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Orme Monoatomic Gold Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

Volcanic soil has very unusual properties, especially in certain areas. Through their research, we come to the first traces of Ormus. This element did not show the properties of metals, did not react chemically and was fascinating to everyone.

After the conducted research and analysis, the first results were obtained. All the results indicate that it is a life-saving element that is also found in humans. Our brain contains a certain percentage of this element, and with healthy lifestyle habits and dietary supplements, we can increase its concentration.

According to alternative medicine, Ormus can solve most of your health problems. It is also used to promote good mood, better focus or better quality sleep. By taking it regularly and correctly, you will improve its functioning, as well as the overall health of the body. However, first learn how to use Ormus properly.

What is Orme monoatomic gold?


Orme monoatomic gold or Ormus is known as an exotic element and its existence has long been recorded. It is formed from metal, and many studies have been done on this topic. Various tests, trials and concentrated efforts of researchers around the world have contributed to today’s understanding of Ormus.

This includes many discussion groups and workshops that have helped improve this preparation. The result is a large number of advantages that exotic element offers to its users. Therefore, Ormus is a generic name for all preparations containing these elements.

The main element is gold, which goes into the M state. However, there are also preparations made from copper. In addition to this extraction method, another one is used. In this case, it is prepared from raw salt, because it naturally contains a range of minerals. Such preparation is very slow, and the end result is transmutation.

Because of all the above, Ormus is considered one of the most exciting discoveries in the field of physical and biological sciences. The reason is its exceptional capacity of benefits in terms of health, agriculture and the environment.

Analyzes show that the element is of volcanic origin. The highest concentration was recorded in the seas, especially in the Dead Sea. Some scientists claim that heavy elements in monatomic form can behave like rare gases. Ormus elements were also obtained from deep sources, salts from mineral deposits as well as medicinal plants such as aloe.

How Much Should You Take?


Experts present this preparation as a medicine that will change your life forever. And that’s true, but only if you consume it in the recommended dosage. You don’t have to worry about the consequences, because there are no side effects of Ormus. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of this preparation, you should dose it carefully.

This means that you will start with very low doses and increase them over time. For example, take the minimum amount of product for the first two weeks. Since each body reacts differently, observe its consequences.

You may need a lot less or a lot more Ormus to feel the changes. How you use it also depends on your specific goals, but always start with one tablespoon a day. Do not forget to store your preparation properly so as not to jeopardize its healing properties. You should read more about dosage before start taking it.

Can regular use of Orme monoatomic gold improve sleep quality?

Yes, this is definitely one of the biggest benefits of consuming preparations containing its elements. We all know how important quality sleep is for the overall health of the body. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why you don’t get enough sleep.

Sleep needs vary from person to person, but adults will need seven to nine hours of sleep a night. In this way, you strengthen your heart, protect yourself from depression and affect the general well-being of the body. If you have been struggling with establishing good sleeping habits for a long time, try Ormus.

He will help you finally solve such a big problem. Don’t forget that lack of rest increases the risk of being overweight. People who have quality sleep generally do not have a problem with appetite. They also have better concentration and are more productive, as good sleep improves cognitive performance in children and adults. Your athletic performance can be maximized, as Ormus works equally well on fine motor skills.

How to cure depression with Ormus?


Poor sleep quality, constant stress and many other factors can lead to depression. This mental blockage significantly impairs your quality of life, and gradually deprives you of all its joys. Daily activities seem almost impossible, and with medication you only establish better control. This is not a solution, as patients often become dependent on them. So, it is best to turn to healthy methods like Ormus Monoatomic Gold.

Mix it with any regular food or drink and you will feel the positive effects very quickly. If you consume it properly, your thoughts will become cheerful again and you will think more clearly. We have to mention that it is a very powerful element that improves your mental abilities. The consequence of consuming the supplement is the activation of neurons responsible for brain functioning. The end result is better focus, heightened senses, emotional calm.

Can you improve immunity by using Orme monoatomic gold?


The human body’s ability to defend itself against viruses, infections, bacteria and other pathogens depends on lifestyle. It is also conditioned by genetics and environment, and your task is to strengthen it. Some of the symptoms of decreased immunity are chronic fatigue, frequent infections, skin changes, excessive weight loss, allergies, etc.

Regardless of whether you feel these symptoms or not, you should seek help to strengthen your immunity and body. For this purpose, it is recommended to eat healthy foods, as well as to take supplements regularly. Ormus is a nutritional supplement that contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin. It also improves oxygen transport and provides more energy to organs and tissues. In this way, it improves your immunity level.


The concentrate of special elements abundant in seawater has exciting potentials in improving soil, increasing yields, and improving human and animal health. It is even very effective in the fight against climate change.