust first thing in the morning. This non-profit organisation takes in orphan elephants from throughout Kenya and Tanzania, where they are cared for and eventually released back into the wild.

Come visit DSWT to spend time with the cutest young elephants and learn more about the organisation’s mission from the people who run it and the volunteers who help them. Stop for lunch in the Utamaduni artisan centre later on.

It is strongly suggested that you visit the Giraffe Sanctuary. This group takes in rescued Rothschild Giraffes and provides them with a safe shelter at the sanctuary. Visit the Giraffe Center and get up close and personal with these amazing animals. You may get up close and personal with these placid mammoths on viewing platforms. Despite being endangered, visitors often ride these giraffes.

Day 3: Enjoy the Nairobi National Park Safari

Enjoy the Nairobi National Park Safari

The third day of this seven-day trip to Nairobi focuses on a safari in Nairobi National Park. The park is small, yet it is home to many different kinds of big cats, small cats, hyenas, cheetahs, hippos, crocodiles, jackals, and more.

Most Kenyan species, except elephants, may be seen since the traditional corridors remain open and animals are free to roam. There are open fields, a marsh, rivers, lakes, and thick forests throughout the park. Have lunch in the KWS clubhouse, and then spend the rest of the day exploring the park.

Day 4: Take a Trip to Naivasha and Stop at Crescent Island

Naivasha is a beautiful 90-minute drive from Nairobi. Eagles fly and volcanoes erupt as you drive along the Great Rift Valley. Crescent Island afternoon safari. Crescent-shaped peninsula in Lake Naivasha. The lake’s hippos cluster on Crescent Island. The reserve is free to access and you may view giraffes, zebras, kudus, gazelles, wildebeest, buffalo, and perhaps hyenas.

Day 5: Hell’s Gate (Naivasha)

Hell's Gate (Naivasha)

Filming The Lion King took place at Hell’s Gate National Park. Mountains, ravines, tunnels, rivers, and the famed canyon amid a volcanic landscape. The park is home to zebras, hartebeests, antelopes, reedbucks, and sometimes leopards and lions at higher altitudes. Hell’s Gate is famed for steam vents and hot springs. Noisey, puffy, shouting attractions fill this park.

Day 6: See Crater Lake Via Boat Tour

A day spent relaxing by the water. See hippos up close and personal on a boat tour. Experience the stomach-churning proximity of large hippo families as you travel the length of the lake with knowledgeable guides.

Numerous eagles, herons, and even the monstrous marabou stork make their home at the lake. The afternoon is spent exploring the volcano’s extinct crater lake. The caldera of the dormant volcano now holds a lake of emerald hue. The park in the sanctuary is full of fun things to do, and it looks out over the rift and Naivasha.

Day 7: Come Back to Nairobi

Come Back to Nairobi

Spend your last day browsing the unique shops on the picturesque Spinners Web. large house crammed to the rafters with African artefacts. Gather brightly coloured clothes and jewellery, Maasai beads, handmade sculptures, braided rugs, reed bowls, and more. You may have a meal in the greenhouse before returning to your accommodation.

In Conclusion

Feelings of thankfulness and wonder wash over you as you think back on your amazing seven-day backpacking vacation in Kenya. Everywhere we’ve gone, from the hectic streets of Nairobi to the peaceful hills of Naivasha, has been full of amazement and excitement.

Take a moment before you leave Kenya to reflect on the stunning variety of the country’s scenery and fauna. You will never forget your time spent in the company of giraffes and zebras, seeing elephants in their natural environment, or traversing the waters of Lake Naivasha.

Kenya is more than its stunning environment. This is the kindness of folks you’ve met. Kenyans, from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust caretakers to Talisman restaurant patrons dancing to the DJ, have made your trip even more unforgettable.

But as your adventure in Kenya comes to an end, remember that this is just the beginning of your explorations. Africa has countless treasures waiting to be discovered – from the dramatic landscapes of Tanzania to the colourful markets of Morocco. Your journey has only just started, and the world is waiting for you to dive in with open arms and a curious spirit.

So, pack your backpack with memories and dreams, and get ready for the next chapter of your travels. Until then, Karibu tena Kenya (welcome back to Kenya) and Asante sana (thank you very much) for embracing the wild, the unexpected, and the beautiful in this incredible country. Safe travels, wanderer!