Some of The Most Exciting Streamers to Watch

Twitch has become a significant streaming website, with more users than ever. Although multiple problems involved the management’s problematic policy, it was not enough to simply take the company down. It is due to a lack of other good options in the world.

Twitch is the top platform where all top streamers broadcast. They have enormous fan bases and generate considerable sums of money simply by sitting in front of their computers. Who are the most exciting streamers to watch?



Let’s start with the most important person. Ninja is presently one of the most followed streamers on Twitch, having more than 16 million followers at the time of writing. After a terrible collaboration with Mixer, he recently returned to Twitch to continue his career.

While the Fortnite frenzy was in full swing, his personality and outstanding talents made him a favorite among young fans. The older generation finds his many childish gags amusing and does not always see him positively.

As the most popular Twitch streamer and with a significant advantage over his following, Ninja is unconcerned about what others think of him or his performance.



While Ninja attempted to delight his viewers by pulling pranks on them, TFUE was more concerned with defeating his opponents and demonstrating astounding skills. Almost every broadcast has enough time to produce a highlight video. Do you have the same humor with TFUE? Read Ownage Pranks’ top humiliating yet harmless pranks that you could try on your friends.



As Valkyrae, Rachel Hofstetter began streaming to share her love of gaming with others, and she realized that she had found a calling. While working at GameStop, she spent her time on Instagram, where she talked about the latest games, retro consoles, and other topics.

Eventually, after garnering a little following, someone suggested that she stream on Twitch. After garnering several followers, Valkyrae invites the 100 Thieves team as a member of their content team. She is now a YouTube sensation, with over 1 million subscribers.

Valkyrae inspires her audience with a powerful message about nutrition, physical and mental well-being, and she emits positive feelings and gives them a reason to be hopeful. She is one of the most upbeat streamers in the gaming community. She bursts through the negativity that often controls the internet world. Learn more about who valkyrae is at



Shroud is a person who doesn’t require an introduction. The extraordinary shooting abilities of Shroud, a former professional CS:GO gamer, have earned him a significant fan base of more than 10,000,000 people worldwide.

Warzone, Fortnite, and Apex Legends are all games that he finds simple to play. Michael is accurate in his shooting and has exceptional map comprehension which makes him a favorite among more experienced players. Furthermore, he possesses a wonderful sense of humor.



She is an example of how a girl can become most popular online. It is undeniable that Pokey is attractive because her stunning face was responsible for attracting 8 million members. Huge people view her channel daily due to her professional approach, exciting personality, diverse content, and close connections with your target audience.

CrystalSaver- Speedrunner


When “CrystalSaver” does not strive to complete a game as soon as possible, it tries to do it in the most crucial method imaginable. It often focuses on the Zelda series, featuring speedrunner in most games using various settings.

Aside from Zelda speedruns, he has played Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and 7 Devils on several occasions. CrystalSaver’s ability to play blindfolded is perhaps its most intriguing feature. He was the first person in the world to finish a full preview of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild blindfolded earlier this year. It took him over 104 hours to complete and publish everything as proof. He had finished more than a half-dozen matches blindfolded at the time.



Jason Gastrow, the presenter of the cult popular video game YouTube channel. It acquires an audience for his distinctive and amusing films depicting strange and surprising occurrences in current games.

Gastrow has a Twitch account as well, although he’s a bit more low-key while streaming: he’s joined frequently by his fiancée Leah, whose low attitude and calmer nature make Gastrow into a more subdued version of himself. Recently, the two have Mario games on the channel, with Leah frequently taking the lead as Gastrow interacts with fans.

Additionally, it provides her “advice,” with her thinly disguised sarcasm gradually returning. They may also be on Leah’s YouTube channel, where she frequently pushes Gastrow to consume nasty meal packages dubbed “Yummy Nummies.”

Kitboga – scam baiter


Everyone has received a scam call at some point in their lives, but “Kitboga” makes it a point to phone as many as possible. Crooks are live streaming on Twitch. Kitboga is a master of disguise, frequently creating phony characters to converse with thieves.

Kitboga distinguishes between pestering crooks and continuing to rip him off, with personalities ranging from a delinquent elderly grandma to someone with a strong rural accent. Kitboga is also a computer programmer who produces numerous scripts and programs to annoy criminals.

It increases awareness of fraudulent phone calls by offering a pleasant streaming atmosphere through its feed. KitBoga allows the debate to select which strategies are necessary to exercise bait during scam calls.



Summit1g’s channel is almost as ancient as Twitch. The seasoned streamer has been around since before streaming was considered an organic source of revenue. Summit, a former Counter-Strike player, is naturally drawn to shooting and battle royale games, but he isn’t afraid to test new ones when they come out.

Summit wants to be the greatest in every game it plays, from Pokémon Go to new releases, from the start. His competitive mentality and entertaining manner have made him one of the platform’s most successful and consistent broadcasters.



With Ninja and Shroud departing Twitch in 2019, the platform’s popularity has risen to new heights. Since his days as a professional Overwatch player, XQc has been streaming on Twitch since 2017 and had a sizable fan base. With the ascension to the top of Among Us and the release of Fall Guys, his stream finally received the boost he was aiming for, increasing xQc’s average views from 20,000 to over 50,000.