Brilliant Ways to Learn Business French Like a Pro

Learning French opens up a world of opportunities for travelers and language learners alike. Whether you’re headed to France or one of the many Francophone countries, developing your fluency in French is well worth it! Try some brilliant methods that work best with your schedule until you find something practical to learn business French like a pro!

Read Business Articles in French


Wikipedia has a ton of information on business topics, so you can choose from many different languages to read the article, which will help you learn French. Don’t worry if you don’t get every word in the report. This exercise aims to guess the English equivalent of any new terminology that comes across your path when reading French articles.

The exercise can also be done the opposite way around – start by reading the English version of each paragraph, noting any expressions you are not sure about, and then go back to look them up in your French passage afterward.

Read Articles Out Loud Every Day

Reading articles out loud every day helps you get your tongue around difficult pronunciations. Reading articles also jogs your memory since it makes information stick in there more quickly, and if you come across a particular word whose exact pronunciation is not sure, use an online resource like Forvo or Pronunciation Checker to hear the correct way of pronouncing it in question.

Practice Vocabulary


The fastest way to learn and retain new words is by saying them out loud. You’re not only learning the word; you also build familiarity with it because we speak at a much faster rate than we write or read.

Additionally, speaking activates our memory and gives us more exposure for memorizing what something means (and making sure that meaning sticks!). It’s a great practice too! One of the benefits of this method is retelling a text with new words.

Say you read an article and wrote down all the confusing sentences in your own words so that it made sense, for example. It allows for efficient learning through using vocabulary in context instead of memorizing definitions without understanding how they are used in real-life situations.

Use Visuals While Learning

Searching for illustrated dictionaries is a good tip to learn new words quickly. You can buy them from bookstores, find some online, or make your own! The latter option will take more energy, but you’ll be able to create rewarding cards with the knowledge that you gain along the way.

Listen to the French Podcasts on Business


Listening to French podcasts is an excellent way for beginners and those who don’t have much time on their hands, like Coffee Break Languages, can get used to the sound of French. There are both regular radios and educational audio files that you can listen to, such as Cue Card languages.

There are many different podcasts that you could choose from depending on your level and what type of learning material you prefer. One podcast is News in Slow French, which has to be “News at a glance” only in French. Another one is called Five Minute French, with short audio lessons about culture or other topics related to language learning.

Hire a Private Tutor

Hiring a private online tutor not only allows you to learn business French from your online French tutor, but it’s also essential to improve your spoken skills. The teacher will ensure that there is always something new or exciting available whenever you need help with the language.

Are you willing to hire a French tutor for yourself or your colleagues to master business French? Preply is an online platform that allows you to find and message tutors of all languages. They make it easy by allowing first-time lessons with no obligation, giving students a chance they need before committing!

Write CV in French


A French CV is a great way to improve your vocabulary, identify what you need in terms of qualifications and experiences for the job market. It’s also helpful if ever required. Exploring the Europass online editor, you can easily create your CV in French with its easy-to-follow instructions. Using this format lets you familiarize yourself with commonly used terminology and provides a consistent sample for all applicants.

Describe Your Business In French

To summarize the passage, imagine you’re meeting an important business contact and have to describe what your company does or talk about the line of work that it’s in. Write down some key points on French for this paragraph incorporating any words learned from other exercises above.

Write about your dream business sect if you’re not currently in a specific line of business. Additionally, you can also answer questions as if having an informative conversation with someone looking to partner up on the idea.

Follow French Business Influencers


Analyze the social media accounts of French business leaders and influencers you would be interested in following. Explore their most recent posts, and decipher any terminology that you don’t already know. Speaking business French will give you a competitive edge, especially if you know how to talk with leaders. You’ll be able to increase your professional opportunities and build up meaningful relationships with the French speakers, who are known for being very serious in their work lives.

Watch French TV

French and international economic news are covered in “Le journal de l’économie on France 24. Every weekday, the show features an informational video report that you can watch online while listening closely to words that come up most often.

To Wrap It Up

There are plenty of ways to boost your business French without having to spend a lot of time learning the language. So don’t be afraid. Start implementing these tips in your day-to-day work, and soon enough, you will notice that people around you speak more slowly or that they use simpler words when speaking with you.

You may also find yourself understanding what is being said much better than before. Make sure not to forget about the ideas that this article has given you over time. Keep practicing these strategies every single day for the best results.