Modern Education: Memes and Quotes Make Learning More Interesting

Teaching is fun, but it’s not always easy or interesting. Sometimes a teacher observes the class and realizes no student is paying attention or they have wandered away. A teacher should keel devising new ways to teach. The classroom must stay interesting to capture students’ attention.

The modern class calls for modern ways to keep it alive. Instead of using old-time stories, a teacher may choose to use interesting memes or quotes in their class. They help keep the students motivated and inspired. There are several ways to check it out here, so you can make your class more interesting

Use quotes to keep your class lively


Using quotes in the classroom is a good way to keep your students motivated. They trigger a higher level of critical thinking in students. Many teachers use quotes to teach life skills or character traits. Quotes can be used in different ways.

Modern education places more demands on the teacher. The teacher must discover newer ways to teach students in the modern classroom or the right writing tool to use. Different teaching methods make a classroom interesting, but the teacher has to learn how to use them.

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Use quotes when you want to inspire students for an art project

Quotes can inspire creativity and new ideas. They can be effective in an art class. A teacher can use an art-related quote or write it on the board. It will help keep the students active as they think about it throughout the lesson.

Use quotes as prompts in writing


Writing papers require a higher level of creativity or concrete ideas. When you have a topic you want students to write about, a quote can help them narrow on topic ideas. One quote can be interpreted differently by each student. They have multiple meanings for different situations.

Use quotes when you start a discussion

Quotes provide you with better ways to start a discussion. Choose a quote strategically to make it relevant to the discussion. Your students will keep their minds active, thinking about the discussion.

Use memes to keep your class lively


You can make your classroom more interesting when you use images to make a point. The image will make more meaning to your students when you add a line of text to it. Most memes contain a single funny text. The images must be funny too to help capture your student’s attention. You can incorporate them in teaching in different ways.

Insisting on classroom rules

Each classroom is bound by a set of rules created by the teacher or students. The best way to introduce them to the classroom is to use memes. The teacher may choose memes that reflect their personality. The language can be sarcastic, serious, or strict.

Use memes when introducing a lesson


Memes easily catch students’ attention. They are strategically when used to break the ice. They can be used at the beginning of a lesson or in the middle. It would help bring their attention to class if they had wandered away.

When introducing a new concept

A new topic can become boring to students if the teacher doesn’t find interesting ways to introduce it. When the introduction is attractive and interesting, students will remember it. One of the best ways is to use a meme to introduce the topic.

Other ways to make the lessons more interesting


There are many other ways to make your classroom interesting. You may choose to use technology to break classroom monotony. Technology like a smartboard will offer students an interactive display. Videos and games will help make your classroom active and interesting.

You can make the classroom lively by sharing jokes with your students. When you give them projects, be part of it to encourage them. It is interesting to discover new things together with your students.


How well students will understand a lesson will depend on how interesting the lesson is. A teacher can make the classroom lively by discovering new ways to keep it engaged. One of the modern ways is to strategically use memes. Another way is to use quotes to meet different purposes. Another way to make make a classroom lively is to use jokes when teaching. Use technology in different ways and discover new things together with your students.