How Popular is Lottery in South America

As you already know, South America is one of the greatest continents to visit and explore, however, you should know that it’s also the home to a wide range of interesting and exciting lottery games. There are lotteries in almost every country, including Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and so on.

Whether you’re planning on trying your luck in South American lotteries or if you simply want to learn more about the games that are available there, our article can help. Here is everything you should know about how popular lotteries are in South America, as well as which ones are available:

How Popular Are Lottery Games in South America?


As we’ve mentioned at the beginning of this article, there is a wide range of countries that offer lottery games to their residents. This basically means that these games are incredibly popular with people in South America, especially since they allow them to try their luck.

Besides purchasing traditional, over-the-counter tickets, individuals can now choose to purchase their tickets online as well, which implies that, for example, you could also play some lotteries, no matter where you’re from.

Like all other countries in the world, their governments also make sure that they regulate these lottery games, mostly because this can guarantee fairness to the general public. However, you might want to know, a specific percentage of the profits made from lotteries generally go towards improving the communities in one way or another, thus, playing lottery games actually help some communities thrive.

Most of the games in South America are draw-based, which means that people can choose the numbers they want to enter and are rewarded according to whether or not they managed to match their selections with the numbers that are drawn.

Basically, it functions like all other lotteries across the world. You should know, scratch card games are also incredibly popular, however, since it requires people to physically purchase and scratch the cards, they aren’t available in all South American countries.

Additionally, an increased number of players choose to purchase their tickets online, mostly because it allows them to avoid waiting in lines, they can save money since they won’t have to commute and pay for a parking space, and generally, opting for purchasing their lottery tickets online enables them to choose the numbers that they want from the comfort of their home.

Because of more and more lotteries being available online, their popularity has increased as well. Now, you might want to keep in mind, not all of the draws are broadcasted on television in their host countries, instead, only the biggest and most popular games are.

Nonetheless, players can always check which numbers have been drawn, thus, even if you, for example, played a game and cannot see the draw, you can head online and check. If you want to ensure that you can watch the draw, here are some of the most popular games in each South American country:

Brazil: “Mega Sena”


Not only is Mega Sena one of the largest lotteries in South America, but it’s also one of the largest lotteries in the world! It’s a progressive game, which means that the prize pool is set to $600.000 and it continues growing until someone manages to get all the numbers correct.

The draw takes place every Saturday and Wednesday, and the tickets are extremely affordable and come at a fee of only three dollars. When it comes to purchasing the tickets, residents can easily buy them in various stores and online, however, if you aren’t a local or if you’re living abroad, you’ll need to opt for a lottery agent.

Yup, although it’s the biggest game in the country and in the world, you cannot play it unless you have a lottery agent. Also, this game is available online as well, which is why a lot of locals opt for purchasing their tickets through the net.

Peru: “Torito De Oro”


If you’re looking for something completely different, you should opt for playing this particular game available in Peru. Why is it different? Well, it’s simple, the games don’t only offer players a chance to win the biggest prize pool, the jackpot, it also offers additional chances to win prizes. For instance, when you purchase a ticket for this lottery, you could end up winning a smaller prize every week, even though you might not win the jackpot.

Because of the availability online and the possibility to win a prize during each of the wins people most commonly opt for playing this particular lottery. This is something that has attracted thousands of players to try the jackpot and if you’re willing to try your luck in playing one of the most beneficial games that you can find in South America, you can purchase a ticket for Torito de Oro at

Argentina: “Loteria Nacional”


This is, perhaps, one of the oldest lottery systems in South America, mostly because it was established back in 1944. Now, it isn’t one particular game, instead, there are several of them including Loto Sale, Loto Tradicional, Loto 5, and so on.

These games each have their own set of rules and regulations. What does this mean? Well, the number of figures that you need to choose is different from one lottery to the next. For instance, in Loto ale, you’ll have to choose six numbers, while in Loto 5, you need to opt for five digits.

Others might require you to choose from 15 to 20 numbers, hence, before you try your luck in any of the options we’ve previously mentioned, you should do a little research just so you could know what rules you’ll have to follow.


As you can see, there is a wide range of South American lotteries that you can opt for playing. Keep in mind, whether you choose to play physically or if you choose to purchase one of the tickets online, you should check whether or not you’ll require a lottery agent so that you can play the games that you want.

Since you now know how popular lotteries are in South America and since you know which ones you could try playing, don’t lose time. Instead, you might want to go through our list above one more time, opt for a game, and then try your luck in winning the jackpot or some additional prizes that these games offer.