What Is The Most Expensive Lightsaber Replica Ever


Undoubtedly, Star Wars is one of the coolest series one can ever watch. There are many incredible factors that make the Star Wars series relatively popular, with a massive fan base. One such element is the top-notch and coolest weapons in Star Wars, like a lightsaber, bowcaster, fusion cutter, flamethrower, wrist rockets, flechette launcher, blaster, force pike, etc.

There are nearly 78+ different weapons in the Star Wars series, but the saber remains as the coolest weapon. The lightsaber is the emblematic weapon of the dark Sith Order, the Knights of Ren, and the Jedi Order in the Star Wars series. The Sith primarily employ red sabers to set themselves different from the Jedi, whereas the Jedi utilize various colored lightsabers.

Why Lightsaber Weapons Are The Coolest


One of the supreme sci-fi weapons is a lighting saber. They are very sharp and can be utilized to divert blaster bolts. In the Star Wars film series, a kyber crystal is required to make a lighting saber. Only younglings are capable of mining the kyber crystals that are present on the planet Ilum. The type of kyber crystal utilized, the substance used for the hilt, and the person using the lightsaber can all affect the color of the weapon.

They arrive in a combination of hues, each having a specific meaning, and they represent strength and hope. A red lightsaber stands for fervor, aggression, and resilience, whereas a blue one stands for purity and supremacy. The person using the saber eventually determines what the colors of the weapon symbolize.

6 Costly Lightsaber Replica Model To Buy Right Now

One of the Star Wars franchise’s most recognizable aspects is the lightsaber. It was discovered to be the most famous weapon in movie history in a 2008 poll. Force FX Lightsabers and Neopixel Lighting sabers are some of the many replica lightsabers that are produced by brands all over the world. Check out the top expensive lighting saber replica models you can buy in the present market.

1. Galaxy’s Edge Jedi Temple Guard Lightsaber


Jedi temple guard is one of the most costly lightsaber limited edition sets you can buy. This set contains a pair of intricate hilts along with a set of endcaps and connectors. In addition to that, you will also receive an authenticity certification. You can utilize the two connectors to convert the hilts into the lighting saber double blade. It comes in a sturdy wooden case with detailed Aurebesh text. It is also possible to add premium sound and lighting effects. This model is ideal for people above 8 years. In the package, you will get a saber hilt, sturdy blade, blade plug, and display stand.

2. Hasbro Star Wars Signature Series Force FX Lightsaber


Looking for one of the best and most costly Force FX Lightsaber? If yes, here is the perfect Force FX saber for you. With this replica model, 4 different motion sensor sound effects can be used, such as power-down, power-up, clash, and idle hum. The hilt is made of sturdy metal, and the durable blade is permanently attached, making it a realistic model. You need to add 3 AA batteries to this device. A lighting saber, adaptor, display base, and instruction manual are included in the package.

3. SG Neopixel Lightsaber


The SG Neopixel Lightsaber is another expensive replica that is worth buying due to its durability, high quality, and stylish looks. The hilt is made of airplane-grade aluminum and arrives with a super bright 50-watt neopixel LED strip blade. It features a high grade 36″ polycarbonate neopixel blade and features high-end motion sensor premium sounds. You can get a free blade plug along with a free display stand. If you are interested in buying this kind of premium lightsaber replica, make sure to check out

4. Corgi Star Wars Episode IV Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Replica


Here we have listed one of the top replicas of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, which is a dream possession for several Star Wars fans. It comes with a blue blade and features power-up and power-down lighting functions that are evoked by the series of 64 bright LEDs. You can also listen to the digitally recorded sound effects of the movie. One benefit of buying this replica model is that it does not require any installation. All you have to do is insert the 3 AAA batteries to use this weapon. The dimensions of this product are 2″ L x 2″ W x 44″ H, and it weighs around ‎4 pounds.

5. Master Replicas Darth Vader Episode V FX Lightsaber


If you are looking for a more high-end lighting saber replica, here is the best choice. It has a reliable metal hilt created with chrome-plated aluminum substance. Also, the blade is made of polycarbonate and is permanently affixed to the hilt. The clashes and movements generate six extra sounds, and it also has low vibrating saber idling noise. The premium and authentic sound effects are digitally recorded from the series. You will also receive a display stand along with the saber to showcase it as per your wish.

6. ZIASABERS RSW Neo Soundboard Xeno Pixel Lightsaber


This RSW’s pixel saber is the ideal and one of the most expensive replicas if you wish to purchase a model with high-end specifications. It is made of incredible quality hilt substances, and the polycarbonate blade is dual-grade and shatter-proof. There is an advanced Xenopixel 2.0 soundboard and a 50-watt pixel strip LED blade. It offers top-notch LED colors with 12 different preset colors. There are about 9 different sound fonts and mute options, along with a 2-3 Watts 4/8 Ohm Speaker. The blade length is 36 inches, and it can get fully charged in about 4 hours.

Bottom Line

Lightsabers are the pinnacle of sci-fi weapons and have incredibly great, fashionable looks. Any color of the saber, such as green, blue, orange, red, purple, yellow, or silver, holds special significance for the person using it. Lightsabers have developed into a recognizable symbol of the Star Wars universe.