7 Things to Make Your Weymouth Holiday Special

Weymouth is a breathtaking coastal holiday destination in South West England. If you are looking for a tranquil break in England, nothing else can feed you more than his fabulous tourist spot.
It’s about 195 kilometres away from London and has a total population of around 53,000. Located in

Dorset, the seaside attracts thousands of tourists from across the globe every year. You might have explored dozens of attractive towns in the United Kingdom, but this one has more than a few gorgeous attractions. Let’s discuss some of the most prominent ones!

1. Explore Weymouth Ancient Ruins


It’s always a pleasurable experience to visit historic sites. The Weymouth ancient ruins remind you about the past. These are the remains of Rufus Castle, which was built back in the 15ht century.
The site is preserved by British authorities due to its undeniable historical significance. The beautiful Seaview in the background adds more to the attractiveness of this amazing location.

Take advantage of the majestic scenery and capture lovely moments with loved ones. Don’t worry about the looming homework assignments while being on the visit to Weymouth. can take on academic tasks and deliver before the deadline. It means you can enjoy a great time with family and friends without getting concerned about your college or university assignments.

Don’t get your hiking gear ready while visiting this place. You won’t be allowed to enter the fences. Just enjoy the miraculous view and remember the old days when the amazing structure was developed by skilful artists.

2. Visit Portland Bill Lighthouse


Visiting the Portland bill lighthouse is one of my favourite activities in Weymouth. You can enjoy a picturesque journey to this fabulous place alone or with friends. You will observe the untold beauty of stormy clouds and a clifftop background. The splendid lighthouse is located at about 135 feet. It has a majestic view. That’s the reason why it attracts tourists from everywhere. It’s not a newly-built construction but belongs to an imperial historic background.

Aside from a magnificent view, you can also enjoy inhaling salty sea air and seeing splashing waves. The aroma and the landscape make this place worth seeing for everyone. It’s about five centuries old and still has the charisma that cannot be described. Spend plenty of time here and collect unforgettable memories for a lifetime. The site is safe to visit with family and kids.

3. Take a Boat Tour on Weymouth Harbour


Nothing can be comparable to an unforgettable boat tour on the Weymouth Harbour. The boat takes you to a whole new different world. Explore the amazing sea life and forget the worries of a chaotic world. A giant ship takes you on a beautiful journey where you can see amazing dolphins and other sea creatures with your eyes.

Going on a boat trip can be a fun thing to do on your tour to Weymouth. So, don’t miss out on this one when you plan your travel itinerary! Make sure to confirm the time and fee before you leave. Generally, one tourist has to pay around £25 to observe the majestic sea beauty through a boat tour.

4. Go Cycling on the Rodwell Trail


It’s a 2-kilometre-long trail next to the beach. Many people enjoy the impressive sea beauty by opting for a quick cycle tour. Those who don’t want to skip a single view go on foot. You will see pedestrians, scooters, and bicycles on your way to this trail.

It’s a life-changing experience for those who want to add something different to their life story. Sites that you can enjoy seeing from the trail include Sandsfoot Castle and Portland Harbour. Kids and individuals who like watching birds in a natural environment can find this place a perfect fit.

Woodpeckers attract a large number of tourists due to their impeccable prettiness.
The same trail gets connected with Portland. So you can continue your cycling journey to Portland Legacy Trail if you want to extend the experience. Don’t worry about the food! You can enjoy eating delicious sandwiches from the canteens next to the trail.

5. Walk around the Sea Life Adventure Park


Don’t skip the wonderful experience of discovering the Sea Life Adventure Park. Those who love seeing penguins will find this place a paradise on earth. Spend plenty of time with gorgeous Fairy penguins and Humboldt penguins. Cuteness is overloaded whenever you see them with love and affection.

You can get complete information about tickets, opening hours, prices, and zones through the official website. Just get in touch with them before you leave to enjoy the remarkable natural journey. You get a flat 20% off when booking tickets online on specific dates. If you want to enjoy discounts, plan your trip to Sea Life Adventure Park on selected dates. Kids under three years won’t be charged to visit. You can also reschedule tickets without being overcharged.

6. Try Jet Boating


Don’t have time to join the cruise ship? Fear not, private jet boating can be a wonderful experience on your Weymouth tour. You get the opportunity to discover the mesmerizing coastline and drop an anchor. Generally, this service is available from 10 am to 4 pm. If you want a ride with the family, a maximum of six people are allowed to go onboard. Make sure you book your ride ahead of time so that you don’t have to come across unfavourable conditions upon arrival.

7. Visit Bennetts Water Gardens


Don’t forget to visit the beautiful Bennetts Water Gardens if you want to observe the amazing natural beauty of water and flowers. Being one of the most exceptional tourist attractions in Dorset, the Gardens serve as a wonderful venue for receptions and ceremonies. It has been over 63 years since the Bennetts Water Gardens are growing pond plants for the United Kingdom. You can witness the immense beauty of Waterlilies. If you are looking for a romantic venue for your wedding, this place can be the ideal destination to host your guests.