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8 Things to Know About M&A Training Courses & Certifications

Since you opened this article, you likely know that mergers and acquisitions – more commonly referred to as M&A – is the process in which a particular business ensures growth by either, as the name implies, merging with another company or by entirely buying it. This is one of the growth approaches that are more efficient and that requires less capital.

So, if you’re thinking about becoming an M&A specialist, you’ll have to be properly and professionally trained in order to work in this industry. Besides this, you’ll also need to go through a training course in order to obtain a certification. To make everything easier for you, here are eight things that you should know about M&A training courses and certificates:

1. Will I Need a Bachelor’s Degree if I Take a Course?


Although you might not have to be formally educated to become an M&A specialist, a bachelor’s degree in areas such as finance and accounting can help you quite a lot down the line. Why is this important?

Well, by obtaining a college diploma, you’ll have an understanding of different accounts, you’ll know how to research various markets, and more importantly, you’ll learn some of the finest negotiating techniques and strategies that you can use.

2. What Topics Will a Course Cover?

The course you opt for is going to cover a wide range of topics, but, in most situations, the introductory part will give you an idea of the concept of the industry. This means that you’ll learn about the concepts and theories behind the industry, you discover what skills you’ll need to learn in order to successfully execute a transaction, and the experts holding the course will tell you about every step in the process, from the inception of a particular deal to the post-deal integration process.

During the first week of the course, you’ll learn about the strategies you can use, as well as the market issues and the viewpoint of the buyer. Week two is often reserved for learning how to find and price different deals, meaning that you’ll get familiar with how to start the acquisition process, but more importantly, the risks it carries. Lastly, you’re probably going to look at special valuation cases, hence, you’ll explore new markets, discounts, and, naturally, premiums.

3. How Much Will it Cost?


Now, this is something that will entirely rely on the organization you opt for taking the course with. Nonetheless, you should anticipate paying anywhere from $200 to $14.000. This is why it’s essential for you to estimate how much you could spend, and you must also research all the options that you find. Additionally, there are in-person and online courses, and there will be a cost variation between the two options, thus, explore all the options before you choose.

4. Which is Better, Online or In-Person?

This is a thing that’ll, of course, depend on your preferences, as well as the distance between your , place of residence and the school you’re thinking about attending. For instance, if you’re thinking about obtaining a certificate with the IMAA Institute, they offer both online and offline classes, hence, you’ll be capable of choosing the option that suits you the most. Don’t overlook the fact that different courses will grant you a different IMAA certification, so, before opting, you might want to discover more about everything at

5. What Skills Will I Need?


There is no denying – in order for you to become a successful M&A specialist, there is a long list of skills that you’ll have to possess. After all, you won’t only be in charge of all the processes, instead, you’ll also be in charge of a team, which means that you’ll have to possess skills for working in a team as well.

This means that you must have excellent communication skills, diligence is always needed, and you should learn how to effectively communicate and report to your management. Integration, acquisition, negotiating, and managing transitions are also skills that you have to develop, all of which an M&A course can help you with.

Let’s not forget, to operate in this particular field, you’ll also be required to have suitable written and verbal skills, and you must also learn how to use a wide range of programs, tools, and online platforms, which leads us to the next point of this article…

6. Will I Have to Learn How to Utilize Various Programs?

To answer this question right away, yes, you’ll need to learn how to utilize a wide range of programs, tools, as well as online platforms, all of which will make your entire job simpler and easier for you. Nevertheless, if you wish to make sure that you obtain the most knowledge from the classes you opt for taking, you should ensure that you have good knowledge of how to utilize financial analysis tools, as well as MS Excel.

7. Can a Course And Certificate Increase How Much I Earn?


For starters, you need to know that your salary could be anywhere from $135.000 to $185.000, however, this will heavily rely on the state you live in, your job and experience level, and, the skills and education you have. What does this mean? Well, it means that, yes, taking a course – or several of them – and obtaining a certificate can influence your salary, which is why most people opt for taking such courses.

8. Is it The Right Career Choice For me?

If you’re an individual that likes learning new things and that loves advancing in their career by taking different courses, a career in M&A is probably suitable for you. This suggests that if you possess all of the skills we’ve mentioned above and if you don’t consider such courses a waste of time, you should seriously think about this particular career path. Nonetheless, you should think long and hard before determining, mostly because this can help you later on.


As you were able to learn, there is a wide range of things that you must know before opting for a career in M&A. However, if you have the skills we’ve mentioned above and if you’re willing to go through several courses that’ll ensure that you secure a position in the industry, it might be a suitable career option for you.

Since you’re now well-aware of the things you had to learn about M&A courses and certificates, you shouldn’t waste your time. Instead, you might want to open up a new search tab and start looking for an organization that can provide you with the courses and certificates you need for starting a new career!