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The Best Music Playlists for Gambling

Gambling is an amazing choice to entertain yourself. You play, build strategies, win or lose – all together bring a player enjoyment and a certain experience. Yet, when it seems like nothing can improve leisure, there is one thing that always changes the atmosphere.

You might guess that we’re talking about music. With the sounds and singing in the background, best paying online casinos give a new feeling – music can increase or decrease your mood as well as your chances to win.

Therefore, it’s important not only to choose the best online casinos that payout generously but the tone of the game too. While gambling, you can play any song you like from classics to the latest novelties in the industry. One of the casinos with best music is

We’ve decided to make our casino music playlist to help players make the best out of playing and set themselves for the win. Here you’ll find a variety of genres and musical eras, soft relaxing songs, and hard metal – nobody’s preferences will be left out. Music works as therapy and decreases the stress level in casino gaming. So, take notes, and let’s get started!

1. Viva Las Vegas – by Elvis Presley


Elvis Presley recorded this song far back in 1964. It was a song for a movie about Las Vegas that showed perfectly the whole glitz and glam of Sin City. While listening, you can feel the atmosphere of old-fashioned land-based slots – blackjack and poker rounds; and even about so-called “arm bandits”. Viva Las Vegas will be stuck in your head long after you listened to it. However, the music King has a wonderful voice that will help you to dive into the gambling world.

2. Ace of Spades – by Motörhead

The song tells how enjoyable gambling is – it celebrates the pleasure of card gaming. Even though the singer calls the passion human sickness, he was a good gamer himself. In “Ace of Spades” Kilmister, the leader of the band, pays respect to Ace’s spade – people also call it “the killer card”.

Singer uses plenty of thematic words such as a double stake, split, or a double up which refers to blackjack. Ever since Motörhead released the single, it remains one of the best casino songs ever.

3. Shape of My Heart – by Sting


Lots of people consider “Shape of My Heart” a love song. It looks a lot like it and a great part of female listeners would prefer to turn it on while thinking of different philosophical matters. Yet, it is relevant among gamblers and in the field. Moreover, it makes a pleasant atmosphere for gaming and helps to relax while playing the welcome bonus. Sting itself mentioned that the aim of him giving cards was to find answers, and not win the cash.

4. Poker Face – by Lady Gaga

The song became extremely famous shortly after it was released in 2008 and can be called the leader of the casino’s songs. “Poker Face” has a double meaning – on the one side it’s about love hardness, and on another, it’s about gambling games.

Lady Gaga tells a story about Texas Hold’em. The woman starts playing, testing her potential partner. She says wagering and betting are so exciting and sexy when he’s playing with her. The song says that she wants to maintain a “p-p-p-poker face” to not reveal true emotions and feelings.

5. The Gambler – by Kenny Rogers


The song made a huge impact when it came out in the 1970s. Everybody loved it, and it didn’t matter whether a person played card games and spins before or not. A couple of years after the song, there was even a movie made based on it.

“The Gambler” is written in a country genre, which makes it light and easy to follow. The narrator tells a story about a man who met a well-known poker player on his train trip. The Gambler was giving him advice on poker that are still relevant to nowadays online casino slots, and life after a long journey.

6. The Clash – by The Card Cheat

This song is about a desperate gambler who likes to play against the rules. His story isn’t happy and while listening you can understand that things don’t work out as he planned. “The Clash” tells more than it seems. The Card Cheat tries to show us how dangerous gaming and its consequences can be. There is wise advice between the lines – never bet more than you can afford. Addiction is a real struggle but players have to hold themselves tight and not cross the silver lining.

7. The Jack – by AC/DC


Here’s one of the options for rock lovers. AC/DC couldn’t be excluded. The song is energetic and strengthens the desire to win and make significant steps while gambling. Also, “The Jack” increases the mood and can turn it upside down. The trick is in the word meaning and English slang. “The Jack” also translates as gonorrhea – Australians would understand it right away! The authors decided to be rough and used the crudest lyrics for the song about a sexually transmitted sickness. AC/DC remains its style but is still adored and working out.

8. Love Is a Losing Game – by Amy Winehouse

Relevant to its title, the song has a sad vibe. It tells the story of a woman who feels broken and lonely. Her man has never been there. He tried to gamble, got a taste of it, and after winning just disappeared.

People say that Amy Winehouse wrote and dedicated “Love Is a Losing Game” to her relationships with Black Fielder-Civil. He was a bad guy and most fans consider him a troublemaker in Amy’s life. Blake was addicted to drugs and the shady world of illegal things. Therefore, Winehouse’s disorders and death are blamed on him.


Gambling is highly entertaining and can become even more enjoyable with the right atmosphere. Music is one of the features that provide it. Moreover, your favorite songs and tunes help you to relax and get into the winning mood. If you can’t decide what song should go first, you can start with our casino playlist. Then, build up your range of songs and try to choose options that don’t get on your nerves. The last thing to do — is to gamble and make significant figures!