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5 Best Methods If You Want To Find A Lost Android Phone Or iPhone

There is almost no one who hasn’t accidentally lost his phone or had it stolen at least once in his life. Maybe you are one of those who didn’t have such an experience? The first question you ask yourself is what to do in case your phone simply vanishes?

So today we’ll share a few tips with you on how to find your Android or iPhone if you lost it – or at least make it useless for the one who might’ve stolen it from you.

What Shall We Do When It Happens?


The moment you start looking around for your phone, and you don’t know where it’s at – you start to panic. Then you start thinking about your contacts, messages, photos, or videos – and whether you have them saved somewhere on the cloud.

The first thing everyone does when they lose their phone is to call their number from another device. Of course, hope dies last, so we all hope that we will come across an honest finder who will answer the call and return our phone.

However, such lucky people are rare. We mostly hear the well-known sentence “Mobile user is currently unavailable”. So, let’s find out what you can do in an attempt to find your Android or iPhone device and prevent such situations.

Google Can Be Helpful


The first thing everyone does when they buy or get a smartphone – is to configure, create – or log in to your Google account. This is always the first step for everything, including the possibility to find a stolen or perhaps a lost smartphone.

You might not be even aware of that at the time, however, it will surely help in case such a situation happens. When you realize your smartphone is lost, and you don’t know where it is – just make sure you sign in to your account.

This is something you can do by using any other device – and then just access Google’s free device finding tool. If you’re using the same account via tablet, another phone, or laptop – Google will provide you with a list of all those devices, and you’ll be instructed to opt for the one that you’re searching for.

When you make that selection, you will get several different options for you. By using the first one, you can try to locate the phone by playing a sound on it for five minutes. This works even when the phone is adjusted to mute.

Another option is to perform protective measures on your smartphone – meaning, to lock it and log out from the account. Once you have done this, you can still locate the phone by using the first option. Also, you can try and select the number of your family members or friends and a message will appear on the screen to look out for a finder to call that number and return the phone.

The last choice comes when you’re aware of the fact you’re not gonna be able to find your smartphone. That’s the time you choose to access the third option – which is, to delete all content from the device. That way, cannot find it- but whoever took it from you won’t be able to use it in any way.

Tracking Services By Number


Fortunately, today’s technology is advanced enough so if you lose your smartphone, whether it’s Android or iPhone – you don’t need to despair right away. Namely, services like, offer you to search for a phone location by number.

These services work on the geolocation principle, so it is enough to enter the phone number – and with just a few clicks, you’ll receive the requested information via SMS in the form of a map with the location. Information is not retained on servers. However, the only disadvantage of this type of phone tracking is that if it’s turned off, you’re not gonna be able to track it.

Use IMEI Number For Tracking


IMEI is a unique number that every smartphone has, regardless of its type. So whether it’s Android or iPhone – you’ll have it anyway. The number has several digits and is unique for each device individually. You can have access to this number in the settings tab or on the phone box if you kept it. In case your smartphone does not have this number – it very likely means that it is counterfeit.

Try To Find It By Using The Manufacturer’s Account


Some smartphone manufacturers have their own accounts that you need to sign up for. If you have a phone from the manufacturer that offers you these services – just access the account and all your devices will be shown on the phone screen – so you can opt for a device that you’re looking for. In many cases, just like with a Google account, you’ll be provided with options on how to locate your device.

You can opt for ringing even if the sound is muted – or deleting the entire account. However, through the manufacturer’s account, you might also have some additional options. For example, setting the phone to an emergency mood, unlocking or locking the screen, etc.

Find Phone By Using Applications


If you made a choice to use an app – the one we definitely should mention is Find my Device. An app made by Google has almost identical options as to the use of the account. If you are an iPhone user, there is the Find my iPhone application – which you need to install on your device and log in with your ID account. Then, as in the previous cases, there is a list of options. The first is to locate your device, and next to this application shows how far you are from it.

The Bottom Line

Certainly, preventive measures against phone loss are always the best solution. So make sure you always carry the smartphone with you – and don’t leave it on the table in cafes, restaurants, etc. Still, if you were unlucky and this situation happened to you – we hope that some of our advice will be helpful.