7 Ways to Make Money Being a Writer

Earning money by writing is one of the best ways to generate income and boost your finances. It is something you can do from wherever you are and with just access to an electronic device. Nowadays, many industries demand writing and copywriting services all the time.

Therefore, it is entirely feasible for you to generate recurring income while writing texts, scripts, promotional emails, and even e-books, either in your spare time or through full-time workdays. We will share with you 7 ways to earn money as a freelance writer, which will allow you to live from your passion for writing.

Remember that all you need is a computer with an Internet connection to make money writing in most cases.

1. Create a niche blog


Niche blogs allow you to make money writing from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. These blogs are characterized by publishing content related to a specific topic, such as travel, entrepreneurship, or personal finance.

Identifying the most profitable niche markets to start your blog is not complicated. There are already numerous free tools that make this job significantly more straightforward. Currently, some people only live off the earnings from their blogs.

If you manage to take the proper steps, you can generate hundreds or thousands of dollars with yours in a matter of months. It is possible through advertising platforms, sponsored content, and many other ways to make money with a blog that you have completed within your reach today.

Are blogs still relevant? It is a frequent question nowadays regarding niche blogs. There are even those who dare to say that they are dead. The reality is that these content sites are increasingly growing, and unlike other ways to generate income on the Internet, they allow you to create a sustainable business over time.

You must keep in mind that everything is evolving, so you must make sure you create high-quality content that helps solve a problem in your community and has a differential factor, be authentic. Many people discard this way of making money writing because they don’t feel prepared or consider that they don’t have experience in the field.

And best of all, you don’t need previous experience, technical knowledge or a business idea. In other words, you will learn step by step how to create a profitable niche website and monetize your passion.

2. Be a ghostwriter

Ghostwriters offer their services of writing content for blogs, web pages, essays for college, reviews without claiming the authorship of what they write to their clients. Essay writing services – it’s one of the examples of ghostwriting. You can find more information about this niche by checking reviews and maybe you will want to try to be an essay writer.

Ghostwriters also work with public figures or influential personalities and are paid thousands of dollars to promote good content marketing strategies. However, they are usually obliged to sign a contract that forbids them to reveal the authorship of the texts they write and then sell to third parties.

Moreover, you can do research on this topic and see what are the best practices when it comes to working with clients. For example, ScribeMedia suggests that before you start working with a client, you should make sure that they have a good book in them—one that’s viable for publishing

How to become a ghostwriter?


If you would like to earn money by writing in this way, we invite you to promote your services on remote work platforms, such as Fiverr, so that you can gradually build your professional portfolio.

In addition, most of these sites require your clients to leave public feedback on your profile if they are satisfied with the services you provided, which is very useful to build credibility and trust with your new clients.

Work as a copywriter

Copywriting is also an excellent way to do money writing. Nowadays, this is one of the most important professions that exist because most brands require their services. In essence, a Copywriter specializes in creating texts capable of generating the desired conversions for companies. These conversions depend on each company, brand, product or service, but some of the most recurrent are:

  • Increase sales.
  • Gain brand positioning.
  • Promote products or services.
  • Expand Databases.
  • Promote special events.
  • Generate new potential customers.

In a nutshell, a copywriter’s job is to create content and texts attractive enough to generate sales. These professionals can improve texts that will be used in landing pages, organic or paid ads, promotional videos, descriptions in social media publications, etc.

They are 100% persuasive texts; that is, they are designed to capture the audience’s interest to make the desired purchase.

Write Books


You can earn money writing from online business ideas or more traditional strategies that you can execute outside the Internet. Within the latter category, book writing stands out, especially if you have skills related to this craft, as would be the case of good grammar and spelling.

Additionally, you need to have the talent to write and edit your writing professionally, or else your work will be less neat than it should be. Becoming a book author is not easy. It is a process that involves many hours of research and a high degree of planning.

In addition, unlike e-books that allow sales through intermediaries, traditional books are generally financed, promoted, and sold through publishing houses, and therefore, the creation and marketing phases are stricter.

However, you can generate significant income if you become a successful book author; but do not forget that this requires a lot of work, perseverance, and discipline.

Work as an ebook writer

E-book writers earn very important remunerations since this is one of the most demanded info-products nowadays. Earning money writing ebooks can become a very profitable business if your client portfolio grows steadily.

However, you must stand out and do an excellent job so that you can build customer loyalty and gain authority on the topics you address in your digital books. One of the keys to success is to create niche e-books. That is, instead of writing about any topic, try to limit your work to an area that you master and in which you have expertise.

For example, if you are a Nutrition specialist, you could find a micro-niche and write e-books only related to this, instead of writing about topics you don’t master very well. It will allow you to control the situation better, raise the quality of your writing and finally ensure that the result is 100% unique, original, valuable, and attractive.

Another alternative you have to do money writing is to develop your e-books instead of creating them for a third party, and then you can sell them on specialized platforms for that purpose. E-books are excellent passive income generators, so they help you earn money while you sleep.

Write screenplay


Screenwriters are not only able to earn money writing, but they also make a living from something they are utterly passionate about. It is one of the most in-demand professions today in both the film and advertising industries.

A professionally written and engaging script drives virtually every promotional piece that is produced and financed today. Documentaries, commercials for major brands, movies, novels, series, docuseries, and even podcasts all merit script writing or script creation, as these materials are part of your content strategy.

So if you have scriptwriting skills or are willing to learn this craft, you could generate additional income that will allow you to improve your finances significantly.

Write promotional emails

Email marketing also offers you the option of making money as a writer, but you need to prepare yourself well to succeed. You will be in charge of writing promotional emails that help brands promote their products or services to increase sales. Nowadays, almost every brand and company globally executes email marketing strategies to achieve their desired conversions.

Therefore, if you learn how to do a good job, you could receive attractive rewards from your clients, mainly if you deliver the expected results at the right time. Again, this is something you should study and learn, as not everyone successfully designs and executes email marketing campaigns without the proper experience.

Start doing money writing


Making money writing is a reality. So start today by exploiting your talent and passion. All you need is a computer with Internet access to create a niche blog, write an ebook or develop digital content for big brands, products or services that will generate earnings up to five figures.