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Turkey has become one of the most visited countries in the world in the field of plastic surgery, due to the different exchange rate, younger and more skilled working doctors, and the demand of local people for plastic surgery.

Especially since the rate of hair loss in Turkish men is higher than usual, Turkey has outperformed the whole world in the field of hair transplantation. With the increase in the demand for hair transplantation, the number of doctors working in this field has also increased, the competition has increased and thanks to the increased competition, our doctors have started to do business well above the world average.

It is the staff of highly talented and highly experienced hair transplant doctors and other plastic surgeons that make Turkey facilities an attractive healthcare facility all over the world.

Turkey healthcare facilities services are not limited to hair transplantation. There are also operations such as rhinoplasty, dental operations and liposuction that are far above international standards that make it possible to visit patients from all over the world.

Medical Tourism Strengthens Holiday Tourism


Turkey healthcare facilities is an institution that hosts countless patients from 3 continents in its clinics and in our country. Patients come from countries such as the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Greece, Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Thus, while developing its own sector, it also increases tourism income in Turkey. Because patients not only undergo surgery, but also travel around our country like an ordinary tourist, go to museums and eat in restaurants. In short, it helps in the development of the country’s economy by leaving foreign currency to our country. This is proof that health tourism supports vacation tourism.

In addition, there are thousands of people who want to benefit from the plastic surgery services in Turkey healthcare facilities in 81 provinces of Turkey. As Healdone is one of the best companies in the field of hair transplantation and rhinoplasty, it is in great demand in the country. If you also think you need a cosmetic procedure, but are carefully looking to get it done in a place you can trust, you can reach out to find the solution you are looking for.

What is Medical Tourism?


The increase in mobility and transportation with the development of technology has led to the emergence of a different perspective for the tourism sector. As in other sectors in our country and in the world, goals and requirements have changed in the tourism sector, as the purpose of people’s travel has changed and different branches of tourism have emerged.

Health tourism is a branch of tourism that has emerged in line with these developments. With the spread of an enduring healthy lifestyle, people have sought to discover travel methods that serve this lifestyle.

According to the context of this information, the target audience of health tourism is; It is they who have made sustainable healthy living a way of life, as well as those who suffer deterioration in health.

Medical tourism, which is becoming increasingly prevalent and important all over the world, can be defined as “people who travel for health”. There are 3 types of medical tourism. We can explain it as follows:

1. Medical (Medicine) Tourism:


Medical tourism is developing depending on the services provided in hospitals. In cases where the medical capabilities of some countries are insufficient, patients seek different alternatives, as they travel to other countries for surgeries or treatment procedures.

Medical tourism, which has spread widely especially in the field of plastic surgery, has grown with increasing momentum in recent years. Medical tourism includes the way patients travel to countries other than their country of residence to receive medical treatment, as well as the patients who come have the opportunity to take a vacation during the treatment period.

In medical tourism, the health institution must meet the medical conditions in accordance with international standards. At the same time, for the said health institution to provide these services, it is necessary to ensure that the foreign language requirement is fulfilled.

2. Thermal Tourism


Thermal tourism, which is one of the types of rehabilitation and relaxation tourism, takes place in areas where there are thermal waters which have been known as therapeutic waters over the years. People have been interested in healing methods based on healing water since ancient times.

The presence of hot water sources is the most important factor in the emergence of this type of tourism. Patients prefer places like hot springs and thermal water facilities to find physical and mental healing and rid their souls of distress. In this context; Thermal tourism can be defined as people who travel to different holiday areas for physical and spiritual relaxation.

3. Advanced Age and Disabled Tourism

Tourism for the elderly and the disabled, which is the third major title of health tourism; They usually provide services in clinical hotels, nursing homes, and vacation villages. Within this type of tourism; Besides social activities, there are services such as long-term accommodation, senior-friendly tours, and occupational therapy. Besides this also; In clinical hotels, elderly care services are provided, special care services and sightseeing tours for the disabled are organized.

Medical Tourism and Turkey


Turkey, which is a very rich country in terms of natural water resources and medical equipment, occupies a very important place in the world in the field of health tourism. In recent years in particular, the number of tourists coming to our country for plastic surgery and hair transplantation has increased significantly.

Turkey, which occupies an important position in terms of all kinds of tourism, including medical tourism, thermal tourism, tourism for the elderly and the disabled, also hosts two-year health tourism conferences. Turkey’s geographical location and educated workforce that has trained itself in the field of health are important factors that contribute to the development of health tourism.

At the same time, the Ministry of Health established a medical tourism unit for health institutions to support these benefits. In light of this information, we can say that Turkey has a long-term tourism strategy.