The Top 5 Music You Will Hear in Online Casinos

Online casinos understand the importance of providing their players with an immersive gaming experience. For this reason, many companies have invested heavily in creating higher-quality graphics and more unique features to enhance the online gambling experience.

Also, some have started to embrace the power of music to create an exciting atmosphere and are using popular artists to help players fall in love with a game. If you are wondering about the songs commonly played across various slots, you have arrived at the perfect article. Here is the top five music you will hear in online casinos.

Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses - casino music

When you are not playing a live casino game, like blackjack or poker, you can try your luck at one of the many music-inspired slot machines, and options don’t get much bigger than the Guns N’ Roses video slot game. Few rock songs are more iconic than Welcome to the Jungle by the American hard rock band, and NetEnt has created a Guns N’ Roses-inspired slot game that features the iconic song and captures the excitement of gambling online.

The hit 1987 song creates an electric atmosphere that makes people want to play on and has lyrics that accurately represent the experience, such as “Welcome to the Jungle, we got fun and games.”

As you may know, Guns N’ Roses have one of the most distinctive images in rock history, which lends itself perfectly to a virtual game. You are bound to be wowed by the detail of the game’s graphic design, as it is synonymous with the iconic band and features its iconic gold lettering covered with the band’s signature red roses. Plus, it uses imagery you will automatically attach to the world-famous 80s band, such as Slash’s unique look and Guns N’ Roses-inspired guitar pics. It is bound to stand out in your mind from other online games.

The Phantom of the Opera

You might not expect to find a musical-inspired slot game online, but Games Global has taken the time to create a Phantom of the Opera game. The fun gaming experience is based on the hit musical that is popular across the world. It features iconic songs from the world-famous show and offers 243 winlines, free spins, bonus features, and more. It is a fun way for musical fans to embrace their love of the show while enjoying an opportunity to win a small or large amount of money.


KISS rock band - casino music

To many music fans, KISS is one of the biggest and best rock bands of the 70s, synonymous with face paint, OTT outfits, and catchy hard rock hits. However, to younger generations, the music might remind them of playing a fun KISS slot game at an online casino.

Every inch of the game is inspired by the legendary rock band, and you shouldn’t be surprised to hear one or more of the band’s biggest hits, such as Calling Dr. Love or Detroit Rock City. There is no question the slot machine embodies all the fun and personality of the 70s band and features the unmistakable spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.

For instance, it features glowing letters, guitar animations, and, of course, the band members’ famous painted faces and lengthy tongues. Also, there are 100 winlines between five reels and four rows, providing various opportunities to win.

Unlike other artist-inspired games, the band’s hit music will only play when performing spins. However, you will hear an epic guitar solo when you win. It is a fun, colourful, and upbeat slot game you will not forget – a bit like KISS.

You might not want to rock ‘n’ roll all night, but you might be more than happy to spend the day tackling the music-inspired game. It is a cool way to embrace your love for the band, and you could even top up your bank balance along the way.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix best guitarist of all time

Ask any musician, Jimi Hendrix is one of the best guitarists of all time. For this reason, it makes sense that his music now features heavily in many online casinos, as his songs offer a psychedelic sound that will help transport players into a virtual world. What’s more, the fun game from NetEnt takes gamblers on a virtual trip to Woodstock, offering a flower power-inspired graphic design synonymous with the 1960s.

It is a must-play if you are a huge fan of the iconic guitarist, as it includes many of his biggest and best songs throughout the game, such as Voodoo Child, Purple Haze, Crosstown Traffic, and Foxey Lady, to name a few hits. Also, it has many configurable winlines, and is easy to play during your downtime.

Def Leppard

Def Leppard casino music

If you are a big fan of English rock, you will be pleased to know you can play a Def Leppard-inspired slot game. The 1980s rock band’s iconic hits and distinctive image lends themselves perfectly to fun spins and unforgettable gameplay.

It might not celebrate the likes of Rick Savage or Joe Elliott during the game, but it features Def Leppard’s best tracks, including Hysteria and Pour Some Sugar on Me. You can trust you will be bopping your head during each spin, creating a sense of nostalgia that few slot titles can provide.

If you have yet to try Def Leppard: Hysteria by Play’N Go, you might be happy to learn it features free spins, bonus features, autoplay, and quick spin options. However, the annoying game announcer can detract from the virtual experience, as you will likely much rather enjoy spins while listening to the heavy metal band.


As you can see, it is possible to hear some of the biggest and best songs of all time when playing a game at an online casino. Yet, it is clear the industry leans heavily toward rock music due to its timeless appeal and broad audience range. Yet, you shouldn’t be surprised to find some musical-inspired games, and you might even find the odd pop songs from the likes of N-Sync, but they might be few and far between.