Enter These Unique Online Contests on Your Summer Staycation

At last, the lazy days of summer are here. It’s finally time to enjoy the season of warm weather, weekends at the beach, and outdoor barbeques. And depending on where you live in the country, you want to take advantage of that sunny weather because it’s only going to be here for a couple of months. So, how are you going to spend your summer this year? If you’re like many other people, you might take some time off from work or school to enjoy a summer staycation. Have you ever heard of such a glorious thing? A staycation is precisely what it sounds like: a vacation where you stay at home.

While taking a trip somewhere different is always an exciting adventure, you may not have the funds or time to travel elsewhere this summer. Staying at home is also a nice thing to do when you’re feeling tired or want to laze around the house and visit local tourist hotspots for a few days. Vacationing at home will allow you to catch up on household errands, your hobbies, and most importantly — sleep. It’s a type of self-care adventure that everyone should aim to take once in a while.

But you also want to ensure that there are things to do during your time at home. Aside from tending to housework and unfinished projects, you also want some downtime and fun, low-key activities to try. Did you know that there are countless online contests with amazing prizes to check out? Entering online giveaways is an excellent and often lucrative way to pass the time, and it’s a simple and engaging activity to try anywhere at any time. Many people forget about (or simply aren’t aware of) the incredible benefits of entering giveaways.

When you find legitimate contests to enter from a trusted source, there’s nothing to lose. All you have to do is provide basic details like your email address and then cross your fingers that you get lucky. With the best giveaways, there’s no hassle involved whatsoever. And with the right resource, you won’t have to worry about any sketchy business because the contests will come from reliable retailors and blogs.

For example, check out the website — they post legitimate giveaways to enter every day, and the prizes range from brand new cars to pet food. Let’s take a look at some of the things you could win by entering online giveaways this summer.

The Petro-Points and Cadbury Chocolate $5000 Giveaway


Do you live in Canada and drive a car that uses gas? Well, if so, you’ll want to listen up. Petro-Canada and Cadbury Chocolate have teamed up to provide customers with the ultimate contest: a chance to win a $5000 Visa gift card and five secondary prizes of $1000 Petro-Canada gift cards! All you have to do is buy eligible Cadbury chocolate bars — Crispy Crunch, Wunderbar, Caramilk, Dairy Milk, Mr. Big, or Crunchie — and swipe your Petro-Points card or pay with your RBC card during the transaction.

If you’re of majority provincial age, you’ll automatically qualify and enter the contest, so be sure to find a Petro station near you to purchase some delicious chocolatey treats. The giveaway runs until August 9th, so get in the car and start buying those chocolate bars!

The Good Guys Retro Car Sweepstakes


Is there anything cooler than a classic vintage car? Have you ever watched as one zoomed down the street in awe and nostalgia for a simpler time? Perhaps you’ve dreamed of having one in your garage but couldn’t imagine the cost of owning such a vehicle. Thanks to Good Guys Rod & Custom Association, America’s Favourite Car Show, your dream could become a reality!

They finished up a giveaway just last month where a lucky contestant won their very own pimped-up 1967 Chevrolet Nova! The association offers regular exciting contests throughout the year, both online and at their live-person events. Check their site often to see when their next big sweepstake will be because you never know — soon, you could be cruising down the freeway with the top down in a dreamy Chevy ’67 on a future staycation!

The Brand New Shaver Giveaway from The Gate


Are you or someone you love in desperate need of a good shave? After a year in quarantine, isolated at home, you might look a little more disheveled than usual. But now that the world is opening up, you might want to fix yourself up as you adjust to being in public more often. The entertainment site, The Gate, runs incredible giveaways all year long. Recently, they gave away two shavers: a Philips S7000 and a Philips S5000.

The Philips S7000 shaver is an impressive upgrade from a manual razor — it provides the ultimate close shave while softening the skin through advanced SkinIQ technology, protective SkinGlide coating, and motion-sensor technology. It creates an effortless and close shave.

And the Philips S5000 shaver is equally as effective at giving a close, smooth shave. It cuts more hair per stroke than the S7000, all while being incredibly gentle on the skin and utilizes SkinIQ technology’s power.

The value of this prize is around $350. Unfortunately, this particular contest from The Gate is now closed, but they regularly post new giveaways offering similar products that you and your family will love.

Monthly Giveaways from Modern Cat and Modern Dog Magazines


Are you a fan of four-legged creatures? Do you have any furry, loveable cats and dogs roaming around your home? Having pets offers a unique type of companionship difficult to explain to those who live without them. You love your little animal and would do anything to make them happy! The only catch is, treating your pup or kitty to the finer things in life can be expensive.

Did you know that Modern Cat and Modern Dog magazines offer monthly giveaways to pet owners? You could make your pet the happiest little cat or dog and save money while doing so. For example, last month, Modern Cat gave away 15 luxurious satin collars from Pepper Sky Pets, and Modern Dog gave away vegan leather dog collars to contestants from PetPonia.

If you’re interested in entering upcoming sweepstakes, all you have to do to enter is visit the magazines’ websites and follow the simple instructions.

As you enjoy your summer staycation at home, keep your mind active by entering online contests. You’ll never feel bored, and you might even win big while you scour the internet for the most exciting giveaways, lounging in the backyard!