How to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Professional Chef?

Organizing a kitchen is a challenging task, and not every person is good at it. If you want to manage things, then you have to think like a professional chef. A chef keeps everything in its place and keeps the kitchen clean and tidy. Whenever you cook any food, you create a mess on the shelf.

It is necessary to clean the shelf and keep all the items in their places before cooking again. A chef can handle all the things in his kitchen with ease. In the following write-up, we will decide on various ways to manage your kitchen like professional chefs.

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1. Use Deli Containers for Storing Seeds and Spices

You can find deli containers in different sizes and store food items tightly. These containers are relatively cheap, and anyone can afford them. Keep all the seeds and spices in the deli containers. When you buy pantry staples, you can store the bulk quantity in big boxes.

But you can keep a small amount in the small ones. We do not need seeds and spices in bulk while cooking, and hence, you can prefer small containers. In this way, you can access the boxes whenever you need them.

2. Use Cambros for Storing Food Items in Bulk

You always buy food items like wheat flour, rice, sugar, etc., in bulk. You cannot keep them in your kitchen in their packing for a long time. Therefore, you must use cambros to store bulk food items. Whenever you need it in small quantities, you can scoop some of it with ease.

Make sure that you open and close the lids carefully. Use a scoop to take out the item without creating any mess. These cambros are dishwasher safe, and hence, you can keep them clean and dry. It is easy to measure the ingredients for perfect baking and cooking delicious food.

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3. Make a Save Space for Knives and Chopping Board

Keep all the knives on a stand to avoid any injury while cooking. Whenever you want a knife to chop vegetables, you can pick it and then keep it after your use. In this way, you can avoid mess. You must click here to buy a knife set with a chopping board. Ensure that you wash the chopping board just after you chop vegetables to prevent stains and poor odor. When you are not using it, then make sure that you hang it in a safe place. Learn more imarku Knife set at


4. Start Practising FIFO Approach

It is hard to track all the items that are coming and leaving your restaurant. Whenever you organize items on kitchen shelves or fridges, make sure that you keep them in rows. You must practice the first in and first out approach and align all the new items behind the old ones. It means that you will always pick anything that appears first to you. All the old items will be used first. In this way, you can consume all the products that will expire soon.

5. Avoid Using Soggy Sponges and Use Green Scrubbers

Whenever you visit any restaurant (, you will not find any soggy sponges for cleaning the dishes. The green scrubbers are relatively common as it is hard and it does not make any mess. The soft sponge can crush whenever you rub it against the burnt pan.

Many people prefer these sponges as they are cheap, but the quality is not up to the mark. But it does not mean that the scrubbers are expensive. You must invest your money in a better dish cleaner sponge.

6. Avoid Hot Places for Storing Food

You must not store food items near or close to hot places. it means that you have to avoid keeping things near the stove. The cupboards near your chimney are not a safe place for storing food.

Instead, you can keep utensils there. It is necessary to store all your food items in a safe and dry place. The place near the stove or side of the chimney can spoil the food because of the high temperature.

7. Use Squeeze Bottles for Oils and Sauces

You cannot keep a jug of oil on the kitchen shelf as it can spill by mistake. All the bottles of sauces are made up of glass, and it can break when it falls off the shelf. It is better to buy plastic squeeze bottles to store oils and sauces. It is easy to manage the big bottles of oils and sauces. These squeezers are helpful enough because you can squeeze a limited amount of oil or sauce from them.

8. Reserve the Space Near Stove for Spatulas and Spoons

While cooking, you need utensils like spoons and spatulas for mixing the food. You need spoons to taste the food, and therefore, it is necessary to reserve the space near the stove for such utensils. One must access them quickly, and it can make cooking faster. You can also keep other things like scissors, knives, tongs, etc.

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9. Do Not Keep Heavy Items on the Top Shelves

Always keep heavy containers on the last shelf. In this way, you can avoid damage due to heavyweight. On the top shelf, keep small containers that you need to access often. But make sure that the containers must be reachable to your hands. On the other hand, the last shelf is for items that you need to use. You do not have to bend much.

10. Set Your Workstation Before You Cook

When you start cooking, make sure that you set up all the things on the shelf. You do not have to rush from the kitchen corner to other to find or take out any item for use. Prepare yourself before cooking to save your time and cook the ingredients well. If you are cooking anything, make sure that your shelf is clean and organized.

The Bottom Line

You can organize your kitchen like a professional chef by following all the mentioned tips. Make sure that you avoid mess and keep your kitchen clean and organized. Everyone will call you an expert if you organize things like professional chefs.